Road Trippin'

20130329_193646Heather and Mr. K love a good adventure. Just one of the many things I love about them.  This weekend, we are on our way to Charlotte, North Carolina again. Next week, we will be marching in the Scottie rescue parade just north of Atlanta. Then, in May, we will likely visit Greenville, South Carolina for another Scottie parade before making a really long trek by Scottie mobile (aka the Scottie Mom car) to Washington, DC., where Heather, Mr. K and I will be attending the annual Blog Paws Conference and visiting Fala once more. After that, a full summer of currently unplanned adventures awaits.

Tonight, I am writing from the road (Scottie Dad is driving) and am reminded of the night I decided to become a Scottie Mom nearly three years ago. I remember looking at Mr. K and thinking how nice it would be to have a companion with me for my summer travels. Of course, I was supposed to be there to help a friend pick a furever friend that night but guess which one of us left with a pup walking by our side? You guessed it! From the moment he hopped in the Scottie mobile, Mr. K was a different dog - eager to see the world. He put his front paws on the steering wheel and looked over the dashboard before I even was able to get situated in the car myself. Both he and I knew we were embarking on the ride of our lives.

In closing, I invite any and all Scottie Moms and friends to share your spring and summer Scottie adventures with us by posting to our Facebook page. Also, be sure to send us a shout out if you notice we happen to be visiting an area near you. Email as at thescottiemom(at)gmail(dot)com and, whenever possible, we will arrange play dates and meetups.

March of the (Evil) Penguin

[caption id="attachment_2300" align="aligncenter" width="500"]DSC04342 Dream a little dream...[/caption]

There is little in this world that Mr. K is afraid of. In fact, until recently, one could argue that there was nothing Mr. K feared. That all changed the night he overheard Scottie Dad talking about a mysterious creature called a penguin. This strange bird lives in Antarctica and somehow claimed Scottie Dad's heart from afar. In fact, Scottie Dad - or should we now say Penguin Dad - adopted this strange penguin and his whole family! He even dared to say penguins are his favorite. Wait, I'M supposed to be Scottie Dad's favorite, thought Mr. K. Who does this strange penguin think he is, stealing my Scottie Dad? That night Mr. K drifted off to sleep with a heavy heart.

[caption id="attachment_2301" align="aligncenter" width="500"]DSC04359 Oh no! The penguins are real!![/caption]

That's when the nightmare started. Out of nowhere, a penguin invaded Mr. K's dreams. The penguin jumped onto the very bed Mr. K was sleeping in and demanded Mr. K give up his favorite green toy...or else. Mr. K, having been startled awake, was shaken at first but quickly said no to the evil penguin and rested his head down on the pillow to get some sleep. The evil penguin had taken enough from him: first, his Scottie Dad's affection and now, his toy? No way.

[caption id="attachment_2302" align="aligncenter" width="500"]DSC04382 What does this penguin want from me now?[/caption]

The evil penguin wouldn't take no for an answer and marched up Mr. K's back to tell him just who was boss. Mr. K's eyes shot wide open at this invasion of personal space. The evil penguin told Mr. K that Scotties no longer ruled the roost in the Penguin Dad household and that his Scottie Mom would soon replace every photo of him and Heather with pictures of the newly adopted penguin family. Vacations and blog posts and treats...all things that used to be dedicated to the Scotties would now be dedicated to the penguins. And there was nothing, the evil penguin said as he marched away, that Mr. K could do about it.

[caption id="attachment_2303" align="aligncenter" width="500"]DSC04366 First, he takes my Scottie Dad. Now, my toy...[/caption]
As if that wasn't enough of a nightmare for Mr. K, the poor pup realized the evil penguin walked away with his favorite green toy after all. That's it, thought Mr. K, I will have no more of this nightmare. I will show that penguin what a Scottie is made of! And while no one can say for sure what happened to that evil penguin that haunted Mr. K so, the next morning, Scottie Mom and Dad woke to find Mr. K sporting a little his beard.

[caption id="attachment_2309" align="aligncenter" width="500"]IMG_2795 Penguin? What stuffed penguin?[/caption]

Defeating the Mondays


Heather knows her Scottie Mom is NOT a fan of the Mondays. However, she refuses to let the weekly recurrence of the Mondays get to her Scottie Mom and came up with a list of tips for getting through the work week that will help all working Scottie Moms feel they are being reunited with their Scotties even sooner.

5. Frame us. Take individualized photos of us, choose the best ones and place them in matching frames. Make sure we're giving off our best Scottie smiles or, if you really think you'll need a good pick-me-up during the day, dress us in work attire like a tie or some nerdy glasses. Take those frames to work and place them on both sides of your computer. It'll be like you have your Scottie team rooting you on as you type, type, type. (Plus, I bet you'll sneak in a few smiles, too!)

4. Ask yourself: what would my Scottie do? If you find yourself in an unusually tough situation, think of us and how we determined, little Scotties would handle it. After all, we're troopers and know a thing or two about getting in, out and around certain scenarios ourselves! Think: raiding the trash and "disposing" of the evidence in our tummies. You may walk away with some sound advice or simply a wide smile and a new perspective on life, especially if your Scottie's answer is usually: "Pee on it and walk away" or even "Treat?"

3. Take a break. If you're fortunate enough to live close to home, use that time to come visit us and take us for an afternoon walkie. Even if the distance is a little much and you're having a really bad day, it might be worth the journey to see us get excited about our Scottie Mom being home unexpectedly. Don't worry, our greeting will still be just as enthuastic when you do it again a few hours later. The best part is: you get TWO happy Scottie greetings for the price of one!

2. Ring, ring. Answer the phone as if you knew it was us calling. On second thought, don't. You might freak out the caller and your colleagues if they hear that high-pitched, jibber jabber Scottie Moms are notorious for. Still, just thinking about doing that made you laugh, didn't it? There. We just made your day better already!

1. Take us with you (if you can). Ok, I know our super cute Scottie-ness can be distracting but you have to admit: having your Scottie in the office not only allows you to be guilt-free (we know you hate leaving us at home) but provides you comfort and companionship as well. Plus, studies show having cute pups like us in the office makes everyone more friendly anyway. What's to lose?

When jealousy strikes...

[caption id="attachment_2286" align="aligncenter" width="500"]I was here first... I was here first...[/caption]

Adding another dog to the mix changes a Scottie. Just ask Mr. K. In the matter of one afternoon - the day we brought Heather home - he went from being the alpha dog, the king of the roost and the sole proprieter of Scottie Mom's love and affection to the master of bowing out of the way to make room for the queen bee so she can get the loving that she wants, even if it means letting her beat your face with her tail. The drastic change was astounding.

Mr. K only attempted to regain his alpha status twice - both times on the very day we brought Heather home. He was shut down by an intervening Scottie Mom and he soon learned there was enough love to go around for the two of them. With that, he adjusted to life as a little brother and said goodbye to life as an only child. Sometimes I wonder what's going on in that head of his and what exactly changed to make those ears go down and for him back away when Heather passes by. Scottie Dad, in his own way of showing concern for his little man, now hosts pep talks and "guy chats" when he comes home with Mr. K to boost his sense of self and to attempt balance between the masculine and the feminine reign. (Ironically, Heather leaves me the minute Scottie Dad starts talking and pushes Mr. K out of the way so she can have his attention instead.)

There are some days, however, we see glimpses of the "old Mr. K." Take last night for example: he was sitting at the foot of the couch and I was stretched out on the other end. Heather decided it was time to join and hopped up next to Mr. K. Half in a slumber, Mr. K let out a soft growl and Heather stood there looking at me and wagging her tail. I called her over and hushed Mr. K. For a brief moment, Heather climbed onto my lap (a rarity - my girl likes her space). When she turned around to make herself comfortable, there was Mr. K, now sitting up, looking concerned and watching Heather take his favorite spot in Scottie Mom's lap. This was obviously not okay with Mr. K but that's never stopped Heather before!

Alas, Heather didn't sit down and opted to go to her favorite spot at the foot of the couch instead. It was as if the two traded silent signals and agreed to switch places right away. You could almost see the relief in Mr. K's eyes that Scottie Mom's lap had not been defiled by another dog, even if that other dog was Heather. He marched over and nestled close. Within minutes, Mr. K was snoring and Heather was drifting off to sleep, too, but I had to laugh: what was that about? Did I just witness some super secret Scottie code? Did Heather just threaten Mr. K that she'd sit in my lap if he didn't leave her spot? Was Mr. K really that jealous of the thought of another dog sitting in Scottie Mom's lap? I suppose there are some thing about my Scotties I'll never know...

Up Close & Personal

69244_10101308416973817_1329660565_nHeather wanted to get a closer look at the camera that always takes her picture to show the world. She hoped to get a glimpse of those watching her every move but found it was just another picture of her. Alas, she had to admit it was a cute shot and Heather broke out her best smile to show her approval. Happy Wordless Wednesday!

Be Inspired by a Scottie


Every Scottie has a story, and Heather and Mr. K have decided it is time we open up the floor to other Scottie Moms eager to share their Scotties' inspirational tales. We've noticed a lot of our Scottie friends like Kyla, Fergus and Finlay have not been feeling well lately and we thought, what better way to cheer them up than by giving them a little Scotspiration!

Know of a Scottie who brightens the world one tail wag at a time? How about the hero Scottie who protects his hoomans from the likes of dust busters and vacuum cleaners? Did your Scottie defy the odds and defeat illness or fought a brave battle that taught you a valuable life lesson? We want to hear about these Scots! Send us an email to thescottiemom(at)gmail(dot)com and tell us about your inspirational Scottie(s). Be sure to include your Scottie's favorite picture as well. We'll be sure to post some Scotspiration at least once a week to keep you going and to raise those spirits up!

The Panty Snatcher

[caption id="attachment_2266" align="aligncenter" width="500"]IMG_2550 How could a Scottie this cute commit such a crime?[/caption]

Laundry days for this Scottie Mom consist of about five or six piles of sorted clothes which one by one get their turn for a spin in the machine. About a quarter of what gets washed makes it to the dryer. The rest is hung around the apartment to dry (in an effort to be more "green"). When laundry days come around this Scottie Mom household, you may find two nosy little Scotties poking their heads around the corner to see what's happening and sometimes, you'll even see them climbing on top of the piles that haven't been washed yet to rest.

Of course, I know what you're thinking because it is probably exactly the same as what I think everytime I see it: awwww! However, as with any mischievous Scottie, there is always a catch. I knew something was up when I had to start washing certain personal items of clothing more often, as there simply didn't seem to be enough of them to get me through a week or so anymore - which, given my love for Victoria's Secret, seemed impossible. It wasn't until one of my favorite, new pairs went missing that I realized something really wasn't right. Surely, I would not have gotten rid of something I had just bought.

Then, it dawned on me: previously, when I had gone to shower and left the bathroom door open, I found the pajamas I had left on the floor moved around and scattered as far as down the hallway. Could this be the work of one of the Scotties? And if so, why this one article of clothing and not a tank top, a sweatshirt or even jeans? So, I began searching around the apartment for clues. I found a sock in under the couch but other than that, I did not find anything else. What did my Scotties do with all the panties?

Well, as it turned out, a few had been ripped to shreds, a few had teeth marks but had made it through the Scottie teeth test (thus far) and the rest were stashed in a pile under the hooman bed - this happened when Scottie Mom lived alone. It was as if this mysterious panty snatcher kept a reserve at his or her disposal in case the current ones were completely destroyed and therefore, suddenly useless to his or her entertainment. And how did I come to realize just who the panty snatcher was, you ask? It was another laundry day in the Scottie Mom household and I was sitting on top of the hooman bed reading a book when I heard a soft, "chomp, chomp, choming" coming from under the bed. I got up, lifted up the bed skirt and who did I see? Mr. K having a blast and, having been caught, gave me a look that said, "I swear - it wasn't me!"

Mr. K meets Vera Wang

[caption id="attachment_2258" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Play with me...or I'll eat your shoes! Play with me...or I'll eat your shoes![/caption]

Mr. K doesn't take "no" for an answer. When the boy wants to play, the boy has to play. It doesn't matter if Scottie Dad is busy or if Scottie Mom is too tired. Where there is a Scottie will to play, there is a way to make it happen. One afternoon, Mr. K made it clear that my half-attempts at playing tug and fetch weren't good enough for him. Yes, he loved chasing after the toy I kept throwing down the same hallway but I simply wasn't as energetic as Mr. K expected me to be.

So, he did what any Scottie boy would do: he figured out the best way to grab his mom's attention. When I threw his toy down the hall for him to chase, he charged after it like everything was normal. And within a few seconds, he came trotting down the hallway again, stopping just before where I was sitting on the couch. He sat his bottom on the floor and looked up at me with a grin. I glanced down and smiled back. When he realized he had my attention, he whipped his head from left to right over and over again. That's when it hit me: Mr. K hadn't fetched his toy, he had fetched a shoe!

As you may recall, Mr. K has only done this once before (that I know of). However, unlike last time, this particular shoe wasn't just any was a relatively brand new Vera Wang flat! Watching the gold shoe flicker in the light as it was thrashed back and forth in Mr. K's grip sprung me into action. You could see the moment I was off the couch that Mr. K knew he had achieved his goal and I swear, he got this look in his eye that said, "Ahhhh-ha! Now, you want to get up!" And as quickly as he came, Mr. K took off in an attempt to hide my Vera Wang shoe from me.

Lucky for me, I caught up to him very quickly and retrieved the shoe before any real damage was done. And while I nearly had a heart attack upon the realization that Mr. K had upgraded his toys of destruction to designer labels, I really couldn't be upset with him - it was all in the name of fun and games and frankly, he was too cute to ignore! Not to mention: any man (Scottie or hooman) that puts in that kind of extra effort to earn your attention and affection is worth whatever harmless mischief you may come across, no?

A Scottie of Many Talents


There isn't much Mr. K won't do for a treat or a squeaky toy. Even so, I never expected to find him twirling round and round on his tippee toes like a ballerina in an effort to obtain his prize! I must say, however, the boy's got good form. You think he has what it takes to be the Danseur Nobel of the Scottish Terrier Ballet Company?

They see us rollin'...

[caption id="attachment_2210" align="aligncenter" width="500"]541033_10101308424089557_2003392319_n This land's not big enough for the two of us to roll around...[/caption]

...they laughin'. They be tryin' to catch us rollin' dirty! And when they were "caught" on camera, Mr. K reacted as if he wasn't sure what to think of the goings-on around him. Sometimes, there are just no words to describe pictures like these despite the laughs that come about as a result of them. What do you suppose Heather and Mr. K were thinking when this photo was taken? Happy Wordless Wednesday from two silly Scotties!

The Big Blue Blob

[caption id="attachment_2203" align="aligncenter" width="500"]35441_10101308243172117_1215805438_n It's coming for me...can't you see it?[/caption]

Mr. K is fearless. Ask any toy who has ripped it apart or the vacuum who has been chasing and barking at it and they'll tell you: the mischievous Mr. K. In his life, Mr. K's known to have taken on an air matress, unapproved house guests and any large dog who dares to belittle him. On his own terms, he takes down his opponents one by one. It apppears, however, that after all these years of claiming the undefeated title that Mr. K may have finally met his match: the big blue blob.

It lives in Heather and Mr. K's room at Scottie Grandmadre's house. Until recently, it stayed quietly in a corner and never bothered to introduce itself or attempt to play. Mr. K barely noted its existence as it wasn't much of a threat. During our last visit, however, the big blue blob emerged for the first time and Mr. K saw the immediate danger and set out to do something about it to protect his beloved Scottie Mom and family. First, a warning growl emerged. Then, a crisp Aaarf-Aaarf! Still, the big blue blob moved closer, seemingly unaffected by Mr. K's repeated warnings.

Finally, as the big blue blob arrived just inches from Mr. K, he decided he needed to do more. But what would he do? He had already done his best signature growl but to no avail. At the very last possible second, Mr. K decided for the first time in his life that this may not be a fight worth fighting as the big blue blob appeared to be more than five times his size. Instead of sinking his teeth into the rubbery exterior of the big blue blob, he opted to high-tail it out of there and seek refuge behind the couch, making this the first time he would opt for flight over fight.

From his refuge, Mr. K would keep an eye on the big blue blob that would finally leave the center of Heather and Mr. K's room and retreat back to its corner. Then, and only then, would Mr. K emerge and resume play time. If the big blue blob even showed a hint of being on the move again, he would quickly dodge out of the way, leaving every toy behind in pursuit of a safe place. Poor Mr. K. Is his quest for the undefeated title gone forever or is he strategizing on a bigger and better master plan to get to the heart of this very important matter: the big blue blob?

Scottie Duty

It's official: Miss Heather is now staple-free (again!). Let's hope she stays that way. Her eye is all better now, too, and her energy abounds. It is good to see her smile and cruise across the park with her head to the ground and her butt up in the air before flopping over and giving herself a good back-scratching courtesy of the green grass below. Yes, my little girl is happy -- and healthy -- again.

This weekend, she got to spend some quality time with Scottie Dad, who was on Scottie Duty this weekend while I was away. And as evidence in the recycle bin suggests, she and her brother got some treats Scottie Mom didn't approve or anticipate in the form of yummy Filet Mignon moist food. Looks like this little girl's got her daddy wrapped around her paw! Not only did he buy her dinner, he surprised her with a beautiful new, purple leash when tragedy struck and the double leash we bought last year went for its very last walk.

Heather Beather returned Scottie Dad's random acts of kindness by peeing on the couch during my absence twice and one additional time in the elevator, much to Scottie Dad's dismay. Alas, that did not stop him from trying his best to keep her safe and happy as I enjoyed some R&R in San Antonio, Texas. Needless to say, with health troubles seemingly behind us, perhaps it is time for us to again consider some sort of training with special Scottie Dad and daughter bonding time so we aren't mopping the floors everytime Heather sees her favorite man (besides Mr. K, that is).

And so, I open up the floor to you, fellow Scottie Moms and Dads. What are your suggestions to curb submissive urination? Can these accidents be avoided with time, patience and practice or does this Scottie Mom have to race Scottie Dad home every night to ensure we don't have any more accidents? And lastly, to sign up Scottie Dad and daughter for behavioral training, or no?

Give a Dog a Bone


Once. That's the number of times I've ever seen Heather play with a toy in the two years I've known her. It came as a surprise, really. We had had Heather for only a few months when it happened. Scottie Dad was playing tug with Mr. K and his Skinneez Beaver toy. Heather, always one to steal the show, came up to Scottie Dad to nuzzle his legs while the boys were playing. Scottie Dad looked down and said, "Do you want to play, too?"

He took the Skinneez Beaver away from Mr. K and held it in front of Heather. Much to our surprise, she grabbed hold of it and started playing tug (very lightly and ladylike, of course). She didn't thrash her head back and forth or scoot her bottom to the floor to anchor herself down like Mr. K does but she did offer a few good tugs and Scottie Dad and I applauded her the whole time. A few minutes later, play time was over and Heather took the Skinneez Beaver away happily. Of course, Mr. K followed and snatched it up as soon as it hit the floor.

It was such a happy few minutes and we really thought this was a sign she was becoming comfortable enough to play. Turns out, that would be the only time we would ever see her play with a toy. She's just not a fan of them. Perhaps she's too mature. Or maybe she just doesn't understand a toy's purpose since she spent a good while on the streets and frequented trash cans for fun (and food) instead. Either way, I always felt guilty going to the store and picking out toys for Mr. K and never getting something for Heather. Yes, there are always treats but I really try not to overdo those!

One day, I came across Nylabone and decided to give it a try. Mr. K had long given up on one I bought him years ago but who's to say Heather wouldn't like it? Sure enough, she grabbed the bone out of my hand and dragged it away, chewing it until she got bored and Mr. K would snatch it from her. (Because, as all Scottie Moms have witnessed, it is absolute torture for a Scottie to see something they ordinarily wouldn't have interest in in the paws of another dog!)

Still, Heather only goes to her bone when I pick it up and hand it to her. I think she thinks it is brand new when I do that. Her friends Syd and Oz's Scottie Mom gave her some sort of rawhide chew that she absolutely loves to chomp on. We keep it under the hooman bed and every morning she rediscovers it (once Scottie Dad has left, of course!) like a long lost treasure.