Home for the Holidays

There's no place like home for the holidays. No place like a seat in front of the fireplace. No place like that in which the best memories are made. And no place like the dinner table with everyone gathered 'round...including the Scotties, hopefully awaiting a crumb that might find its way to the ground. Yes, the holidays are joyous times indeed. Think of the thrill of uncovering this year's Scottie finds while hunting down that special gift. The good deeds and helping hands of complete strangers. The look on your Scottie's face when you surprise him or her with a new toy, treat, doggie bed or all of the above. What's not to love about the holidays, or should we say, Season of Scotties?

What's not to love is the number of Scotties out there still looking for love (and a furever home). Cast away for this reason and that, countless animals find themselves without a home for the holidays. Many are alone and confused. Some, like a handful of lucky Scotties, are in the capable hands of rescue groups. Either way, these animals and rescue groups need help. While various reasons may prevent you from opening your door to another fur friend, consider donating the cost of an adoption fee, sponsoring the veterinary care of a rescue dog or cat, or even letting your home be a temporary haven for a pup in need. (Not convinced you should do that? Read our 5 Reasons to Foster a Scottie.)

Or, if you're looking to take home a Scottie for life, meet Miss Alana:

Alana found herself with Scottish Terrier Rescue of Tennessee at just four years old. Like Heather, who also was rescued by Scottish Terrier Rescue of Tennessee, Miss Alana lived a rather rough life prior to finding some peace in her foster home. Luckily, Miss Alana is being temporarily housed by Heather's own Foster Scottie Dad and family so we're confident she's in good hands and will be perfectly prepped (with belly rubs, back scratchin's and more) for her furever home.

Also like Heather, it is clear Miss Alana likes to be the Alpha (fe)Male - some Scottie's gotta keep those boys in line! But don't let her tough act fool you, her Foster Scottie Dad tells me Alana is very sweet and loving with people. Just don't let other dogs to try to take her space or food. No Scottie likes that! For more information about Alana or to fill out an adoption application, click here.

Just remember: if you want to be happy in a million ways, for the holidays you can't beat opening your heart and your home to a sweet Scottie rescue (or any rescue cat or dog, for that matter).


  1. What a beautiful girl..she should be with a family of her own for Christmas ..good luck sweet girl :) hugs Fozziemum xx

  2. I wish all animals could spend the holidays together with their family and in their own home. I can only cross my paws for Miss Alana and I hope she will find her furever furmily.

  3. Yep, christmas with a Scottie is a blast, cause everything under that tree is ours......... well at least the paper after all the unwrapping....its pawty time, then theres the foo............ Ohh Doggie , we get a very special dinner. But bestest of all it enjoying with the peeps!
    Betcha Alana finds a home fast cause she looks like a sweetie and needs some loving!

    The Mad Scots

  4. You guys look soooo cute!
    Hope Miss Alana finds a new home soon xx

  5. what a beautiful post! Just tweeted it!

  6. I hope Alana finds a new home for the holidays!!! Every pup should have a wonderful home!

  7. You got Heather from The Tennessee Scottie Rescue. We send donations to them. We always follow Just John's Blog who fosters for them. We had contacted them about a little female that really seem to reach our heart but Ms McAfee really did not seem to like me. I think she felt I put to much tension on my dogs. Yet my vet is like I am the best and my dogs have lived long loved I would do anything for lives. They have been reader and visiting hospital work dogs and they have gone many places.
    Sweet William The Scot