Scottie Dogs: Now in Theaters

Scottish Terrier makes cameo appearance in the movie Get Hard, starring Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell.

Relatively frequent moviegoers, Scottie Dad and I ventured to the theater last night to see the new movie "Get Hard," featuring Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell. Now, before you judge, you must know we recently saw The Wedding Ringer (also featuring Kevin Hart) and thought it was hilarious. So, when we heard he had another movie coming out featuring Will Ferrell (who starred in Elf, one of our favorite flicks), we decided to give it a shot and hoped to come out laughing once again.

The opening scenes flashed by when suddenly, Scottie Dad and I exclaimed excitedly - pointing at the screen. A Scottish Terrier appeared walking in front of the house belonging to Will Ferrell's character in the movie. Of course, we immediately had high hopes for this film - clearly the producers had good taste if they chose a Scottie dog to be part of the talented crew!

We only saw the Scottie twice throughout the movie and those two clips probably were the highlights of the film for me. Don't get me wrong: the movie had some funny moments and Scottie Dad left laughing with a number of ridiculous punch lines stuck in his head. All in all, I would give the film a 6 out of 10 rating. Is it worth sitting through the movie to see a Scottie make it to the big screen? I think so! After all, we have to show our fellow Scot some support. Now, if only we could track down this Scottie star and be the first to secure an interview...anyone know who this lucky pup is?

Oh, and in case movie producers read this, Heather and Mr. K are ready for their big break (so long as they are fairly compensated in treats)! What other movies have you seen that feature a Scottie dog? 

Emma's Story

Emma before she found her forever home.
On a very special #TooCuteTuesday a good while ago, a rescue group named Wag N Train Terrier Rescue posted this darling picture of sweet Emma on the Scottie Mom Facebook page asking us to help find her a forever home. Within a few hours of us posting her picture, I heard from Emma's future Scottie Mom saying this sweet girl was getting the forever home of her dreams!

Up until that point, Emma led a very difficult life. A puppy mill Scottie, Emma didn't know what it was like to be loved and treated right by the people she encountered. And so, she was very shy and kept to herself. In fact, it wasn't until recently that she began feeling safe and comfortable enough to enjoy the simple pleasures in a Scottie's life like sitting on the couch and celebrating barkdays.

Just six weeks ago, I heard from Emma's Scottie Mom letting me know their other Scottie Baxter, who proudly served as Emma's adoptive Scottie brother, passed away suddenly from cancer - or as we call it, the evil "c." He was sick for only a few days. Our hearts sank. Then, I learned yesterday that tragedy had once again struck her Scottie House. Sweet Emma also has been diagnosed with the evil "c" and is expected to meet her brother Baxter over the rainbow bridge any day now. 

Emma's story breaks our hearts and I can only imagine the pain her family is experiencing right now. Please join us in expressing our unconditional Scottie Love and support for Emma and her family in the comments section below. So many of our Scots are gone too soon because of the evil "C." Think about it: how many dogs have you known that have battled canine cancer? And so many animals - Scots and mixed breeds alike - have stories similar to that of Emma's past. Thanks to her Scottie Mom and family, Emma found love and is living out the rest of her days with her humans by her side.

Emma soaking up the sun at home.

Emma celebrating her 8th barkday!

No Fisherman's Tale

I caught a fish!
Even Heather, who refuses to play with toys, wanted to have a taste...
Nobody is stealing this great catch from me!
Let's take a quick poll: how many toys have your Scotties gone through in the past year? And, on average, how long does it take your Scotties to destroy a new toy? If they are anything like Mr. K, the number of toys they can go through in a year can be quite high. For Mr K, it can be close to two dozen, if we were to only buy his favorite (yet, very easily destructible) squeaky tennis balls and strictly supervise his play time. But the time it takes Mr. K to destroy a toy without being interrupted? That number is incredibly low...just under five minutes, in fact!

When I was a younger, less experienced Scottie Mom to 3.5-year-old Mr. K, I bought every toy I could find, determined to find one he couldn't destroy. Some lasted longer than others but I soon realized it wasn't because they were more durable; it was only because Mr. K was less interested in those. Now, I hardly ever buy toys...except around the holidays when I like to surprise Mr. K with a stocking full of his favorite squeaky tennis balls. (Watch him react to this gift of a lifetime here!

For long-time Scottie Mom readers, you might remember that we took Heather and Mr. K to Savannah, Ga. with us last spring. We stopped at a local shop called The Grateful Hound and discovered a new toy we thought was worth trying. (Read all about our visit here.) This toy, affectionately called "Mr. Bunny" in the Scottie House, was a constant companion to Mr. K for nearly a year before his time with us was up. I expected Mr. Bunny to last a few months at best - but nearly a full year? Never in my happiest dreams! I was sad to see him go...

A Fluff & Tuff toy, Mr. Bunny - whose retail name is Walter the Wabbit - cost us about $20. A pricey gamble for a toy I wasn't sure would stand the test of the Scottie jaw but I got lucky! Now, with Mr. Bunny gone, we were left to choose a replacement. And so, Ruby the Rainbow Trout, another Fluff & Tuff toy, entered our lives. Mr. K has had Ruby for only a few weeks but just as the case was with Mr. Bunny, the squeaker remains intact and there are no puncture wounds. We're optimistic Ruby will be with us for a whole year but even if she comes up just shy of the one-year mark like Mr. Bunny did, we think these Fluff & Tuff toys are really a great catch. And that's no fisherman's tale!

Photos: Scottie Mom Wedding

©2015 A Day of Bliss Photography Inc.
©2015 A Day of Bliss Photography Inc.

©2015 A Day of Bliss Photography Inc.
©2015 A Day of Bliss Photography Inc.
©2015 A Day of Bliss Photography Inc.

The night of the Scottie Mom Wedding, there was dinner and dancing, and for Heather and Mr. K, a quiet night in overlooking the beautiful view of New York City at Le Parker Meridien. Don't get upset thinking that they missed out on all the fun after the ceremony, though. After all, this wasn't Heather and Mr. K's first time in the big city (see photos from their first visit here) and they knew exactly where they wanted to spend most of their time: in the Central Park of Squirrels!

And so, several times throughout the evening, the overtreater (also known as Scottie Grandpadre) came to visit Heather and Mr. K to take them downstairs and around the block to their desired destination. I have no doubt that Heather and Mr. K were given more than their fair share of treats that night as well...especially when the after-party wrapped up and Heather's first true love (Scottie Dad's best man) showed up at the door to bid her good night with yet another kiss.

As Scottie Mom followers well know, sweet Heather Beather served as maid of honor and was responsible for making sure all the little details - from the flowers to the dinner menu - came together just so for the Scottie Mom Wedding. It was a lot for one doggie to handle but her masterpiece is evidenced by the photos above. Don't you think she did a spectacular job? Now that the Scottie Mom Wedding is over, there's only one more thing left to plan: the honeymoon we hope to take this fall. Where would you recommend we travel to for this occasion, friends?

A Very Scottie Wedding

©2015 A Day of Bliss Photography Inc.
©2015 A Day of Bliss Photography Inc.
©2015 A Day of Bliss Photography Inc.

©2015 A Day of Bliss Photography Inc.

©2015 A Day of Bliss Photography Inc.
©2015 A Day of Bliss Photography Inc.
©2015 A Day of Bliss Photography Inc.

The Scottie Mom Wedding. It seems like just yesterday but already, so much time has passed. And I know you've been waiting to hear all the details! There is a lot to tell but I think these incredible photos our friends at A Day of Bliss Photography took tell the best pre-nuptials story. 

Heather and Mr. K were with us every step of the way on the big day. And, for the most part, they loved every minute of it (especially when the camera was turned toward them). Needless to say, they stole the show...and they looked so good doing it, too! Don't you think?

I found Mr. K's adorable tie at Pooch N Paws a few weeks before the Scottie Mom Wedding. Heather's dress continued to elude me and I feared all hope of finding the perfect dress was lost until her Scottie Great-Grandma alerted me of an outfit she thought might be the right fit for my sweet girl.

And so, lucky for me, one day before we left for New York, I walked into Petco and said "yes" to Heather's dress! (I also happened to score a gorgeous and extremely fashionable winter coat from Pooch N Paws for Heather to wear when she made her grand entrance at Le Parker Meridien.)

Stay tuned for more Scottie Mom Wedding stories to come. In the meantime, if you like our friends at A Day of Bliss Photography's work capturing Heather and Mr. K on the special day, why not send them a little Scottie Love in the comments section below? Much love, The Scottie Mom.

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