Mr. K meets Vera Wang

[caption id="attachment_2258" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Play with me...or I'll eat your shoes! Play with me...or I'll eat your shoes![/caption]

Mr. K doesn't take "no" for an answer. When the boy wants to play, the boy has to play. It doesn't matter if Scottie Dad is busy or if Scottie Mom is too tired. Where there is a Scottie will to play, there is a way to make it happen. One afternoon, Mr. K made it clear that my half-attempts at playing tug and fetch weren't good enough for him. Yes, he loved chasing after the toy I kept throwing down the same hallway but I simply wasn't as energetic as Mr. K expected me to be.

So, he did what any Scottie boy would do: he figured out the best way to grab his mom's attention. When I threw his toy down the hall for him to chase, he charged after it like everything was normal. And within a few seconds, he came trotting down the hallway again, stopping just before where I was sitting on the couch. He sat his bottom on the floor and looked up at me with a grin. I glanced down and smiled back. When he realized he had my attention, he whipped his head from left to right over and over again. That's when it hit me: Mr. K hadn't fetched his toy, he had fetched a shoe!

As you may recall, Mr. K has only done this once before (that I know of). However, unlike last time, this particular shoe wasn't just any was a relatively brand new Vera Wang flat! Watching the gold shoe flicker in the light as it was thrashed back and forth in Mr. K's grip sprung me into action. You could see the moment I was off the couch that Mr. K knew he had achieved his goal and I swear, he got this look in his eye that said, "Ahhhh-ha! Now, you want to get up!" And as quickly as he came, Mr. K took off in an attempt to hide my Vera Wang shoe from me.

Lucky for me, I caught up to him very quickly and retrieved the shoe before any real damage was done. And while I nearly had a heart attack upon the realization that Mr. K had upgraded his toys of destruction to designer labels, I really couldn't be upset with him - it was all in the name of fun and games and frankly, he was too cute to ignore! Not to mention: any man (Scottie or hooman) that puts in that kind of extra effort to earn your attention and affection is worth whatever harmless mischief you may come across, no?


  1. Only once...? You don't have a Floyd at your house...

  2. Mr. K is absolutely worth "whatever"!

  3. What a smart little dude!! I wonder if Mr K remembered his last shoe bandit experience or if he has observed you in the past with your shoes...boy, Scotties are such intelligent creatures!!!