Expect the Unexpected

Where do I even begin? The short version of a very long and tiresome story is that Heather did NOT have surgery today after all. Our hope is she will be rescheduled for tomorrow morning pending some additional (and likely, unnecessary) test results expected to come in around 8 a.m. I got the initial call about two hours after I dropped Heather off at the V-E-T for her scheduled surgery saying her blood glucose level remained low and they wanted to consult with the specialist we had seen a month prior to this event before moving forward. Only problem was: he was out of the office. A half day and a lot of back and forth later, I realized the surgery Heather needed was just not going to happen so I jumped in the car and drove 45 minutes to go pick my girl up. 

As if surgery day isn't already upsetting and stressful enough, I was (and still am) struggling to understand why the service I had scheduled was not performed and why I now had to jump through the hoops of even more testing to get clearance for a surgery that was already requested by another V-E-T. I won't bother with all the details as I'm sure every Scottie Mom and Dad has dealt with this before...You take your fur kid to the V-E-T for A, end up being tested for B, C and D, and end up paying a fortune in the name of "playing it safe." Veterinary care draws a fine line between necessity and extortion these days. Tomorrow, we should get confirmation that the latest battery of "extra precautionary" test results are in and that she is able to undergo anesthesia. Meanwhile, I take some comfort knowing Heather will be in the care of another V-E-T at another facility.

Gone Swimmin'

Time for some summer fun!
Mr. K diving right into the Scottie-safe pool.
What? is there something in my beard?
Where's Heather, you ask?
She's gone drinkin'!
With sunny skies and warm temperatures, we decided it was high time to break out the new Scottie-safe swimming pool and let Heather and Mr. K have some (wet) fun in the sun! Mr. K was all about it - dashing in and dashing out of the pool, only to repeat the process over and over again. Heather, on the other hand, didn't want any part of it. Instead, she preferred to relax in the sun and occasionally, if it got too hot, she would wander over to Mr. K's splash bath and lap up a cool drink from what might be the largest drinking bowl on Earth. Want to see Mr. K in action? Check out this quick clip below.

Scottie Love Bug

Does she even know I'm alive?
Lucky here. I know I'm not a Scottie but I've been bitten by the Scottie Love bug and I don't know what to do, which is why I'm taking over the Scottie Mom blog tonight. You see, I met this girl last fall. She's an older girl - nearly three years my senior - and she's got beautiful, blonde hair. I dream about her day and night. I love everything from her smile to her Scottie style. Believe it or not, she even wags her tail more than I do so you can imagine how smitten I was when I met this lovely lady.

Well, as you know by now, I became King of the Scottie House when my Shih Tzu Mom and Dad left me here for a two-week getaway in Alaska. My love for this blonde-haired beauty has only grown since I arrived to claim my temporary throne on Scottie Dad's lap. I knew right away she was my princess and I've spent every minute of every day trying to show my sweet girl what a strong, confident man I can be for her but with just three nights left of my stay here, I figured it was time to make a move.

Before we go there, though, you must understand: what Heather and I had was love at first sight. The night I met her, we got to hold paws (see photographic evidence below) and I just knew she was the one for me. Never mind the fact she isn't looking so amorously at me in the photo...rather, at the treat Scottie Mom was holding in her hand at the time. Any good dog can be distracted by treats. What's important to know is that the connection was there and that treats weren't the only thing Heather was interested in that day...I swear!

Heather and me holding paws.
Anyway, I've paid my dues. I protect the Scottie House day in and day out like it is my own. I howl to alert potential safety concerns anytime the garage opens or there is a knock at the door. I went so far as to demand respect from any and all Scottie House intruders but when I wasn't getting the attention my valiant efforts deserved from my fair lady, I decided to show Heather the ultimate sign of commitment. So when she least expected it, I lifted my leg and peed on her.

Scottie Mom wasn't too happy about that. Something about having to give Heather a B-A-T-H. I don't know why that was necessary. I was just claiming what was mine. If that scent isn't there anymore, I might just do it again. Heather certainly didn't seem too bothered by it. She was probably flattered. In fact, she seemed more bothered by the B-A-T-H than she did by the honor of my christening.

That's when I knew it was time. Time to seal the deal and pronounce our love was for real. Heather led the way upstairs while I waited for my servant - I mean, Scottie Mom - to carry me up the royal stairs. I refuse to walk myself up those tiring things. There, I met up with sweet Heather on the human bed in the guest room. She looked so beautiful. I walked right up to her, sniffed around and attempted to profess my love right there on the bed...until that darned Scottie Mom intervened.

In a flash, I went from making myself tall enough to be with my Heather Beather - who is much bigger than I am - to being swooped up and placed swiftly on the floor below. Scottie Mom looked horrified. She even had the nerve to ask me what I was doing. I thought that part was pretty obvious...taking things to the next level with Heather, of course. Alas, my failed attempt wasn't the worst of it. No, the worst part was that sweet Heather still ignored my Shih Tzu charm and didn't even glance my way when I attempted to make my move. Way to crush a Shih Tzu ego, Heather Beather.

Scottie Mom says I have a Napoleon complex. I don't think that's true. What I have is a case of the unrequited Scottie Love bug and there seemingly is nothing a Shih Tzu can do. Maybe one day, I'll find love, friends, one day...as it seems sweet Heather only has eyes for...sigh, treats.

Up all night to get Lucky

If there's one thing to be said about Lucky the Shih Tzu, it's that he loves attention. Night or day, this sweet boy will never turn down an opportunity for a good snuggle. So I can understand how being in a new place with restricted access to the human bed can be a pretty traumatic experience for a well-loved pup who is used to sleeping in Shih Tzu Mom's bed every night.

I noticed Lucky had nocturnal tendencies the first night of his extended sleepover. Lucky was in the master bedroom in his comfy travel crate when he began picking away at his food. His dog tags clickety-clanked against the porcelain bowls. Because Lucky free feeds, this occurred seemingly like clockwork on the hour throughout the night. The second night was met by constant sighs - clearly the little guy missed his Shih Tzu Mom.

It was the third night I broke down and slept in the guest room with Lucky, Heather and Mr. K by my side. I wanted Lucky to be happy during his stay at the Scottie House and if that meant an all-night snuggle, so be it! Lucky slept by my face, Mr. K up against my stomach and Heather at my feet. I thought for sure we would enjoy a long night's rest.

Heather and Mr. K were fast asleep. It looked to be the same for Lucky at first but every two minutes or so he would sit up, readjust for optimal Shih Tzu comfort, bark at phantom noises outside the window or even jingle his dog tags for what I'm convinced was no other reason than just for fun. Needless to say, none of us slept that night.

The next night, Lucky was allowed to roam free in the master bathroom. Food, water and easy access to his beloved travel crate were available. Not long after I had gotten Lucky settled and gone to bed, Scottie Dad came upstairs to wash up for the night. What did he discover? Lucky had shown his distaste for his new nighttime accommodations by decorating the place yellow! After a midnight hour clean up, I retired for the night hoping it wouldn't be another instance of being up all night...and not for, as Daft Punk puts it, "good fun." How do you get your dog to settle down at night?

The Board Walk

Come on out, Lucky - it's great out here!
He was a little freaked out at first...
...and refused to move from the spot he settled.
But Mr. K took him under his wing and taught him to put one paw in front of the other.
I'm a Scottie Mom - obviously - but I'm learning what it is like to be a (temporary) Shih Tzu Mom. Lucky is nothing like Heather or Mr. K but believe it or not, he does express a bit of Scottie-tude when he doesn't get attention. He enjoys cuddles, stalking humans and begging for scraps...typical dog stuff, right? Contrary to most dogs, however, Lucky can't stand squeaky toys. In fact, I haven't seen him pick up a single toy during his stay. I suppose he is too mature for something like that!

Lucky prefers to be in the company of belly-rubbing humans like Scottie Dad 24/7 and falls asleep within minutes of snuggling up - even with someone he just met. So when those belly-rubbing humans walk out of his range of accessibility, that poses a real problem. Yesterday, we ventured out on the deck with Heather and Mr. K just before the sun started setting. Lucky stopped short at the door. Scottie Dad called out to his little buddy but Lucky remained firm, not lifting a paw. Even though we were within his range of sight, Lucky refused to step onto the big, scary deck and let out a cry.

It took some coaxing, but Scottie Dad was able to convince Lucky after a good 12 minutes to take a little board walk. Lucky obliged but sat his bottom down after only two or three steps and would not budge. His eyes were wide and he peered around him cautiously. This was a new experience for him and clearly, not one he was enjoying. He looked between the cracks of the boards and promptly sat up - visibly freaked out that the ground appeared so far below. Is it possible dogs can be afraid of heights? Scottie Dad scooped Lucky up and we all hung out for a bit before turning in for the evening. We hoped Lucky would dare to make the "long" trek back into the Scottie House on his own.

Scottie Dad placed Lucky back on the deck floor. Immediately, Lucky sat down. Scottie Dad and I walked just inside the door and started calling words of encouragement to Lucky. He didn't budge. Heather and Mr. K were still hanging out on the deck but Mr. K went over to his nervous buddy and showed him there was nothing to worry about when taking a little board walk. He paced around until Lucky lifted his bottom and walked side-by-side with him into the Scottie House. Doubtful Lucky would be itching to go out again soon, we celebrated his little achievement with a special treat. What are some of the quirks your dog has and how have you worked to overcome them?

The Tale of Three Tails

Hurry up, Scots! We have a lot of walking to do...
Why are we stopping? Let's go, go, go!
First one to the house gets an extra treat!
Bring on the yummy stuff!
For two days, I've come home to not two but three wagging tails...oh, the joy! You might remember our friend Lucky. He is staying with us for nearly two weeks while his Shih Tzu Mom and Dad honeymoon in Alaska. I volunteered to keep Lucky while Shih Tzu Mom and Dad were away partially because I think Lucky is so adorable, I could just eat him up - who wouldn't want to have his cute face around every day? The other part of me thought this would be the perfect litmus test to see if Scottie Dad and I could handle a third (and possibly one day a fourth) rescue Scottie.

The first night, Scottie Dad took Lucky and I took the Scots on our late night walk. The following morning, I knew I'd be venturing out with the three all on my own. Could I handle it? Turns out, I totally could - so long as the dogs are behaving! Lucky, Heather and Mr. K walked about the neighborhood tending to their own business, the boys exchanging pee-mail from time to time and moving forward cohesively as a group. I've never seen anything like it. The Scots have only met Lucky a few times before this extended stay and yet, they coexist like they've known each other all along.

The peaceful coexistence might hit a snag at some point in the coming weeks if things continue the way they are, though. You might recall learning about Lucky's incredible powers of persuasion when we told you about his last visit. Well, it appears those very same powers are working their magic and Scottie Dad is eating every little bit of it up! Would you believe Lucky gets to sleep in the master bedroom every night? He's even allowed to snuggle up on Scottie Dad's lap for the duration of the World Cup games. And did we mention how Scottie Dad coos when talking to Lucky? All privileges, sadly, Heather and Mr. K don't enjoy. Yes, I foresee a little jealousy in the near future indeed...

But for now, it's all three times the tail-wagging fun! Three tails wagging to wake up to in the morning and three tails wagging to greet me after a long day at work. I'm not sure if Scottie Dad would agree just yet but I think I agree with whomever said, "Good things come in threes." Surely, that logic can be applied when considering whether to adopt another Scottie, right? 

Welcome home!

Welcome to the new ScottieMom.com, friends! We hope you'll kick off your shoes, wipe your paws and stay a while to check out our new place. You'll notice you still have access to the same, great content - namely, the adventures of Heather and Mr. K. The only difference is that our stories are better organized by category and we've added a new page dedicated to Scottish Terrier rescue efforts. If you know of a rescue story that needs telling or simply a Scottie pup in need of a little help finding a forever home, drop us a line!

Because Scottie Moms like you and me are constantly on the hunt for anything with Scottie dogs printed on it, we've launched a store featuring the new Scottie Mom logo. Many of you requested that we make our logo available on things like stickers and tote bags so we did just that. The store will be updated a few times every month so check back for new Scottie designs and products. If you don't see something you like but know exactly what you're looking for, do not hesitate to get in touch and we'll work our magic to get it designed for you. Did I mention we'll be unveiling an extra special Scottie Mom wedding line soon?!

Last, if you like the new site (and we certainly hope you do!), please do us a favor and show some love to fellow mom blogger V from Life +1. V not only created this cool new place for Scottie Moms to hang out, she blogs about her own life after baby, world travels, and yummy foods. Spoiler alert: you may experience a rumbling in your tummy after looking at some of V's foodie photos. Don't worry - this feeling will pass and morph into a daydream of visiting all the fabulous places she's traveled. Oh, how could we forget? This mom blogger extraordinaire also happens to be a German Shepherd Mom. Pop over and say hello!

A few minor, albeit pretty important updates we thought you'd want to know about - look for full posts with more in-depth details on the following soon.

  • After two V-E-T visits and roughly $1,500 later, Heather and Mr. K once again have clean bills of health. Heather's test results came back fine and the only thing the doctor ordered was that she eat more food. Somehow, I don't see her complaining about this one bit!
  • Mr. K has been up to his usual shenanigans and we have lots of Scottie-tude to report. From puncturing a hole in Scottie Dad's very expensive World Cup soccer ball to making such a mess of the Scottie House that professional cleaners had to come help, Mr. K has done his part keeping Scottie Dad and I on our toes.
  • The Scottie House will become part-Shih Tzu House tomorrow! You might remember our friend Lucky...he'll be coming to stay with Heather and Mr. K for two weeks while his Shih Tzu Mom and Dad honeymoon in Alaska. Hip-hip-ArRRrOo!