Back to the Start


Mr. K here. Three years ago, I accompanied Scottie Mom on a last-minute business trip to Savannah, Ga. Scottie Mom was called to assist on a special project and we were off to Savannah the very next day. Because this was before Scottie Mom discovered our friends at Pet Paradise, I was privileged to stay with her at a fancy little place called Westin Savannah (courtesy of Scottie Mom's boss). We didn't like it much. The accommodations were fine but they threatened to call Animal Control before I even arrived if I made so much as a bark or a guest complained about my presence - so much for a pet-friendly hotel, right? And did I mention this was the first time Scottie Mom ever traveled with me? Scottie Mom would have never stayed there had she been given an alternative. Instead, she called up Scottie Dad to see if he could come with us to keep an eye on me while she was at work. Being the super cool dude that he is, Scottie Dad agreed.

Today, I return to Savannah - which also happens to be the special place where I decided I didn't have to be the only guy in Scottie Mom's life and gave her the OK to date Scottie Dad on that same trip three years ago. This time, Heather gets to join us (she hadn't found us yet at the time of our last trip). I hear it is an extremely dog-friendly place, despite our last experience. We'll be rooming with Scottie Mom and Dad at a hotel that doesn't even charge a pet fee for Heather and me. Plus, rumor has it that we may even be able to accompany our humans to lunch at a number of places! I've permitted Scottie Mom and Dad to enjoy one night on the town in which their relationship started without us Scottie dogs. They will be going to see a comedian named Fluffy...I told them I didn't understand why they needed tickets for that show. I am both fluffy and funny enough at home to make everyone laugh. Perhaps I've mistakenly given away my comedic talents for free all this time? I must meet this guy and have him share his secret to success!

Be sure to check our Facebook page throughout the weekend for photos of what Heather and I are up to in Savannah. We'll also post a full review of our trip to Savannah after we get back like we did when we visited Charleston. If you have any suggestions of things we should check out or places you've always wanted to see there, let us know and we'll do our best to snap a photo of our explorations! Gotta go, friends...lots of toys, treats and stuff to pack before we journey back to the place where it all started. Happy anniversary, Scottie Mom and Dad!

Scotties Against Cancer

It's official: Heather has been cancer-free now for over one year! Last January, just before she went in for a routine dental procedure, I found a bump and reported it to her vet. What we thought might be a fatty deposit turned out to be liposarcoma, a malignant but localized form of cancer. Suddenly, Heather wasn't just going in for a dental anymore. She was having major surgery. Hours of waiting, over a half dozen staples and thousands of dollars later, sweet Heather not only pulled through the surgery but eventually kicked cancer to the curb. Not a day goes by that Scottie Dad and I aren't reminded how lucky we are to still have her here with us.

So many of us are affected by cancer...whether directly or indirectly through a friend, relative or canine companion. Recently, Scottie Dad's best man (and also the man that gave Heather her first kiss - read about it here) found out his family's Shih Tzu is battling cancer for a second time. Like Heather, little Miyuki the Shih Tzu beat cancer the first go-round and was awarded an abundance of extra time with her loving family. That extra time, however, came at a significant cost to the family but they were able to make it work. This time, Miyuki's family needs our help so she can have a few more years with the people who love her most.

We know Miyuki is not a Scottie but that doesn't mean she doesn't deserve her best fight against cancer. If every Scottie Mom friend and follower donates just $5, Miyuki's treatment would be paid for in full. If you know someone or some pup that has been affected by cancer, I ask you to consider donating to Miyuki's cause. Or, if you simply don't have the extra means, please consider sharing this link to Miyuki's story to friends, family, neighbors and coworkers to help spread the word. Together, we can make a difference and work toward eliminating cancer (canine and otherwise) one case at a time. Much love, The Scottie Mom.

A Soccer Star is Born

No goalie is a match for this Scottie soccer star.
He's going for his first goal...
Victory lap!
One more time...
The Scottie soccer star blocks an attempted goal.
He steals the ball from his opponent.
He shoots and score a second time - Mr. K wins the game!
Ready to play again, Scottie Dad?
Who's ready for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil? Scottie Dad and Mr. K are pumped for the upcoming games - which are just about 90 days away at this point - and have set aside some time each weekend to host Scottie soccer star training sessions to help Mr. K and his newly discovered talent land a spot on one of the winning teams. Scottie Dad has loved the sport for years. After some initial hesitation (soccer balls are MUCH bigger than the squeaky tennis balls Mr. K is used to chasing!), Mr. K has fallen head over paws for soccer...or should we say futbol? Now, father and son enjoy the game together! Watch Mr. K's reaction as he discovers a soccer ball for the first time in the video below. Tell us: which team are you rooting for in the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

The Trick to Getting Another Scottie

Heather didn't find Scottie Dad's trick too funny. Mr. K thought it was hilarious!
Last night, Scottie Mom and Dad went out to dinner. Scottie Mom's a picky eater - nothing like Heather or Mr. K - so the fact they were trying a "new" restaurant was something of a big deal. They looked over the menu, made their selections and waited patiently for the food to come. When Scottie Dad's appetizer came (a plate full of oysters), he looked at Scottie Mom with a devilish grin and said, "If you eat one of those right now, I'll let you get TWO more Scotties."

Scottie Mom dropped her fork. Was he serious? Is Scottie Dad trying to play a mean trick? Will he really adopt two more Scotties if she does this? What are the odds that when she tries these oysters for the first time, she'll be allergic (since, in reality, she's allergic to just about everything)? Who was she kidding? Two more Scotties would totally be worth it! Scottie Mom reached for an oyster, knowing this was not going to be a pleasant experience, but recognizing this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that she could not pass up when suddenly, Scottie Dad says, "Oops! Time's up. You weren't quick enough. I said you had to eat one right now. You took too long."

Scottie Mom was furious. She hadn't taken long to make up her mind. In fact, she probably spent less than a minute questioning Scottie Dad's intentions before deciding she'd get that Scottie (or two!) even if this was just a mean joke. She protested. Scottie Dad said, "Hey - there will be other opportunities." Scottie Mom wasn't so sure. She has been hounding Scottie Dad to let her rescue two more Scotties or, at the very least, become a Foster Scottie Mom. For years, Scottie Dad has refused. Scottie Mom has tried all sorts of bargaining techniques...what if Heather and Mr. K got more likes than Boo, the world's cutest dog, on Facebook? How about if Scottie Dad got that pool table he's always wanted...would a Scottie or two be allowed to come live at The Scottie House then?

Sadly, the answer is always no but the hope that two more Scotties might find forever homes in The Scottie House with us has been revived. It's just a matter of time before Scottie Dad presents another challenge and it will be up to Scottie Mom to complete it in a timely manner, no questions asked so that two more lives can be saved (and Scottie Mom friends and fans can enjoy four times the silly Scottie stories and photos!). Tell us: what do you think is the trick to getting another Scottie? What kind of trick do you think Scottie Dad will pull next?

Planning the Scottie Mom Wedding

Scottie Mom and Dad are finally tying the knot! The date has been set, the venue selected and the dress has been purchased. There's still a lot to do so while Scottie Mom's at work during the day, I flip through all the magazines we've been collecting since the engagement for inspiration. (You can read all about Scottie Dad's very Scottie Proposal here.) You see, Scottie Mom's a busy bee between her "real" job and chronicling the important aspects - OK, every aspect -  of our Scottie lives at night. So, as her maid of honor, I figured what better way to chip in and help the bride-to-be than by using my impeccable Scottie taste to help iron out the remaining details?

Here's what is on our to-do list before the big day in December:

- Choose a pawtographer.

- Select the Scottie Mom wedding colors.

- Pick out dresses for the bridesmaids (and one for me, of course!).

- Sniff out the best florists.

- Hire a rockin' band or DJ so Scottie Dad and I can boogie to the music.

- Get Mr. K into a tux he won't try to destroy.

- Finalize the menu and have some cake! (I personally can't wait for you think Scottie Mom will let me participate in the taste testing?)

Phew! That's a lot for one doggie to handle. I might have to call in Mr. K for reinforcement, especially when negotiating contracts with vendors. No one will want to mess with him! Luckily, we have just under 10 months to help Scottie Mom pull everything together. I'll be sure to report back and keep everyone posted on our progress as we go. Oh, and if you come up with any fun and creative ways to work us Scotties into the wedding, be sure to let us know! Love, Heather.