The Three Amigos

Sorry Heather, this is the boys' club!

That's OK...I plan on napping here all day.

Three's company.

Following the leader wherever he may go.
Oz and Syd.
Treat time!
Today, we arranged to have a Scottie play date in the hopes Heather and Mr. K could make new friends. I was nervous with Scottie Dad not around and taking into consideration Heather and Mr. K's history of unfriendly behavior but it was clear within just a few minutes that fellow Scotties Syd and Oz had passed the test. Even better, I'm pretty sure Mr. K made some friends for life!

Syd and Oz are the most light-hearted of spirits and it was so cute to see them trot along with Mr. K whether it was chasing after a toy, keeping an eye out on the perimeter or protecting the grounds from foreign barks that found their way into the backyard, which truly is landscaped with a Scottie in mind - I'm not sure Mr. K would ever get bored exploring his new friends' backyard. The three handsome men quickly formed their own little pack - a boys' club, per se - and set off for an afternoon of adventure.

Heather, on the other hand, really didn't seem to mind. In fact, she was the one who warned Syd and Oz from the start that she was not to be bothered and that she would be the one in charge. After a few quick sniffs here and there as well as rewarding herself with some back scratching using the chair to rub her bottom against, Heather found her Scottie Spot in our new friends' yard and remained there, only to reappear when the magical "T" word was heard. And once those treats were revealed, you bet she stayed around to collect some yummy treats and lots more back scratches!

Many thanks to Syd and Oz for being such great hosts to my pups and of course to Syd and Oz's Scottie Mom and Dad for having us over for this afternoon of fun! Heather and Mr. K have been fast asleep since we got home (but not before chowing down on their much-anticipated dinner!). Looks like this Scottie Mom can sneak off to bed a bit early!


  1. Oh WOW!! What a cute group. So glad everyone got!

  2. Doesn't get sweeter than that!!

  3. Love it when everyone gets along....they are adorable!

  4. Looks like they had great fun, wish I'd been there - Zena :-)