Scottie Mail x2

[caption id="attachment_2911" align="alignnone" width="500"]20130816_223910_LLS What do you think it is, Scottie Mom? There's a bunch of Mr. K's on the packaging![/caption]

[caption id="attachment_2912" align="alignnone" width="500"]20130817_091658 You think it will be something tasty? Let's try it out and see...[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_2913" align="alignnone" width="500"]20130817_091858 Ahhh, a cheese board! Does that mean I get to eat cheese now? Please??[/caption]

We received our second package in the Scottie Mail recently. We were so pleasantly surprised to see that it came from our Scottie friends Syd and Oz and their Scottie Mom and Dad! Heather was the only one who dared check out the unusually shaped box. Mr. K, on the other hand, seemed a little afraid of it and couldn't even be coaxed to come near with treats. I'm sure if he knew it was from his pals Syd and Oz that would have changed his mind! Many thanks to Syd, Oz, and their Scottie Mom and Dad for this sweet housewarming gift that is sure to provide plenty of yummy (hooman) treats. And, if they're lucky, Heather and Mr. K just might snatch a stray bit of cheese for themselves...

Scottie Island









Somewhere in the Scottie House, there's a super secret Treasure Island of sorts just waiting for a Scottie to find it. Inside its chamber doors is any and every little thing a Scottie could want: a barrel full of food, bags of treats, a bin full of toys and even a pile of the latest, fashionable clothes for the fall season. Few have discovered this small bit of heaven on earth. Until today.

Scottie Mom led the way to Scottie Island and told Mr. K to say the magic word: "ArRroOo." Slowly, the chamber doors opened and all its glory was exposed for the world to see. It was difficult to navigate at first but Scottie Mom emptied its contents on the floor and Heather and Mr. K took off with the good stuff.

As with anything magical, time is of the essence. When the twelve o'clock hour struck, all the contents of Scottie Island the two Scots were enjoying began to disappear. One by one, they would vanish into thin air and suddenly appear in its rightful place within the secret chambers of Scottie Island.

Mr. K was worried. How would he be able to play if his favorite toys were disappearing? Scottie Mom said not to worry, that Scottie Island lets one or two toys at a time roam free and would open its super secret doors in due time to any well-behaved Scottie who has the magic word. Then, Scottie Island would allow for new favorites to be chosen while those that roamed free would enter the chambers to rest.

And so, Heather and Mr. K trot off in the afternoon sun to get some rest themselves after a morning of some very serious play time. As their eyes fall shut and they drift off to sleep, a soft "ArRroOo" sounds out. Could it be that some Scottie is already dreaming of the day the chamber doors to Scottie Island reappear and all that is left to do is say the magic word?

Tail Wagging Tales of Destruction (part two)

Well, friends, the destruction of The Scottie House continues. Prior to our big move, the only thing Heather ever chewed was treats (okay, and the occasional spilled remnants from a trash can she knocked over). Now, it appears she has taken a liking to chomping on the window sills. I'm not sure what gives. Do Scotties develop new habits over time?

Additionally, it appears that Heather Houdini is a mastermind at figuring out this Scottie Mom's work arounds to keep her out of things. Two days ago, she figured out how to break into the master suite again and she ransacked a Vera Bradley bag full of stuff we had yet to unpack. She took two small (empty) jewelry boxes given to me by my great aunt and gnawed right through them. When I got home, they were open and scattered across the floor in pieces. Mr. K apparently got so nervous his big sister was breaking the rules that he pooped his pants right there in the master bedroom...What a lovely homecoming it was, let me tell you!

A few days before that, Scottie Dad came home to hear Heather and Mr. K having a party of sorts in the newly finished closet. He said all he could hear was growling  - from a friendly game of tug, I'm sure; not fighting - when he got home. And when he went upstairs, the two had partied so hard there was bathroom tissue shred everywhere and little pee stains here and there to accompany Scottie Dad's very large paint stain. (Luckily, the Spot Bot took care of those. The poor little machine is still working on the paint, though.)

Honestly, I'm hardly upset with Heather or Mr. K at all - just grateful there wasn't anything inside they could have swallowed and hurt themselves with. I'm thinking of buying a child proof lock or something for that master suite door. But just because it is child proof makes me think it may not be Scottie proof with the things Heather has been able to figure out. (I swear she outsmarts me, sometimes!) And as for the window sill issue, I'm not entirely sure what to do. We've moved the Scottie beds from the windows and that seems to have taken care of the issue for now. Only time will tell whether these tail wagging tales of destruction will continue (paws crossed they don't!).

The Elusive Squeaker

[caption id="attachment_2885" align="alignnone" width="500"]20130817_101903 What's that I hear? A squeaker?![/caption]

There once was a green and yellow squeak toy I used to like a lot. We did everything together: we ran around the house together, played chase together, took naps together and it even let me rip out its insides. This morning, this toy was still one of my favorites. Then, the squeaker inside it went missing. I had to put my favorite toy aside and embark on a very serious mission: track that little noise maker down.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500"]20130817_101036 Keeping watch. All Scotties on squeaker alert, please![/caption]

I knew the squeaker wasn't dead. It couldn't be. I still heard it squeaking away. The only difference was that the squeaks weren't coming from my toy's tummy. At first, I thought I had finally surgically removed the squeaker (my favorite thing to do with such toys) and I had simply dropped it. I turned around and covered my tracks. It wasn't there. I don't understand. Where could it be? Squeak! Look, to the right. Squeak! No, no....over there by the window. Quiet now, I think I hear it...under the pillows?

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500"]20130817_101306 Here squeaker, squeaker...[/caption]

I searched everywhere, friends. I was bound and determined not to let the noise maker get away. How dare it try to escape me? I set my snout to the ground and scooted my way across the floor, under each pillow on the couch and behind every possible hiding place. Nothing. Squeak! My ears shoot up. Listen closely, now. Squeak! Yes, just what I thought. It is stuck in the couch. I grab the Scottie blanket off the couch and search it thoroughly. It comes up clean. I take a pillow from the couch using my teeth and drag it to the floor. Nothing there, either. Must be stuck deeper than I thought.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500"]20130817_101412 Still on the hunt...where could it be?[/caption]

I jump onto the couch and put my snout to work. The squeaker doesn't leave much of a scent behind but I do hear a few faint squeaks. So it is here! I am on the right track, friends. I take another pillow in my teeth and fling it off the couch. This will give me better access to investigate. What's that? Squeak! That sound didn't come from the couch. It came from BEHIND the couch! I jump off the couch and run around the back. Squeak! There it is again. I must track this squeaker down. I go round and round but still no luck. I resume my post on the couch again, weaving my way under and on top of every single pillow in my quest.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500"]20130817_101513 Peek-a-boo, squeaker - I see you![/caption]

I stop for a moment. I hear a few more squeaks. I believe I have narrowed down the search area. Thing is, the noise maker's location is very close to a resting Scottie Mom. I must protect her. I approach her, sit down on her stomach and look at her very seriously. No, I mustn't let on that anything is wrong so I give her a big grin and let my tongue hang out. She laughs and says you gotta love Scottie morning breath. What is that supposed to mean? I have the freshest of breath. How insulting. I turn around and get back to my quest. I hear a faint squeak. I plunge under the nearest pillow head first, leaving my tail near Scottie Mom's face. If she didn't like my fresh breath, imagine how much she's going to like what's about to come next, hehe!

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500"]20130817_102037 Bottoms up![/caption]

Another squeak. Gosh, friends, I'm telling you: this is one of the more complex hunts I have ever been on. Since when does a squeaker escape, grow legs of its own and walk away squeaking more frequently than ever? It should be grateful I let it out of the cage that was my favorite toy's tummy. If it is grateful, it has a funny way of showing it. Another 10 minutes or so go by and I don't hear much else. Scottie Mom seems to be taking a snooze. Perhaps I should cuddle up with her, just in case. I'm positive the elusive squeaker is not dead but until it makes another appearance friends, I'll be sitting here with Scottie Mom just waiting...Love, Mr. K.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500"]20130817_102520 See? I tore this place up looking for the squeaker![/caption]

If Scotties Ruled the World...

Belly rubs would be mandatory.

The food supply unlimited.

The universal anthem would be a chorus of ArRRoOos.

No one and nothing would be homeless - to a Scottie, everything is "mine."

C-A-T-S would go in hiding.

So would the squirrels.

Political figures would be cuter and much more popular.

Toys would be free.

The highest paid athletes would be soccer and agility Scotties.

Obedience would be optional. (Isn't it already?)

There would be no such thing as international trade - again, because everything is "mine."

The Pinwheel Scotties and other such videos would dominate the evening news.

Swimming pools wouldn't be so deep.

Treats would be given freely and in abundance.

Decisions would be made quickly - if you don't like it, pee on it and move on.

Bed beard would officially be the cutest look ever.

Winnie the Pooh (and every other stuffed animal) would no longer be stuffed with fluff.

Naps would be encouraged.

No sock or undergarment would be safe.

There would be no such thing as "people food." It would simply be food.

Crates would only be used to store toys and other treasures.

Grooming would be optional.

Breakfast in bed would be served daily.

Long walks on the beach wouldn't just be something you dream of.

Zoomies would be worked into everyone's physical education.

All beds, couches and other comfortable furniture would be easy to climb on.

Shoes would be approved play toys.

Everyone would experience Scottie Love at some point in life (and never look back!).

Project Runway: Scottie Edition




There isn't much more that a girl could want besides a Scottie friend (or two...or three or four!) and to be surprised with flowers just because, right Scottie Moms? Well, ok - I'm sure there are a few other things on the wish list. Every now and again, we get lucky and life gives us one of those wishes. This weekend, Mr. K and I helped put the finishing touches on the Scottie House project that has been keeping us away from our friends and, as a result, Scottie Mom got one of her wishes: a custom closet!

You see, shortly after we moved into the Scottie House, Scottie Mom realized Scottie Dad's furniture from his bachelor days just wasn't going to cut it. There was only one bureau and one nightstand. (Scottie Dad sold the other before he met Scottie Mom - silly guy didn't think he would need it.) Luckily, there was an empty walk-in closet just waiting for us to add shelves and drawers. So, I took it upon myself to watch over Scottie Mom assembling the drawers and Mr. K barked orders to Scottie Dad as he nailed stuff to the wall. Finally, a few weeks later, we were finished and I got to lounge in the glory of our hard work.


Now, as you can see from the photo above, this Scottie House project wasn't without setbacks. Just as the last pieces were being fastened, Scottie Dad misstepped and knocked over a gallon of paint. See the stain? I must say, Scottie Dad, your mess is a lot bigger than the ones I leave you on the floor sometimes! Much to his surprise, Scottie Mom wasn't upset. She smiled - and so did I - because she knew we had a secret weapon from when we first moved in and we broke the rules by hanging out in (and consequently christening) the master bedroom: the Spot Bot.

Since the accident, the little machine has been hard at work. Mr. K barks orders at it, too, telling it to keep up the good work but to quiet down a bit.  (I don't think he realizes the machine doesn't respond to orders like hoomans do.) Every night when Scottie Mom comes home, the Spot Bot wakes up after a day of rest. And Scottie Dad sits with his fingers crossed, hoping this magical device will take care of his accident so he doesn't end up in the dog house and buying lots of those flowers Scottie Mom likes. Hehe, how funny is it when the tables are turned? I wonder if he will remember this moment the next time I accidentally piddle on the carpet...

Stay tuned for the carpet cleaning results. Love, Heather Beather.

Keep it Clean





This weekend, it was all about cleaning and getting things in order in The Scottie House. I decided to be Scottie Mom's special helper. I supervised the floor washing and let her know when she missed a spot or if something needed a little TLC by decorating the floor with my pawprints. Without a doubt, washing the floors is one of my favorite chores to do with Scottie Mom. She gets on Scottie eye level and together, we move about on all fours making the floors extra zoomie-friendly. Scottie Dad says he's not sure why she doesn't just pull me by my tail and let me and my skirt do all the work. While it sounds like a fun game to me, Scottie Mom gave Scottie Dad "the look." Apparently, she wasn't as fond of the idea as I was. Wonder why?

Next, we tackled the laundry and sorted through Scottie Mom's wardrobe to see what we could donate to those in need. My self-appointed job was to oversee the sorting of the socks. I did my best to match them up but some were too fun, I had to stash them away for play time later on. (Shh... Scottie Mom still doesn't know why some of her socks are missing their match!) Anyway, as you can see from the photo of my impressive on-the-job skills, I dig deep and make sure no sock goes unturned.

Last, but not least, I did an audit of Scottie items present in each room - arguably the most important chore of the day. The master suite passed: I found a whole drawer of Scottie pajamas! The guest bedroom also passed because that's where Heather and I have our own master suite. Next, I investigated the kitchen where I found a whole shelve of Scottie dishes AND an entire island full of food, treats, and toys for two Scotties. I'd say it passes with flying colors...don't you think?

Stay tuned for tomorrow when Heather unveils the other project we helped Scottie Mom and Dad with this weekend. Trust me, Scottie Moms, if you're anything like my Scottie Mom, you're going to LOVE it! Until next time, Mr. K.

Dress Down

Scottie Mom always wears nice dresses to work. But at home, those nice dresses get in the way of my play time. Sometimes, she can't run after me or crawl toward me when she's wearing one. Other times, my paws aren't even allowed on her lap because they might dirty the nice fabric. So I wait until she changes. Today, Scottie Mom came home late from work and wanted to relax...a no-no in my opinion. So, I decided to teach Scottie Mom a valuable lesson: when you come home from work, change immediately into comfy clothes that allow for play time activities including running, crawling, chasing and tugging...or else.

How did I do this, you ask? Well, when she went to sit down, I jumped up and grabbed the bow on the back of the nice dress. It didn't stay a bow for long. In fact, it suddenly became a tug toy! So that's why Scottie Mom wears nice dresses...they are actually equipped with hidden tug toys!! If I had known this sooner, we could have had lots more play time together all along. And I wouldn't object to her wearing them all the time. Silly Scottie Mom! Why keep this a secret? At first, I could tell Scottie Mom wasn't as happy as I was that the secret was out but all it took was me flashing my winning Scottie smile at her and she was laughing again. With how easy it is to make her smile with my mischief, me thinks it's time to play more tricks! Stay tuned for more. Until next time, dear friends. Yours truly, Mischievous Mr. K.

Scottie House Decals




Scottie Mom and family went out and about this weekend and discovered these great Scottie plaques for the home at Uptown Pups. At just $10 each, only one question remains: which of the three should make it home to The Scottie House? Tell us which you like best.