The Panty Snatcher

[caption id="attachment_2266" align="aligncenter" width="500"]IMG_2550 How could a Scottie this cute commit such a crime?[/caption]

Laundry days for this Scottie Mom consist of about five or six piles of sorted clothes which one by one get their turn for a spin in the machine. About a quarter of what gets washed makes it to the dryer. The rest is hung around the apartment to dry (in an effort to be more "green"). When laundry days come around this Scottie Mom household, you may find two nosy little Scotties poking their heads around the corner to see what's happening and sometimes, you'll even see them climbing on top of the piles that haven't been washed yet to rest.

Of course, I know what you're thinking because it is probably exactly the same as what I think everytime I see it: awwww! However, as with any mischievous Scottie, there is always a catch. I knew something was up when I had to start washing certain personal items of clothing more often, as there simply didn't seem to be enough of them to get me through a week or so anymore - which, given my love for Victoria's Secret, seemed impossible. It wasn't until one of my favorite, new pairs went missing that I realized something really wasn't right. Surely, I would not have gotten rid of something I had just bought.

Then, it dawned on me: previously, when I had gone to shower and left the bathroom door open, I found the pajamas I had left on the floor moved around and scattered as far as down the hallway. Could this be the work of one of the Scotties? And if so, why this one article of clothing and not a tank top, a sweatshirt or even jeans? So, I began searching around the apartment for clues. I found a sock in under the couch but other than that, I did not find anything else. What did my Scotties do with all the panties?

Well, as it turned out, a few had been ripped to shreds, a few had teeth marks but had made it through the Scottie teeth test (thus far) and the rest were stashed in a pile under the hooman bed - this happened when Scottie Mom lived alone. It was as if this mysterious panty snatcher kept a reserve at his or her disposal in case the current ones were completely destroyed and therefore, suddenly useless to his or her entertainment. And how did I come to realize just who the panty snatcher was, you ask? It was another laundry day in the Scottie Mom household and I was sitting on top of the hooman bed reading a book when I heard a soft, "chomp, chomp, choming" coming from under the bed. I got up, lifted up the bed skirt and who did I see? Mr. K having a blast and, having been caught, gave me a look that said, "I swear - it wasn't me!"


  1. Bonnie prefers socks. And napkins.

  2. For many years before my husband passed away from Pancreatic cancer, he used to accuse me of losing the mates to his socks...I would look all over the house, after looking in the washer and dryer, but they were never to be found.
    One day when I came home from work (after moving into a much smaller house) I noticed that my wing back chair had lots of dirt and gravel on it....To make a long story short, our female Scottie Keltzi, had been taking my husband's socks for years and burying them in the backyard!! When I moved, she continued to do the same thing with my socks....My husband would have gotten a big kick out of it, but would never have admitted that I DIDN'T lose them in the washer or dryer.

  3. My daughter's Lab, Bo, eats every new pair of panties that comes in her home. Her favorites are gone on day one!! So far Marlee hasn't taken a liking to my undies. :)

  4. My Scottie Tessie loves ANY NEW material that comes into the house...blankets clothing etc. Why...We don't know? I think MR K is hysterical that he chose your panties to funny as's nice to hear about the antics of another Scottie instead of my own! LOL :)

  5. BOL! I have a thing for socks!

  6. I am very well behaved and to be honest so is Raffles. That could be because I cannot reach the washing in the laundry room and I'm not allowed in the bedroom - very unfair.
    The Help did have a dog when she lived in Afghanistan though (muslim country), he used to love getting her underwear and she has had an occasion to chase him through the streets as he proudly displayed her bra in his mouth!
    Realising what she was doing and where she was she turned, very red faced and ran back home. The dog returned too, still with the very grubby bra in his mouth.
    I wonder what the local people thought :-)

  7. Hehehe... I like socks, but I'll take nickers in a pinch!