Scotties in the City

Last weekend, Heather and Mr. K took New York City by storm! No one had to tell them to move a little faster or to keep up with the crowd in the bustling streets. They were simply too excited to check things out that they were the ones keeping the crowd moving. (Or, at least, they were the ones catching everyone's attention - so many people stopped and exclaimed how they had never seen a Scottish Terrier in person before.) Surrounded by many sights to see, scents to smell and new things to pee on, Heather and Mr. K really and truly had a blast touring the city.

Truth be told, New York City made the city of Atlanta, where Heather and Mr. K call home, look small and rather unpopulated. The difference in walking the sidewalks and exploring the green areas was astounding. Atlanta's Piedmont Park (you might remember it from when Heather and Mr. K reported on their visit there last year) cannot compare to the adventures waiting for dogs in Central Park. The buildings in New York City are rich in architectural character and there is a comforting mix of new and contemporary with old and traditional. Most of all, it was refreshing to be able to walk instead of having to drive from one destination in the city to another (although parking was nightmarishly's good we didn't have to park more than once!).

It's a shame there wasn't more time. We got wind of a few doggie boutiques and pet-friendly places that were a "must-see" but there simply wasn't room in the schedule. Rest assured, this was just one of many trips to the Big Apple to come, as Scottie Dad and I did finally choose a wedding venue in the city. (Hint: you can see it in the background of one of the photos above!) Our hope is that Heather and Mr. K will be able to visit all the places New York City has to offer dogs and report back on them. Who knows? We might just stop and see some Scottie friends in places along the way next time. Holler at us if you're open to meeting up for a play date!

Looking Back in Black & White

Today, we join our friends Sugar the Golden Retriever and Daschund Nola for Black n White Sunday. The year 2013 was filled with adventure, lots of ups and downs, and so much Scottie Love that we decided to share some of our favorite snapshots of Heather and Mr. K taken in the last year. A special thanks goes out to all our followers and fellow Scottie Moms and Dads for all your support! Looking forward to sharing 2014 with you. What was your favorite moment of 2013?

Unlikely Gifting

Forbidden goodies Scottie Mom bought the evil C-A-T-S!
I decided to steal stocking in protest: one red one, one green one.

To my kitty cousins. Love, Mr. K.
But 'tis the season after all and so, I present these stockings to my kitty cousins with love. Happy holidays!

Everybody deserves a little holiday cheer, even Mr. K's arch enemy: the evil C-A-T-S. Believe it or not, there are a lot of C-A-T-S in the family - just not in The Scottie House. Mr. K forbids it. It took a little convincing, but once he was on board with the idea, six small stockings were stuffed with C-A-T toys and delivered safely to his kitty cousins over the holidays. (He couldn't bring himself to personally deliver them, however...that was going too far.) Mr. K even stuffed a stocking for his doggie cousin Miss Circe. You might remember her from last year's birthday pawty. He knew she would appreciate a new toy and some yummy treats for Christmas!

Heather and Mr. K's unlikely gifting didn't stop there. You see, there are also a number of horses and goats in the family - again, just not in The Scottie House. Alas, the Scotties helped put together a stocking full of carrots for these cousins. Ironically, Mr. K never tried to go after these strange, foreign-looking orange treats like he first did when he ran off with the C-A-T treat- and toy-filled stockings. I suppose fresh veggies aren't so appealing to the spoiled Scottie boy who prefers homemade blueberry doggie muffins made from scratch! As a result, Heather and Mr. K's horse and goat cousins got to keep all the carrot treats to themselves. And, much to Heather and Mr. K's surprise, the C-A-T cousins even banded together with all their other cousins to return the favor with a contribution to a Scottie rescue group in Heather and Mr. K's honor. It was a Merry Christmas of unlikely gift giving indeed!

Meet Heather and Mr. K's cousins:

Scottie Mom Wish List 2013

Santa's elves here to help you find the perfect gift for the Scottie Mom in your life!
Santa's elves here to help you find the perfect gift for the Scottie Mom in your life!
Don't know what to get that special Scottie Mom in your life this holiday season? Look no further! Santa Scottie elves Heather and Mr. K compiled a list of things they think any Scottie Mom would love to receive as a gift this Christmas.

7. A stocking full of Scottie! Find the smaller Scottie items like this coffee cup cozy, a Scottie dog handbag charm, or even these Scottie dog earbuds for an iPod or MP3 player. Wrap them up and place them in a Scottie stocking.

6. Bling her up with this Scottie Dog ASPCA Pendant Necklace from Juicy Couture. Don't forget, they also have an assortment of fragrances with their logo (which happens to include not one but TWO Scottie dogs!).

5. Deck the Scottie House with lots of accessories like this Scottie Dog accent lamp or this Scottie Dog key hook. You'll be sure to hear her sing FA-LA-LA-LA-LA-ARROOO to you!

4.  Comfy Scottie pajamas and slippers. You can't go wrong here. Many department stores like Macy's, Belk and more have an assortment of colors and patterns from which to choose.

3. Go Radley! Have you seen their Doodle Dog printed items? They have everything from ballerina slippers and notepads to espresso mug sets and suitcases.

2. A Scottie calendar. Sure, you can get the ones in stores everywhere but if you want a Scottie gift that gives back, it's best to order one through a local rescue. Many Scottie rescues design calendars with photos of Scotties adopted through their organization.

1. Another rescue Scottie. The ultimate gift you can give a Scottie Mom (or a Scottie Mom-to-Be)! You'll not only be giving a Scottie in need the gift of a happy home but you'll be enriching your own life by opening your home to a little extra Scottie Love.

Whatever you decide to get your Scottie-loving loved one this year, make sure you wrap it appropriately! World Market has an assortment of Scottie wrapping paper and gift bags but if those patterns are a bit much for you, try placing one of these adorable Scottie dog gift tags from Etsy on the wrapping of your choice. Got other gift ideas you think fellow Scottie Moms should know about? Tell us about them in the comment box below. Happy Holidays!

Home for the Holidays

There's no place like home for the holidays. No place like a seat in front of the fireplace. No place like that in which the best memories are made. And no place like the dinner table with everyone gathered 'round...including the Scotties, hopefully awaiting a crumb that might find its way to the ground. Yes, the holidays are joyous times indeed. Think of the thrill of uncovering this year's Scottie finds while hunting down that special gift. The good deeds and helping hands of complete strangers. The look on your Scottie's face when you surprise him or her with a new toy, treat, doggie bed or all of the above. What's not to love about the holidays, or should we say, Season of Scotties?

What's not to love is the number of Scotties out there still looking for love (and a furever home). Cast away for this reason and that, countless animals find themselves without a home for the holidays. Many are alone and confused. Some, like a handful of lucky Scotties, are in the capable hands of rescue groups. Either way, these animals and rescue groups need help. While various reasons may prevent you from opening your door to another fur friend, consider donating the cost of an adoption fee, sponsoring the veterinary care of a rescue dog or cat, or even letting your home be a temporary haven for a pup in need. (Not convinced you should do that? Read our 5 Reasons to Foster a Scottie.)

Or, if you're looking to take home a Scottie for life, meet Miss Alana:

Alana found herself with Scottish Terrier Rescue of Tennessee at just four years old. Like Heather, who also was rescued by Scottish Terrier Rescue of Tennessee, Miss Alana lived a rather rough life prior to finding some peace in her foster home. Luckily, Miss Alana is being temporarily housed by Heather's own Foster Scottie Dad and family so we're confident she's in good hands and will be perfectly prepped (with belly rubs, back scratchin's and more) for her furever home.

Also like Heather, it is clear Miss Alana likes to be the Alpha (fe)Male - some Scottie's gotta keep those boys in line! But don't let her tough act fool you, her Foster Scottie Dad tells me Alana is very sweet and loving with people. Just don't let other dogs to try to take her space or food. No Scottie likes that! For more information about Alana or to fill out an adoption application, click here.

Just remember: if you want to be happy in a million ways, for the holidays you can't beat opening your heart and your home to a sweet Scottie rescue (or any rescue cat or dog, for that matter).

A Lot of Bark in one Box

Special delivery for Mr. and Ms. Scottie Claus!
Special delivery for Mr. and Ms. Scottie Claus!

Christmas came a little early in the Scottie Mom household, with a special holiday delivery for the Scottie dogs. Santa Scottie must have heard that Heather and Mr. K were embarking on another Scottie Giving Tree campaign this year and decided to reach out to his friends at BarkBox who gave Heather and Mr. K an advance on their Christmas wish list for being such good pups.

Patience is a virtue Mr. K just doesn't seem to have.
Patience is a virtue Mr. K doesn't seem to have.
Mr. K climbed into the BarkBox as soon as the lid was opened and a coveted squeaky toy was revealed. How could he not? The PetSafe plush toy was just sitting there, as if waiting for Mr. K all along. As quick as a flash, he was off into the night with his newest treasure and led Scottie Mom on a wild chase about The Scottie House trying to take off the tags. Once the tags were safely removed, Mr. K was left with the toy and his own devices while Scottie Mom began the countdown for how long the squeaker would last.

Sweet Heather, who was patient, got to sample each of the treats.
Heather waiting to sample some treats.
Meanwhile, Heather was stationed by the BarkBox guarding the contents while Mr. K was prancing about the house with his new toy. It was clear she had no intention of moving until she tasted the goodness inside each of the bags. As luck would have it, she didn't have to use her sneaky Scottie skills to break into the bags to get her fair share treats. She had been such a good and patient girl that this spoiled Scottie got to sample one of each. Her favorite was the Vanilla Mint Twistix chew since it lasted longest and Scottie Mom liked it, too...something about the need to freshen her Scottie breath! Let it be known that Mr. K did not budge from his spot on the couch to take part in Heather's little feast. He was far too busy taking on his new favorite toy (which he carries everywhere with him and still, surprisingly, has not been punctured).

I don't get it: why isn't this thing dead yet? Rest assured, my friends, I have made it my mission to destroy this toy!
So, if you haven't already gotten around to picking out that special holiday gift for your precious pup (or one of his or her pals!), I would definitely consider trying out a monthly subscription to receive the BarkBox which contains a combination of four to six treats, toys and hygiene products that have been selected and approved by our friend Scout, head product tester for BarkBox. Each month, the contents of the box are different.

Here are a few, perhaps more important, benefits:

1) It gives your pup a reason to look forward to seeing the postal worker as opposed to hunting him or her down. Don't be surprised if there is more tail wagging and less barking when the doorbell rings.

2) 10% of BarkBox's revenue goes to local rescues and shelters across the United States. Your monthly subscription, which can be as low as $19 per month for six months, not only adds a little spice (or should we say treat?) to your dog's life but also helps other pups in need.

3) For sensitive tummies like Mr. K's, it is good to know BarkBox is moving toward limited, if not single, ingredient products. Scout and his team choose minimally processed treats; no glycerin whenever possible; wheat, gluten, soy, corn, filler-free whenever possible; and organic whenever possible.

4) Extended shipping is available until December 17 at midnight (PDT) for last minute shoppers like Scottie Mom for just $5 extra.

Friends of Scottie Mom receive $10 off their BarkBox purchase by clicking here. Just make sure, Scottie friends, to order the size "Just Right (20-50 lbs.)." Though Scottie Moms everywhere know a Scottish Terrier's temperament qualifies as "Big & Bold," that doesn't mean their tummies can!


I have written this post on behalf of BlogPaws Pet Blogger Network for BarkBox. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about BarkBox, but Scottie Mom only shares information I feel is relevant to my readers.

O Scottie Tree

Heather had the honor of placing the first ornament on the new Scottie tree.

Mr. K chose an eye-catching gold ornament that reflects his image over and over.
Heather supervised the remaining ornament placements until perfection was achieved.

Heather and Mr. K admire Scottie Mom's work.

O Scottie tree, indeed! Just one question: where are all the Scotties?

The Scottie Giving Tree

[caption id="attachment_1464" align="aligncenter" width="500"] HoHoHo! I'm Santa Scottie, spreading happiness to future Scottie Moms everywhere![/caption]

Hi friends - Heather and Mr. K here. As we head into that most wonderful time of year again - the Season of Scotties - we want to be sure all the future Scottie Moms (and Dads) are taken care of this holiday season. With the abundance of Scottie-adorned clothing and accessories popping up in stores everywhere, what easier way is there to spread a little Scottie Love to the world than by giving the gift of our favorite Scottie items to future Scottie Moms and Dads in need? Think about it: all it took for our Scottie Mom to be sold on Scotties was watching Disney's Lady and the Tramp and a favorite set of kids' Scottie pajamas!

So, here's what we propose: a Scottie giving tree! Find your favorite Scottie item(s) like clothing, stuffed animals or other accessories and donate them to a local boys' and girls' shelter. Be sure to take a picture, Scottie friends, of you and the items you choose and maybe even of you dropping the items off with your hoomans! Then, share it on the Scottie Mom facebook page or email the photos to thescottiemom(at)gmail(dot)com. We will send an extra special holiday treat to you as a token of our thanks for helping to bring cheer to future Scottie Moms and Dads everywhere and promoting the Season of Scotties!

Want to make an even bigger Scottie splash this holiday season? Get together with fellow Scotties in your area and make a pawty out of it by delivering everything as a group! We think you'll win over lots of future Scottie Moms and Dads that way. Not a hooman kid kind of Scottie? That's okay! Have your hooman make a donation to your local Scottie rescue in your honor. Our Scottie Mom will be sure to send you a holiday greeting as well once you send the name of the rescue to which you donated. Questions? Have your Scottie Mom (or Dad) email our Scottie Mom and she'll be happy to help! Deadline to get your stuff in and still get a special something from us Scots by Christmas is December 15. Looking forward to spreading some Scottie love around the world with you this holiday season, friends! Love, Heather and Mr. K.

Scratchy Scratch

Recently, Scottie Mom Krissy wrote me for advice:

Hi Scottie Mom! I have had poor Keira on allergy shots for a while now, and her itching doesn't seem to be getting better. She is allergic to cats, but we have cats. I want to find a way to help her, besides her medicated shampoo. Do you have any advice? The vets aren't much help.

Ironically, shortly after I got Scottie Mom Krissy's message, I noticed Mr. K started itching more. Mr. K and I have been through the allergy thing for some time now but until recently, I thought our problems were solved. A vet friend of ours likes to say I'm allergic to Mr. K and he's allergic to me (although, as you can see, that doesn't keep us apart). He scratches and licks his paws. I sneeze. A lot. So, at the vet's suggestion, we increased the number of baths he took to one per week and switched his food to Blue Basics. My treatment, on the other hand, is to tough it out with over-the-counter medicine as needed and snuggle him as much as possible (very therapeutic, I assure you...).

This helped Mr. K's scratching significantly and for the past few years, things have gone quite well. Admittedly, I've slacked off on the weekly baths but we've stuck to the diet. His scratching has gotten considerably worse in recent weeks and I've even begun to notice some random scabbing on his face and under his chin. So, I took a look at the food to make sure nothing major had changed and decided to try the grain free variation of Blue Basics. Our next course of action is to resume the baths and check in with a vet if things don't calm down after that. While Keira's situation seems much more severe than what Mr. K has experienced, I believe the weekly baths and maybe even switching her diet could help Keira as well.

One thing to consider is setting boundaries for the cats and Keira. For example, maybe the cats stay upstairs and Keira on the main level of your house. Or, if you're like me and can't stand the thought of having to separate your fur babies (especially if they are close like Heather and Mr. K), I would definitely make sure the cats don't use Keira's doggie bed, that Keira doesn't use any cat beds and perhaps one or the other can use the couch exclusively - but not both. Try cleaning Keira's doggie bed and anything that both Keira and the cats may come into contact with once a week or two. And vacuum frequently. This will help limit Keira's exposure to cat dander and should reduce the number of times she comes into contact with allergens that aggravate her symptoms.

Additionally, I would recommend redoing the allergy test if you noticed the shots worked at first but not so much now. It is possible that Keira's allergies have changed over time and therefore, it may be necessary to have the formula of the vaccine altered to help her with symptoms as well. Also, I have heard it can take up to a year to see results so keep that in mind if she hasn't been on them very long. There is a percentage of dogs this treatment doesn't work for...I sincerely hope Keira isn't among those. If she is, there are a number of other things I've heard can help with dog allergies like fatty acid supplements and even antihistamines like Benadryl. However, I'm not a vet so I would check with a vet you trust before making a decision to try alternative treatments.

Speaking of vets, one thing that does concern me is that you say your vet isn't very helpful. I'm a big believer in second opinions, especially when it comes to a Scottie's health. If you feel your vet isn't giving you or Keira the time, expertise or value you need, look around for someone that will. Taking care of your Scottie's health can be challenging and you need a vet who not only knows a bit about issues that affect our Scotties but who is knowledgeable about latest treatment options while being open-minded to alternative therapies and lifestyle changes versus pushing an array of pills. I hope some of this has been helpful and that sweet Keira can find relief soon! As a lifelong allergy (and allergy shot) sufferer, I feel her pain. Fellow Scottie Moms and Dads, if I missed anything, feel free to weigh in here in the comments section below. Much love, The Scottie Mom.