Road Trippin'

20130329_193646Heather and Mr. K love a good adventure. Just one of the many things I love about them.  This weekend, we are on our way to Charlotte, North Carolina again. Next week, we will be marching in the Scottie rescue parade just north of Atlanta. Then, in May, we will likely visit Greenville, South Carolina for another Scottie parade before making a really long trek by Scottie mobile (aka the Scottie Mom car) to Washington, DC., where Heather, Mr. K and I will be attending the annual Blog Paws Conference and visiting Fala once more. After that, a full summer of currently unplanned adventures awaits.

Tonight, I am writing from the road (Scottie Dad is driving) and am reminded of the night I decided to become a Scottie Mom nearly three years ago. I remember looking at Mr. K and thinking how nice it would be to have a companion with me for my summer travels. Of course, I was supposed to be there to help a friend pick a furever friend that night but guess which one of us left with a pup walking by our side? You guessed it! From the moment he hopped in the Scottie mobile, Mr. K was a different dog - eager to see the world. He put his front paws on the steering wheel and looked over the dashboard before I even was able to get situated in the car myself. Both he and I knew we were embarking on the ride of our lives.

In closing, I invite any and all Scottie Moms and friends to share your spring and summer Scottie adventures with us by posting to our Facebook page. Also, be sure to send us a shout out if you notice we happen to be visiting an area near you. Email as at thescottiemom(at)gmail(dot)com and, whenever possible, we will arrange play dates and meetups.


  1. Oh no-the Scottie Mobile is trade marked by ME! See

  2. Our sweet Scottie is always ready for a road trip! Since he was a pup, 12 1/2 years ago, he has always been up for a ride! Even going to the Vet is never a problem! Home base is now Florence SC, this weeks adventure will be taking us to Charleston SC, one of his fav vaca places! Give us a shout for a play date if you get to our neck of the woods!

    Cynthia Scott, Sir Andrew aka Andy

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  3. How awesome! Your post is now inspiring me to plan some summer outings with Taylor! No more lazy days for this dog mom! :)