The Big Blue Blob

[caption id="attachment_2203" align="aligncenter" width="500"]35441_10101308243172117_1215805438_n It's coming for me...can't you see it?[/caption]

Mr. K is fearless. Ask any toy who has ripped it apart or the vacuum who has been chasing and barking at it and they'll tell you: the mischievous Mr. K. In his life, Mr. K's known to have taken on an air matress, unapproved house guests and any large dog who dares to belittle him. On his own terms, he takes down his opponents one by one. It apppears, however, that after all these years of claiming the undefeated title that Mr. K may have finally met his match: the big blue blob.

It lives in Heather and Mr. K's room at Scottie Grandmadre's house. Until recently, it stayed quietly in a corner and never bothered to introduce itself or attempt to play. Mr. K barely noted its existence as it wasn't much of a threat. During our last visit, however, the big blue blob emerged for the first time and Mr. K saw the immediate danger and set out to do something about it to protect his beloved Scottie Mom and family. First, a warning growl emerged. Then, a crisp Aaarf-Aaarf! Still, the big blue blob moved closer, seemingly unaffected by Mr. K's repeated warnings.

Finally, as the big blue blob arrived just inches from Mr. K, he decided he needed to do more. But what would he do? He had already done his best signature growl but to no avail. At the very last possible second, Mr. K decided for the first time in his life that this may not be a fight worth fighting as the big blue blob appeared to be more than five times his size. Instead of sinking his teeth into the rubbery exterior of the big blue blob, he opted to high-tail it out of there and seek refuge behind the couch, making this the first time he would opt for flight over fight.

From his refuge, Mr. K would keep an eye on the big blue blob that would finally leave the center of Heather and Mr. K's room and retreat back to its corner. Then, and only then, would Mr. K emerge and resume play time. If the big blue blob even showed a hint of being on the move again, he would quickly dodge out of the way, leaving every toy behind in pursuit of a safe place. Poor Mr. K. Is his quest for the undefeated title gone forever or is he strategizing on a bigger and better master plan to get to the heart of this very important matter: the big blue blob?


  1. Hmmm... I think Mr K. is biding his time... I used to run and hide from Vacuula, but not any more, i arf-arf-arf at it!

  2. Perhaps he's just trying to work out the blob's weaknesses so he can defeat him!

  3. Is that a therapy ball? Taylor hates those things, too! They are very unpredictable! ;)

  4. Raffles barks at his football and won't go near it - you cannot trust these round rolling things. Mr. K. is wise :-)