Poncho Scotties

I've dressed Heather and Mr. K up in a lot of cute clothes before, but nothing quite like this! Our Scottie friend Plutonio from Peru and his Scottie Mom sent Heather and Mr. K these adorable cold weather ponchos so they could keep warm as the temperatures dips back down into the 30s again tonight. Brrr! (Or should we say Grrrr!? We're ready for spring!) I absolutely love the way Heather and Mr. K look in these. They are the perfect size for a Scottie and they feel so nice! Heather and Mr. K definitely approve. Heather gives her nod of approval because of the fashion statement they make, of course. Mr. K, on the other hand, gave these two paws up because ponchos make for a very interesting game of tug when you're playing tug with something you're wearing! I have no doubt Mr. K will soon be able to undress himself from any outfit I put on him, judging how he reacted to wearing the poncho...Special thanks to Plutonio and his Scottie Mom for the gift! 

Signs of a Scottie Obsession


Sometimes, Scottie Mom has nothing but Scotties on the brain. People say she often walks the fine line between Scottie Love and Scottie Obsessed. Our friends at Merriam Webster say obsession is a persistent disturbing preoccupation with an often unreasonable idea or feeling...what about Scotties is disturbing or unreasonable? Nothing! Therefore, those people are overruled in this matter. Still, taking away any negative connotations that might come along with the word obsessed, I thought it might be fun to explore what would classify as Scottie Love and simultaneously, what would classify as Scottie Obsessed. In which category would you fit?

You know you're experiencing Scottie Love when:

- You don't want to remove the Scottie nose prints off the car window because you are convinced these are priceless works of art that will be worth something someday.

- Sleep becomes optional because all you need is to have a Scottish Terrier or two to cuddle with at night. Who cares that they've taken over the human bed and that your leg may have lost feeling two hours ago?

- You put off going to work in the morning and hurry home at night as nothing makes you happier than spending time with your Scottie(s).

- Everything revolves around your Scottish Terrier(s).

- You're greeted with the same wagging tail and happy face whether you've been gone all day or for just a few minutes.

You might be Scottie Obsessed if:

- Upon organizing your closet, you discover that you no longer own a single item of clothing that does not have a Scottie imprinted on it.

- You ask the Scottie Dad in your life to grow a beard that closely resembles your Scottie dog's.

- Slowly but surely all the dinnerware and glassware in your Scottie House is replaced with mismatching Scottie cups and plates that you're hesitant to use because they are too cute.

- You name your child Scott, Scotty or some other variation of the name in honor of your Scottie dog.

- The smell of a freshly groomed Scottish Terrier is more appealing to you than the scent of fresh flowers, baked goods and just about every other fan favorite smell on Earth.

- Dreams of traveling back in time to the 1950s to squash the poodle skirt trend and replace it with a tartan Scottie skirt fashion phenomenon fill your mind.

- You start speaking in ArRRrOo's...in public.

Caption the Scottie

It’s BlogPaws’ Wordless Wednesday…you know what that means: time to caption the Scottie! Here, Scottie Mom interrupted Mr. K's play time (or should we say toy destroy time?) by snapping a picture. Mr. K may not be saying much this Wordless Wednesday but he’s certainly delivering a message with this look. What is Mr. K thinking and why do you think he gave this look to Scottie Mom?

Love you like a Scottie!

Every day, I get to share the lives of Heather and Mr. K. And every day, I am inspired by the community of Scottie lovers that has formed around our little family. This Valentine's Day, I wanted to give back by sharing the spotlight with these incredible Scottie Love stories submitted by Scottie Moms and Dads just like you! Remember: as you celebrate your loved ones, make sure you tell them LYLAS (love you like a Scottie)...because there is no love greater than Scottie Love!

The Scottie Love Story of Collin

Sometimes it takes a heartbreak to find true love.

Our Scottie Collin (pictured above to the left) came to our home from Scottie Kingdom Rescue in Dallas, Texas. Collin had health issues but in the three years he lived with us, he experienced love, a safe home and lots of squirrels in the backyard. One day, Collin stopped eating. He wouldn't even take a snack or cheese and we knew something was wrong. A visit to the vet confirmed our worse fears. Organ failure and a multitude of other issues required the inevitable decision. It was one of the most difficult days that anyone could experience.

The following week, we decided to take a drive in the country. My other half was looking at his phone. I asked him what he was doing. He sheepishly said, "nothing." I grabbed his phone and a little wheaten Scottie face was on the screen. His name is Jameson. Jameson's family worked long hours and weren't able to give him the time and dedication he needed. The pain of losing Collin was still so fresh in my mind that it was difficult to comprehend the emotional investment of bringing in a new Scottie member of the family. That being said, the more I looked at the sweet little face, the more I fell in love.

Two weeks later, we met the family in West Texas and brought Jameson home. Jameson (pictured above to the right) had a special way and gentle spirit about him. He seemed to sense the recent void in our lives and did everything he could to fill the space. Jameson has brought laughter and joy to our home. We love him and he loves us. Scotties are special that way. Sometimes it takes a Scottie to teach us about unconditional love.

The Scottie Love Story of Susie

Susie, costar of the Susie and Sidebite blog, found herself in a puppy mill and was fortunate to be rescued by her forever family at just nine months old. The first eight months or so of her life were extremely difficult, having lived inside a cage for the majority of that time. When Susie was purchased from the puppy mill by her first owners, it wasn't long before she was dumped at a pound because she was not "sociable" enough for them.

The day Susie was scheduled to be put down at the pound, a rescue group discovered her and just a short time later, Susie's future Scottie Mom and Dad inquired about her and asked to take her home. Today, Susie is the queen of her Scottie House and enjoys life with her brother Sidebite and big sister Shadow. Susie's Scottie Mom describes the moral of the story best with these simple words she spoke to Susie when they first met: “You may be a mess, but love will fix you up!" To keep up with the adventures of Susie and Sidebite, be sure to check out their blog here.

The Honorary Scottie Love Story of Pierson

As you can see, Pierson from American Dog Blog is no Scottie but you bet he has a love story that will fill your heart with the good stuff! He lived as a stray in Pierson Park, Kansas City before his Border Collie Mix Mom found him. She came back to the park three days in a row to try to convince sweet Pierson to come home with her. Finally, on the third day, an older gentleman came and told her he had been feeding Pierson for about three weeks. Together Pierson's Mom and the older man coaxed Pierson to get closer to the car where the older man scooped Pierson up in his arms and sent him on the ride of his life...to his forever home! To read Pierson's full gotcha story, click here.

The Return of the White Stuff

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The white stuff came back. It just couldn't stay away. It had to taunt us again this winter season. Little did it know, we were ready this time. All of us - even Scottie Dad - were safe at home and ready to huddle by the fire should Mr. Winter and his layers of ice take away our power. Luckily, that never happened. What did happen was some extra play time in the iced-over snow! Mr. K was ecstatic to learn that his paw prints didn't sink in the white stuff this time. In fact, they didn't even leave a mark! The white stuff looked very much the same but it was, in reality, very different. This white stuff he could glide across with extra speed. He sat outside, tongue hanging out, ready to jump and catch any snowflake or drop of sleet he could catch. When we finally were able to coax him back inside, his fur looked like he had a really bad case of dandruff but it didn't bother him one bit. Heather, on the other hand, couldn't be coaxed outside whatsoever. Instead, she stood in the doorway and watched her brother act all kinds of cold weather crazy!

Wacky Wednesday


The weather has been acting up again and turning our world upside down. Hence, why I'm posing for this photo belly up. This time, the weather was nice enough to strike while Scottie Mom was home so she isn't stuck in her car for six hours again. Just about everything is closed now and Scottie Mom has the privilege of
working from home scratching my belly for a few days. Tell us: has the weather turned your Wordless Wednesday into Wacky Wednesday like ours? Love, Mr. K.

Pull up a Chair

I was on a mission: destroy my new toy!
It started like this: Scottie Mom brought another one of those packages filled with the good stuff for us pups into the house. This time, she was smart enough to take the tags off everything before she set the box down on the ground and let us rummage through and have our picks. Just like last time, I found the bestest toy in the box and was off in a flash.

This toy didn't squeak but it sure did make a sound! Scottie Mom said it made a sound she would prefer never to hear again. I told her not to worry - I'd take care of it straight away. It took me less than two minutes to get rid of that sound once and for all. Clearly, my new "bestest" toy was not made for a Scottie like me. I bet Scottie Mom was glad she hadn't paid for it!

As you can see in the video above, me and my new, bestest toy were inseparable from the minute it came out of the box. And, as you can see from the video below, it took me less than two minutes to destroy my new, bestest toy and before I knew it, the thing was deaded.

It was at this point, Scottie Mom took my new, bestest toy away from me. I was very upset, having had only minutes of fun with it and attempted to stage multiple protests. She remained firm and said this new toy was simply not safe for Scotties. My bestest toy then disappeared but I knew it couldn't be far. I pretended to be all sad and gave her the most pitiful looks to convince her to give it back. Would you believe it didn't work?

Scottie Mom went up to bed so Heather and I followed. Upon the discovery that my new, bestest toy wasn't there, I went back downstairs. Scottie Mom laughed and said, "You won't find anything down there, Mr. K." She waited a while but I refused to come back upstairs. She told me to suit myself, turned off the light and climbed into bed. That's when I knew it was time. Just as she was closing her eyes, I started my final protest of the night, making lots and lots of noise.

As she hurried down the stairs, I sat my behind down and turned to watch her reaction. I had done what no Scottie had done before: pulled up a chair (which was tucked into the table quite nicely, I might add) and used it jump on the dining room table in search of my new, bestest toy. Once the light flipped on and I saw Scottie Mom's priceless reaction, I turned around and was about to make another ninja move by attempting to jump from the dining room table to the kitchen counter.

Scottie Mom freaked out and intervened ruined my masterful plan. She asked me what I was doing. I told her I didn't know what she was so upset about. My kitty cousins jump on counters at their houses all the time. Why couldn't a Scottie in search of his bestest toy do it? She sighed, shook her head and suddenly, I was on the ground again. She pushed the dining room chair back under the table and left to make the bestest toy reappear again. I flipped out. My plan worked!

Don't look at me that way, Scottie Mom. I've done nothing wrong!
I ran up the stairs behind Scottie Mom and my bestest toy. She shut the door behind us then turned to me and said, "you see this?" I nodded and waited ever-so-patiently for my bestest toy to drop on the floor so I could resume play time. Only problem: it never did. Scottie Mom locked it in the guest room bathroom! I vowed I would sit outside the closed door all night until she let me have it again but I got bored after a while and decided revenge could wait until morning.

What I needed was a comfortable night's sleep. And the best way to achieve that was to be with Scottie Mom and Heather in the human bed. So, I walked around the bed to where Scottie Mom slept, put my front paws up and gave her my best "I'm sorry - won't you let me up?" eyes. You bet that look won her over! Scottie Mom picked me up and I snuggled up to her but kept my eyes on that closed bathroom door. Tomorrow, I thought, that door would meet its match and the bestest toy would once again be mine.

Where did all the white stuff go?

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It might be Black n White Sunday, but there's not a bit of white to be found around here anymore. Despite the havoc the white stuff wreaked around the city of Atlanta just five days ago, it appears we are free and clear of the stuff for now with temperatures expected to reach the high sixties today. All that remains from the white stuff's presence is a bunch of dead grass (which is equally as fun to roll around in, says Heather and Mr. K). Tell us: has all the white stuff gone from your home yet? Or, are you among the lucky ones that never got any white stuff to begin with?