Defeating the Mondays


Heather knows her Scottie Mom is NOT a fan of the Mondays. However, she refuses to let the weekly recurrence of the Mondays get to her Scottie Mom and came up with a list of tips for getting through the work week that will help all working Scottie Moms feel they are being reunited with their Scotties even sooner.

5. Frame us. Take individualized photos of us, choose the best ones and place them in matching frames. Make sure we're giving off our best Scottie smiles or, if you really think you'll need a good pick-me-up during the day, dress us in work attire like a tie or some nerdy glasses. Take those frames to work and place them on both sides of your computer. It'll be like you have your Scottie team rooting you on as you type, type, type. (Plus, I bet you'll sneak in a few smiles, too!)

4. Ask yourself: what would my Scottie do? If you find yourself in an unusually tough situation, think of us and how we determined, little Scotties would handle it. After all, we're troopers and know a thing or two about getting in, out and around certain scenarios ourselves! Think: raiding the trash and "disposing" of the evidence in our tummies. You may walk away with some sound advice or simply a wide smile and a new perspective on life, especially if your Scottie's answer is usually: "Pee on it and walk away" or even "Treat?"

3. Take a break. If you're fortunate enough to live close to home, use that time to come visit us and take us for an afternoon walkie. Even if the distance is a little much and you're having a really bad day, it might be worth the journey to see us get excited about our Scottie Mom being home unexpectedly. Don't worry, our greeting will still be just as enthuastic when you do it again a few hours later. The best part is: you get TWO happy Scottie greetings for the price of one!

2. Ring, ring. Answer the phone as if you knew it was us calling. On second thought, don't. You might freak out the caller and your colleagues if they hear that high-pitched, jibber jabber Scottie Moms are notorious for. Still, just thinking about doing that made you laugh, didn't it? There. We just made your day better already!

1. Take us with you (if you can). Ok, I know our super cute Scottie-ness can be distracting but you have to admit: having your Scottie in the office not only allows you to be guilt-free (we know you hate leaving us at home) but provides you comfort and companionship as well. Plus, studies show having cute pups like us in the office makes everyone more friendly anyway. What's to lose?


  1. Number 5 totally fits me!!!!!!! I have a complete story board of my Plutonio in one of my walls!!!! :)

  2. I'm lucky enough to go to work with my mum (says Heathcliffe showing off just a little)