Scottie Bed Privileges

[caption id="attachment_1041" align="aligncenter" width="450"] Peek-a-boo! I see you looking mighty comfy up there...[/caption]

It's that time again! Heather offered up this photo for BlogPaws' Wordless Wednesday, a popular Internet practice of posting a photo on your blog that requires no explanation. Here, Heather seems to be considering whether to ditch her favorite spot under the hooman bed for one more comfortable on top of it. What do you think she could say to convince Scottie Dad to let her have hooman bed privileges?


  1. Come on, Scottie Dad, look at this face. Really look at this face. Do you not see an adorable, irresistible, nearly perfect little Scottie girl? What harm would it do if I was on the hooman bed anyway? I swear, Scottie Dad, you wouldn't even know I was up there. I wouldn't take up much room, I would be very, very quiet, and so grateful to you if you would please let me, please? Promise you'll at least think about it....then tell me, yes, I can. Did I tell you I think you are the best Scottie Dad? No. huh? Well, I will tell you that if you let me...

  2. Hey mom and dad, let's play "hot dog"! You two are the bun, I'll sleep in the middle, and we'll all stay toasty!