'Water' Falls

[caption id="attachment_1652" align="aligncenter" width="500"]DSC03484 Sorry, Scottie Dad. I didn't mean to...[/caption]

Scottie Dad's been home for just under four hours. And, as I feared, he beat me home from work tonight. The last time he came home after being gone so long, it was accident after accident for Heather and one very upset Scottie Dad. I hoped from the bottom of my heart that his reappearance wouldn't alarm Heather so much this time around but, much to my dismay, there's been two accidents so far and the night isn't even over yet.

Heather and Scottie Dad used to be best buds - up until the weekend she almost got away and he had to chase her down. They're still pretty close and adorable as ever together, but since that time, she is extra cautious around him, peeing when she gets too scared, too happy, too submissive and even when she's just overly excited around Scottie Dad. We're having trouble making sense of it all, really. Tonight, I came home from dinner with Scottie Dad to find my couch cushion completely soiled...Scottie Dad had just walked the pups three hours earlier (not to mention the wee accident she had on the way out the door)! It's literally been weeks since her last accident but then again, it's literally been weeks that Scottie Dad's been away.

So, fellow Scottie Mom and Dad's, we turn to you. Does your Scottie have these kind of issues? If so, have you figured out ways to prevent them or lessen the number of occurrences? Before Scottie Dad traveled, it seemed simple time and patience were keys to the solution. Now, everytime Scottie Dad comes back, it is as if we are starting the whole trusting process from scratch...over and over. And until we find something to help ease my little girl's anxiety in this situations she's with Scottie Dad, I guess there's only one thing I can say: when it rains, it pours.

Sleepy Scottie

[caption id="attachment_1640" align="aligncenter" width="500"] I'm ready to sleep. What do you mean I can't come in the hooman bed?[/caption]

Savor the moment, my precious pups, as tonight will be your last night to take over the hooman bed for a while. Scottie Dad is finally coming home after having been gone for two weeks and I suspect he won't be pleased to find you in *his* bed when he comes home. It's been fun waking up to your infectious good-morning smiles and happy tail waggings. Personally, I can't think of a better way to be woken up every morning but, for the time being, we'll have to resort to the click-click-clicking of your sweet paws hitting the hardwoods as you walk toward the bedroom door to say hello every morning. Rest assured, we'll have plenty of fun together this weekend in a charming place called Charleston, South Carolina...I hear we may be able to sneak midnight Scottie cuddles there. If not, well, I guess business is just going to have to call on Scottie Dad again soon!

The Red-Nosed Scottie

You know dasher and dancer and prancer and...Heather? That's right, someone's got to help Mr. K - I mean, Scottie Claus - deliver the presents to future Scottie Moms and Dads in need. And who better to do the job than the most famous of them all? The Red-Nosed Scottie, of course! 

Remember, everyone who donates a Scottie item (or two!) to a local boys' or girls' shelter and sends a picture to us will receive a special holiday greeting. You never know who the holiday greeting could be from: The Red-Nosed Scottie, the Scottie Elf or even the good man himself: Scottie Claus!

So, get out there and get into the howl-iday spirit! Find your favorite Scottie item(s) like clothing, stuffed animals or other accessories and donate them to a boys’ and girls’ shelter near you. Or, since human kids aren't the only ones in need, have your human donate to a local rescue!

Every item you donate not only makes a future Scottie Mom or Dad happier but promotes our good Scottie image as well. Take a picture of your Scottie and the items you choose. Then, share it on the Scottie Mom Facebook page or send a note to thescottiemom(at)gmail(dot)com so we know where to send a little extra holiday cheer this year. 'Tis the Season of Scotties!

Scottie Tongue Rolls


Can you roll your tongue? Mr. K can. It's just one of his many hidden talents. See? That's why he's not saying much this BlogPaws' Wordless Wednesday. What other special tricks or hidden talents does your dog have? Happy Wordless Wednesday, friends!

Dear Duffy

[caption id="attachment_1611" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Mr.K says it is always sad to see a Scottie friend go.[/caption]

Today, I am mourning the death of a Scottie I never met: Duffy, of the Modern Scottie Dog blog. Only six years old, the brave pup passed on this weekend after battling cancer. I don't know what it was that affected me so when I read Duffy had passed but I had to reach for the Kleenex box repeatedly. Perhaps it was his young age. Or the horrid disease itself. It could have been because the announcement comes just weeks after another Scottie Mom announced here on this blog the passing of her boy Mac. Perhaps it is all these things combined with the emotional distress left over from Mr. K's near-death experience just nine short months ago...

Whatever the reason, I think we all owe it to Duffy and his Scottie Mom and friends to hold our own Scottie kids tight tonight and give them lots of hugs in Duffy's memory. I've never lost a Scottie but I do remember the night I carried Mr. K into the emergency vet specialists in my arms, having to make the incredibly nerve-wracking decision to let go and trust complete strangers to care for your dog in the same manner in which you would. Then, there was that helpless feeling of knowing there is nothing to do but wait and hope against the odds that come with having a very sick puppy that the cards play out in your favor. It is a dreadful feeling that haunts me to this day, even after Mr. K has recovered and Heather seems to be on her way to a full recovery, too. We came so close to losing him that night and Heather too, months later, if the vet hadn't realized her symptoms were more than just a bladder infection. And yet, the pain lives on.

Dear Duffy - When I think of what a hard year it has been for our family, I can only imagine what those like your Scottie Mom go through in times like this. It is comforting to know you brought her hours upon hours of joy and are resting peacefully now in a better place, filled with treats and back scratchings galore. I hope you were greeted by our other Scottie friends who have passed before you and I know you'll be there to greet the ones yet to come. Do look out for us from time to time and know the Scottie clan here on Earth will do the same for your Scottie Mom. Rest in peace, little guy. Much love from all of us Scottie Moms (and Dads) and the rest of the ArRRoOo crew.

The Case of the Missing Shoe


Scottie Dad warned me it would come to this someday. I refused to believe it. My Scotties love to cause occasional havoc by dragging undergarments out of the laundry bin but they've never taken an interest in shoes, which is great because I often keep an assortment by the front door for convenience's sake...until now. The other day, I came home from work and hooked Heather and Mr. K up on their leashes for their afternoon walk. I stopped at the door to switch out my heels for something a little more comfortable when I notice one of my go-to flats for dog walking is missing. I look up and down the hallway. Not there. I go back to the living room and kitchen. Not there, either. Where could it be?

Not wanting to keep my puppies from their much-anticipated walk any longer, we ventured out of the apartment without attempting to solve the case of the missing shoe. Heather and Mr. K were doing their business when it hit me: could one of my puppies have stolen the shoe? They've never done that before but they do love to keep me guessing...I smiled. Well, at least they chose the crappy shoe if they did! We headed back toward the apartment after their walk and while they ate their dinner, I decided to look around the apartment once more. At first, I saw nothing. Then, I saw a shiny, black something in the Scottie bed: my shoe! I couldn't help but laugh. Why in the Scottie bed? To play with it? To chew it? To cuddle with it? Luckily, there weren't any chew marks. One of them must have picked it up for fun, ran off with it, shook it around and finally dropped it in the bed. But which was the Scottie Who Dunnit? I have a fair hunch which of the two it was but I'll let you tell me who you think is guilty here: Heather or Mr. K?

Scottie Boo Boo


As a Scottie Mom, one of the worst things you can hear is that something is wrong with your dog. The only thing I can imagine that could be worse than that is hearing that something is wrong with your Scottie because of something you did (or didn't) do. Well, I can add this experience to my list of Scottie Mom-isms. Yesterday, when we arrived for Thanksgiving dinner at Scottie Grandmadre's house, Mr. K tried to beat me up the stairs and just as I was putting my foot down to take a step, he placed his paw right underneath it. All of a sudden, I heard a loud CRACK! I instinctively lifted my foot as quickly as I could and a panic began to set in. I just stepped on my dog. Oh my goodness, did I break anything? Mr. K's so little. Could his paw withstand that kind of weight? What did I do? I felt awful. I looked down. Mr. K, seemingly uneffected, continued up the stairs as he had before. Perhaps I was dreaming...maybe I just thought that was his paw when it was really something else?

Turns out, no - I really did step on Mr. K's paw. It didn't seem to bother him at first but when this morning rolled around, I was grateful Heather had her checkup scheduled at the vet so I could get Mr. K's paw looked at as well while I was there. He kept licking the same paw over and over again and it took me a while to realize that it wasn't the paw that was bothering him but his dew claw (commonly called a 'dog's thumb').  When I stepped down on his foot the previous afternoon, somehow I managed to only step on the dew claw, causing it to break in half. Poor puppy. He never once made a sound or even indicated something was wrong until I started seeing him lick his paw. The ironic part is: I only learned what a dew claw was just a week ago but I can assure you, never will I ever forget what a dew claw is after this experience. All I could think about was how I hurt my baby. I knew I just had to make it up to him. (More on that later.)

When we arrived at the vet, we let Heather get looked at first. She has a suspicious mole that seems to be slowly growing and hardening over time and I was concerned about what it might mean. Luckily, it turns out that spot on her back is a benign tumor. We'll be removing it soon when I take her back for a dental. Then, a vet tech came by to check out Mr. K's paw and took him to the back to cut off the damaged part of the dew claw. I tried to relax as I listened to the vet talk about Heather when, in the middle of our conversation, I tuned everything out but the sound of my baby boy's cry. I've always heard that moms know their baby's cry from anywhere in the world. Well, today I found it was true and I felt all the more awful I had put my darling puppy in this predicament. When the tech came back with Mr. K, he was seemingly back to himself aside from favoring one paw over the other. They put a little solution on his claw to prevent the remainder of the dew claw from bleeding and when they showed us the broken piece of claw, the vet's reaction says it best: eyes wide open and a solid, "WHOA!" Feel better soon, Mr. K - I'm so terribly sorry and hope you can forgive me. Scottie Mom loves you!

Life is like a Squeaky Tennis Ball

...or so Mr. K says. It bounces high and it bounces low. It keeps you on your toes, never knowing where it might lead you next. It takes you far and wide, but also compels you to come back to the people and places you left to chase it. Most of all, it makes you work before you are rewarded with the sound of the much-anticipated squeak. Think about it: the squeaky tennis ball won't squeak itself. Didn't your Scottie Mom ever tell you that? Oh, but once you get it to squeak, all the hard work and the running back and forth in pursuit of your dream of catching that squeaky tennis ball is instantly worth it. The sense of joy and accomplishment can be overwhelming at first but savor the moment, as the best moments with the squeaky tennis ball are often fleeting. You just never know when that squeaky tennis ball is going to take you on another wild adventure!

Say Whaaat?

Ever have one of those moments when you overhear a conversation and someone says something so out of this world that you can't help but back away a bit and give them the crazy eye? Mr. K just did. In fact, he's been stunned into silence this BlogPaws' Wordless Wednesday. What do you supposed he overheard that sounded so crazy it rendered him speechless? Happy Wordless Wednesday, friends!

What Scotties Do when you're not Looking...

[caption id="attachment_1554" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Don't mind if I help myself to some kibble, Scottie Mom...[/caption]

I hear the noise. My ears shoot up. She's got my attention now. That's the distinctive rustling of the almighty bag which contains...FOOD! I hop off the couch, run to find my Scottie Mom. Heather's on her way, too. Are we being fed twice tonight? Did we do something extra special to deserve such a glorious late-night feast? There's Scottie Mom. She's cutting open the bag. It's a really, really big bag this time! I can smell the yumminess already. Hurry up, Scottie Mom - I want some! Hey...she's not pouring it in my bowl. All the food is going into a bin. What's going on? Why isn't she filling my bowl? Hey, hey you! I want some kibble!!

She tosses a piece of food my way and another at Heather but she keeps filling the bin. Why isn't she filling my bowl? Surely, she must know this is torture. What Scottie Mom would tease her pups in such a way? Maybe if I sit still, look innocent and act politely, she'll give me just a bit more. Wait for it...wait for it. Drat, still nothing. I shift my paws. Let her know I'm impatient. Just one more, please. Oh! There she goes - her hand is going for the giant bin of food. She's gonna scoop up a handful and put it in my bowl...I just know it! Wait for it...wait for it. Oh, come on Scottie Mom! The food does not need to be spread out evenly, I'll gladly eat it the way it is.

The bag containing the scrumptious yummies is empty. She's folding it up now. Oh, can't I at least get a sniff of the bag? I'm sure it smells just as good as it tastes. Where are you going with that bag, Scottie Mom? Come back! Wait...she's taking the bag to the other side of the kitchen. That means...gasp! I turn around, there's Heather with her nose over the top of the bin. Darn, that girl is smart! I hurry back to the bin. Scottie Mom knows what I'm up to and says, "No!" I slow down, making her think I stopped moving and slowly crawl my way back to the bin. Heather's backed away. She doesn't like to be told, "No!" twice. That's it! It's all mine, now! I put my front paws atop the large bin and I bury my snout in the glorious food.

Utt oh, she's back. I can't stop. I must keep going. She tells me, "No!" again. Should I listen? I can tell Scottie Mom's not very pleased with me. What did she expect? Now, she's laughing at me and...oh, what's that? Nooooo...she's picking me up and taking me away from the goodie bin. She puts me down on the couch and I smack the goodness off my lips. Where's she going again? Oh! She's back at the bin, petting Heather and giving her free kibble! Not fair!! I had to work for mine! I dash off the couch and sit expectedly at her feet, ready for my fair share. It doesn't come. Heather gets another piece of precious food. I shift my front paws to let Scottie Mom know I'm displeased. She laughs again and tells me I've had my fun and Heather gets rewarded for being such a good girl. And then, she pulls out the really, really good stuff: the bacon flavored treats!

Wow, Heather and I are on a roll tonight!! All this goodness coming to our tummies! Hey, Scottie Mom, you've already broken off three little pieces of the bacon treats for Heather...when do I get mine? Hello?? Can you hear me? I shift my paws and stick my tongue out, flashing my Scottie Mom the biggest smile letting her know I'm ready whenever she is. What's that? She's closing the bag! Oh wait, there's still a piece in her hand. She gives it to Heather. Oh, dear. Scottie Mom, you must reopen that bag! No, don't you put it away. Please! Sigh. This is cruel and unusual punishment, my fellow Scots! All because I snuck some kibble while Scottie Mom wasn't looking...

Breaking Dawn

No, Heather isn't one of those famous Twilight vampires, but she certainly was up before the crack of dawn this morning. Staying put in the comfort of her little Scottie bed, Heather relaxed and took in all this beautiful Monday morning has to offer as she watched the sun rise. For a minute, as the sun found sweet Heather's face, I thought she had borrowed her favorite Twilight vampires' ability to glimmer in the sunlight but then I realized the more probable explanation - her inner beauty was simply radiating from within! Since she had woken us all up to enjoy the sunrise with her, I decided to go ahead and have a Scottie Mom exclusive interview. Here's what she had to say:

Good morning, Heather Beather. What has you up so early this morning?

Morning, Scottie Mom! Oh, nothing. Just thought I'd catch the very last hours of the weekend before the sun came up and another week started. Time goes way too fast around here lately. It was a fun weekend, though - especially with Scottie Dad around.

Yes, it was. What was your favorite part?

The part when I got to eat my doggie martini treat from City Dog Market. YUM! Now I know why hoomans enjoy cocktail hour so much. Can I have another? I'm sure it is five o'clock somewhere!

Soon, but not today. I'm sure Scottie Grandmadre will have plenty of treats when we visit her later this week.

We get to go visit Scottie Grandmadre?! Oooh yes! She has the best backyard!! And I LOVE road trips. Can't wait to watch things zoom by the window...so much fun. Will we get to explore more parts of the town again?

We most certainly will. But if you go rolling around in the dirt again, we're going to have to take you for another bath.

Oh, drat. I dislike baths. But, it might be worth the price for an afternoon of rolling around in leaves and dirt. Hmm, tough choice: dirt or no bath? I'll let you know what I decide.

You do that. So, Heather, we've gotten a few questions about how your health is holding up. Do you want to tell us how you're feeling?

I feel just fine, Scottie Mom, although I heard you made an appointment soon with the evil pokers and prodders. Please no more blood work! I really am doing so much better. I'm practically as healthy as a horse...although I'm not because I'm a Scottie...I have a great, big appetite, I'm happy to go out on walks and I've only had one accident in the house recently and that was just because Scottie Dad surprised me when it was him that walked through the front door instead of you. It had been weeks since I had seen him - caught me off guard!

I'm glad to hear you're feeling good but we do have to get that growing spot on your back checked out. I'm hoping it will be nothing and you will get a clean bill of health this time.

We will. Don't you worry about that. It's just another one of my aging spots. It'll be okay, Scottie Mom, really. I'll go the V-E-T if we can go across the street to the Happy Dog Cafe afterward. How does that sound? You know I'll deserve a treat for putting up with another appointment of poking and prodding.

Deal. Ok, Heather Beather, we've only got time for one more question before Scottie Mom has to go to work. What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

You. And Scottie Dad. And Mr. K. And my foster Scottie Dad and his family in Tennessee that first sheltered me before I found you. Oh yeah, and Tennessee Scottie Rescue and all the other animal rescue groups that are helping puppies and kitties in need. My new Scottie friends and fans are pretty awesome, too - thank you all for listening to my ramblings! (You can't see me right now by I'm wagging my tail and giving you all my happiest happy grin.) Other than that, I'm thankful for yummy treats, back scratchings and belly rubs, fresh grass to roll around in, a Mr. K to boss around, a Scottie Grandmadre to spoil me, and much, much more.

Another Happy Scottirday!

All together now.

Scottie Security patrol men on duty.

Syd and Mr. K on alert for any suspicious squirrel activity.

Syd posing for a photo for his Scottie Mom.

Oz has a great smile, doesn't he?

Hanging with the boys isn't so bad.
Heather and Mr. K just couldn't wait for play day Sunday to have some fun this weekend. So, we all packed into the car and went to visit our good Scottie friends Syd and Oz yesterday. It was a great Scottirday filled with chasing squeaky tennis balls, patrolling the yard and even - you guessed it - TREATS! (Football-shaped ones for the boys and a martini-shaped treat for Miss Heather Beather. We figured she could use a 'drink' after putting up with the boys all afternoon).

I'm pleased to say Heather decided to be much more social this time around and she didn't warn Syd or Oz once while we were there. She even dared to trot around the yard a bit but I noticed she always came back to score some love and attention from her Scottie Dad. Only in town for a few days, Scottie Dad was sure to shower his little girl with all the petting and back rubbing she wanted. It was so good to see her so happy and energetic - every couple of minutes, it seemed she was putting her front paws on his legs to get his attention - little girls certainly can be spoiled by their Scottie Dads, you know.

Syd and Oz were adorable as ever. They even got a case of the zoomies at the same time as Mr. K and everyone watched in awe at how fast they were going through the bushes and leaves. Mr. K was a bit of a squeaky tennis ball hog but Oz was happy to watch. Syd eventually found another ball to run around with (which Mr. K also tried to claim for his own) until Scottie Mom intervened by taking all the squeaky tennis balls throwing them for the boys to chase after. I think it is safe to say all four Scotties slept straight through the night and then some after such an active and playful Scottirday. Many thanks to Syd, Oz and their Scottie Mom and Dad for being such fabulous hosts!

What a (Scottie) Girl Wants

For centuries, hooman men have been trying to figure out what hooman women want. Heather doesn't think it's really all that hard to understand. In fact, she suggested that all a hooman man has to do is take a lesson from the female Scotties in his household. So, fellow Scottie Moms, pass this list of things a (Scottie) girl wants along to the Scottie Dad in your household. Perhaps Heather can help him pick up on a thing or two!

1. First and foremost, to be loved and cherished. A Scottie girl needs to know you care for her as much as she cares for you. Do not fear showing your feelings and be generous with your kisses!

2. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. In addition to being loved and cherished, a Scottie girl needs you to show some respect! After all, she is an independent woman who can hold her own.

3. Your time and attention. It doesn't always have to be long walks on the beach, you know. In fact, a Scottie girl would much prefer long walks in the park! Cuddle time afterwards is a must.

4. A quiet place all to herself. Every once in a while, a Scottie girl needs to be on her own in a peaceful place for some "me" time and reflection.

5. To be pampered. Can anyone say full-body massages, maybe unlimited back and belly rubs? Oh yeah, treats are good, too - especially the gourmet ones!

Ok, Scottie Dads - I've let you in on a big secret here. Now you have no excuse to not know what a Scottie or a hooman girl wants. Don't you take our love for granted, now...go forth with these words of age-old Scottie wisdom and do some good. Yours truly, Miss Heather-Beather.

That Scottie in the Window

How much is that Scottie in the window, you ask? You'd be a fool to think I'd say anything other than priceless! You see, Scottie love can't be bought. It is earned...especially when it comes to recycled Scottie love. Most rescue Scotties have already learned to love and unfortunately, to lose. Some are hesitant to love again but with a little time, patience and effort, that big heart in that tiny body of theirs once again opens up. And once you're in, you're in! That rescue Scottie is yours and you, consequently, are his (or hers!).

The first night Mr. K spent in my old apartment the day I rescued him, he was somewhat aloof, happily keeping to himself in the comfort of my kitchen. He didn't object to the fact he wasn't sleeping in the same room as me and he didn't even mind the baby gate being up, at first. It almost seemed as if he had come to accept the terms under which he found himself living: the limited, gated area of the shelter, no hooman to call his own and the solitary squeaky tennis ball that served as his only companion. Luckily, he had only been in the shelter for about 17 days - any longer and I'm sure that boy's spirit would have really been crushed.

Now, having been reinstated as a productive member of society, Mr. K looks for ways to give back. And he's certainly given this Scottie Mom more than ever expected. It's funny - we rescue Moms think we're doing the rescues a favor (and I assure you, we are) but often times, they end up rescuing us in some form or another. Mr. K's first deed was to keep my mind off of a long-term relationship gone bad. He then watched over protectively as I ventured out into the single life for the first time in a very long time. (We developed a code: a warning growl meant "beware this one," a casual sniff meant "he passes security...for now" and if he charged, well, let's just say that one wasn't meant to stick around.)  Later, he rallied in my corner, pushing me to get up and get out during a time when hope seemed lost, my job was gone and the world was, in general, a much more disappointing place than anticipated. And the list goes on...

I love Scottish Terriers. That much, I believe, is obvious. But "rescued" is my favorite breed. What I love most is the fact I was given this opportunity to provide Heather and Mr. K the loving homes they deserve and sit back as I watch their faith in humanity be restored. I love them for who they are - Scottie-tude and all - and hope to have the opportunity to open up our home to more rescues one day or at least foster fellow Scotties in need. I already know what it feels like to be greeted by two elated Scotties scrambling for your first pet once you come home; to feel those crazy wagging tails smack up against your ankles so hard; and I've seen that Scottie in the window, sternly looking after you as you go to make sure you make it out okay and happily watching you walk toward the door as you return later that day. All priceless little moments, if you ask me. Try it out for yourself, if you haven't already: adopt a rescue Scottie (or let them adopt you!) and get ready to experience some serious recycled Scottie love!

The Silly Scotsman

It's all play and no work (or words!) for Mr. K this BlogPaws' Wordless Wednesday. He's busy destroying his favorite toys and hiding underneath blankets and pillows so he can pop out unexpectedly and surprise Scottie Mom or Heather when they walk by him. Hope our friends have an equally fun-filled day. Only two days left until Friday! In the meantime, happy Wordless Wednesday!

Lost & Found: Scottie Groomer!


For those that have been following the Scottie Mom adventures for a while, you know Heather and Mr. K have been in the market for a new groomer for quite some time. Following my move to Atlanta nearly two years ago, it became clear that I would miss Vivian, my groomer at A Dog Eared Corner in Columbia, S.C., and I set out immediately to find a Scottie groomer who not only knew what they were doing but who could do as good a job as Vivian. And, it is with much happiness and relief that I tell you: it appears my search is finally over!

A little over a month ago, I ran into a fellow Scottie owner at the grand opening of Barking Hound Village, a new doggie daycare, boarding and grooming facility in our neighborhood. He told me about a groomer named Barbara who not only groomed Scotties but owned them as well. Dear Heather was in need of a bath and a good trim (the last groomer hardly trimmed her hair at all so she was looking extra scruffy) and so, I decided to press my luck on a whim and see if this Barbara had any last minute appointments for this weekend. Turns out, she did and had me come into the shop within an hour of the time I called.

I can honestly say this was the first time I ever felt excited to see my pups after a grooming apointment. There was no anxiety over how they would come out looking this time and I owe a lot of that to the Scottie Dad who first told me about Barbara and the amount of time she spent with us before taking Heather and Mr. K back for their new do's. I learned that Barbara is the proud Scottie Mom of nine, one of which currently holds rank as fifth in the nation among show Scotties. Needless to say, I was very much impressed when I got the call from Barbara herself letting me know Heather and Mr. K were ready to pick up only two short hours later. She even shared some tips for keeping Miss Heather (who tends to be the stinkier of the two Scotties) from getting so oily by switching from an oatmeal shampoo to a tea tree oil based shampoo.

The best part of the experience was the pleasant surprise of how reasonable her pricing was. Only $12 more than what I typically pay at Petsmart and considerably less than what I have paid at other local boutiques around town, I think it is safe to say that Barking Hound Village will be visited again on more than a few occasions for some serious Scottie styling!

Don't Call My Scottie Fat!

[caption id="attachment_1433" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.[/caption]

According to the American Kennel Club, the average Scottie weighs between 18 and 22 pounds. When I first met my darling Heather, I knew there was a strong possibility she was outside that weight range but it wasn't necessarily because she was overweight. She was, much to my surprise, bigger than my Mr. K both in terms of height and length. I had been told by the shelter I adopted Mr. K from that his previous owners mentioned something about him being the runt of his litter. It wasn't until I saw Heather that I began to wonder whether Mr. K was really that small or if Heather was really that big. When I got her home and later took her to the vet, I discovered Heather tipped the scale at just over 27 pounds. That seemed a little high for this Scottie Mom's comfort level. When I adopted Mr. K a year prior to, he was only 17 pounds and the vet said he could afford to put a few more on. How very different the two were!

And so, this Scottie Mom set out to making sure each of my babies was the healthiest weight they could be. It was easy getting Mr. K to put on weight and nearly three years later he's up to about 23 pounds, looking as strong and healthy as ever. Ideally, I'd like him to stay around the 22 pound weight and we're working on losing that extra pound. Heather, on the hand, has had a harder time. (Don't all women have this struggle?) She lost a good two pounds in the first year or so but hasn't really been able to go below the 25 pound mark. I'm thinking that might be okay, though, because she certainly doesn't look overweight since she's a little taller and longer than Mr. K is. Losing those two pounds has really made a difference...to me, at least.

But strangers and neighbors don't know Heather's full story. They don't know just how far she's come in the year and a half I've had her. Consequently, nothing upsets this Scottie Mom more than to hear these complete strangers go, "Wow! She's biggg!!" I also often hear, "That's a SCOTTIE?!" I used to think people were referring to how different the color of her coat was because it is a question I get quite often. Then, one day, a not so subtle neighbor took one look at Heather in the elevator and, without so much as acknowledging the wildly wagging tail and the happy-go-lucky face staring up at him, he said: "Man, she's a BIG one, huh?" I looked at him, face all scrunched up as if to say, "excuse me?" Lucky for him, the elevator arrived at his floor and he was on his way before this Scottie Mom could tear into him. A few words for the wise: NEVER insult a fur-child in the presence of his or her mom. It never ends well for the other person.

That particular neighbor might have been the first but, unfortunately, he certainly wasn't the last. I've had a number of people (all men, ironically) make comments about her size. Now, when I see those neighbors whose eyes stayed clued on her, I find myself wondering: are they trying to figure out whether she is a mixed breed or are they thinking she's just fat? Occasionally, I'll get the "Wow! I've never seen a Scottie her color before!" and I immediately feel relief. My hope is that these strangers and neighbors are just taken aback by how beautiful she truly is and loving her for that extra friendly personality of hers. It is a shame for those who make a snap judgment and assume she's overweight. Truth is, the vet is happy with where she's at in terms of her weight now and frankly, so am I so don't you dare call my Scottie fat!

Return of the Scottie Beds

[caption id="attachment_1428" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Gee, I sure do miss Scottie Mom's bed right now...[/caption]

Look out, Heather and Mr. K! Scottie Mom just got word that Scottie Dad is on his way back from the airport. You know what that means. Time to go back to sleeping in the Scottie beds in the living room (or the couch - I won't tell!) before Scottie Dad figures out what we've been up to while he's been gone. I certainly did enjoy our nearly three weeks together of nighttime snuggling and your darling wake up calls of pouncing from one edge of the bed to the other and then right back to me with those tails wagging wildly in the air.

What I won't miss - and this one goes for you, Mr. K - is how creatively you find ways to take up more space than I ever thought possible for a Scottie to do in a queen size bed. There were more than a few mornings I woke up to find myself lying diagonally, horizontally or even curled up to avoid waking the gentle, sleeping Scottie. (Trust me, if you disturb him in his slumber - he isn't quite so gentle. Just ask Aunt Heidi. She got scolded one time for shifting a leg Mr. K was using as a comfy pillow.) Why can't you pick a Scottie spot and stick to it like Miss Heather? There she is, all sweet and contented just at the foot of the bed.

And poor Miss Heather, who's finally getting used to spending a night or two on top of the hooman bed instead of her preferred Scottie spot under the hooman bed. I promise we will go get you something equally as comfy as the hooman bed to make up for the fact you have to go back to sleeping in the living room. I'm afraid those American Kennel Club pet bed sets we bought a while back just aren't cutting it anymore. One round in the wash and they're already tearing and losing their fluffiness. Perhaps it is time to bring back the Martha Stewart ones we originally had? Or maybe our new friends can recommend their favorites we can try out until Scottie Dad takes off on another business trip and you can steal the hooman bed again...


[caption id="attachment_1407" align="aligncenter" width="500"] I. Will Not. Let. GO![/caption]

Mr. K's got his mouth full this BlogPaws' Wordless Wednesday so don't expect him to say much! He's using all his strength, courage and determination to defeat the thief who almost got away with stealing his squeaky toy. Who could commit such a crime against humanity's best friend? Obviously, he couldn't let that happen so he grabbed as much of the toy as he could in his mouth and is holding on for its dear life. Who will comes out on top in this epic battle: Mr. K or the thief?

Mr. K for President

Hi, I'm Mr. K and I've decided that no matter what the outcome is of the U.S. election, I'm going to appoint myself as president! (I'm sure all my new friends would approve...besides, we Scotties have lived in the White House more times than any other breed so why not have one live there who's actually president?!) Now, this may come as a shock to those of you watching CNN. They haven't broken this very important news yet, but give it time. You'll see. For those of you wondering what my platform is and what my game plan entails over the next four years of my self-appointed presidency, see below. Your feedback, my fellow canine Americans, is always welcome.

As president, I will:

1) Declare Friday a Day of Playing in the Park and every third Tuesday a "National Treat Day."

2) Feed the hungry and shelter my fellow animals in need.

3) Get rid of kill shelters and formulate an incentive plan for owners of safe and loving homes, encouraging them to adopt.

4) Establish the Scottish Terrier as the national dog breed. (There's no bias here, I swear.)

5) Promote good health by asking my furry friends to get yearly annuals and be proactive about their health. (Think: Extra walkies!) I'll also be looking to sit down with the V-E-T-S for a serious discussion on putting a cap on the fees they charge as well.

6) Matters of national security are no problem for this president. I'm bringing in Scottie Security (with a few Rotties to serve as backup!).

7) Toughen laws on animal cruelty. Anyone seen hurting a fellow animal or known to have abandoned or mistreated a furry friend will be sentenced to spend some time crated up in a shelter, so they can see how it feels.

8) Make October 25 (my birthday) a national holiday celebrating the lives of every Scottish Terrier and the impact we've had on society.

9) Improve spay/neuter laws. Ok, I know canine friends will think I'm crazy but here's a great example: there are lots of those evil C-A-T-S. So much so, we're in danger of them taking over the world because they reproduce so much. Implement better spay/neuter laws, problem solved!

10) Oh yeah, and free belly rubs and back scratchings from humans for life for any canine that supports my cause!

The Scottie House Blend

[caption id="attachment_1370" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Artwork by Gemini Studio, Stephen Fowler Design[/caption]

I'm not a coffee drinker but I can imagine some Scottie Moms might say they need a cup of coffee (or two!) in the morning to keep up with their Scottie kids. After all, we Scottie Moms have a bunch of adventurers and squirrel chasers on our hands, don't we? So when Heather and Mr. K's Scottie Grandpadre gave us this adorable magnet of the Scottie House Blend artwork, I had to share. I figured there were more than a few Scottie Moms who could appreciate the humor and coo over the artwork with the rest of us who love it simply becuase it has a Scottie on it!

Now, let's think: what would your Scottie House Blend coffee taste like? Because Heather and Mr. K's personalities are so chill, I'd imagine my Scottie House Blend would be a warm cup of decaffeinated coffee, diluted by enough cream and syrups to make the bitter taste go away. (Obviously, because there is nothing bitter about my Scotties!) Occasionally, though, I'd have to switch to one with a bit of caffeine so I could experience that kick, or as a Scottie Mom would know it, that burst of energy and personality that makes our favorite breed so unique. Any friends out their causing their Scottie Moms to need a double shot espresso?

Silly Scottie Outtakes


October was such a fun month in the Scottie Mom household - and we've got plenty of photos to show for it! Here are some that didn't quite make the cut the first time around but were so funny I thought they deserved a post of their own. Go ahead, laugh a little!

The Backyard Scottie


Ok, so you've opened up your home to a Scottie and given him or her the best gift you can offer: a loving Scottie Mom (or Dad!). Now what? For this Scottie Mom, one thing remains high on my priority list: a backyard for Mr. K to call his very own. When I first rescued him, Mr. K didn't have much interest in yards and insisted on being close even when he wasn't on leash but he's opened up a lot more in the last year and has become willing and sometimes even eager to try new things.

He's come to love the backyard time at Scottie Grandmadre's house and was so very quick to join the Scottie Security team with friends Syd and Oz when we visited their yard, which leads me to believe that nothing could make him happier than having a backyard to call his own. I know dear Heather wouldn't mind it, either - give her a fresh patch of grass to roll around in and you've got yourself one very content Scottie! For Mr. K, though, having a backyard isn't about the grass as much as the ability to keep an eye on things for the family. Even in the house, his favorite spots are the ones near windows, preferably where he has a clear view of things going on below. He's the guardian of the household, after all - especially when Scottie Dad travels - so why not give him land of his own to oversee and protect?