A Scottish Terrier Does Doga & Totally Nails It

Meet Hamilton Barkley, also known as Hami in Miami. You may recall meeting him at last year's Howl-O-ween Pawty when he surprised us all with his creative "holy cow" costume. Hami has since taken over Miami - where he lives with his Scottie Mom - and now, he's quickly taking over the Internet with cute videos of him doing yoga (or should we say doga?) with his Scottie Mom.

We're not sure how they do it but rumor has it that Hami didn't like his Scottie Mom's yoga practices taking up more of her time and attention than he did. So, he took matters into his own paws and did what any Scottish Terrier would do: take part in the fun. While his Scottie Mom was in the middle of a yoga sequence, he jumped on top of her back, worked his balance skills and the rest is history. Hami officially became a dogi! Check out his skills for yourself...impressive, isn't it?

Hami and his Scottie Mom (image via @HamiltonBarkley on Instagram)

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Scottish Terriers of Instagram

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14 Cool Scottie Dog Products on Etsy

Etsy: the place where Scottie Moms can go to shop cool Scottie stuff while we wait for the Season of Scotties to come back around each winter. Without sites like Etsy, the 11 months of the year retail stores aren't littered with Scottie stuff just don't have the same appeal. While we still have a few months to go, I thought it was time to revisit Etsy and see if we found enough good stuff to make it feel like Christmas in July for Scottie Moms who enjoy shopping for cute Scottie stuff. Check out these great finds and tell us where you typically find the best Scottie loot. Happy shopping!

Scottie dog cupcake topper by CheriePaperArt

Scottish Terrier cellphone case by CaseCavern

Scottie dog wedding cake topper by ChickDesignBoutique

Embroidered Scottish Terrier towel by TwistedStitches13

Scottie dog art by pinkypilotsart

Scottish Terrier charm by Efsterling

Scottish Terrier chalkboard print by PetInksDesignStudio

Scottish Terrier necklace by IvyByDesign

Scottish Terrier cookie cutter by TheFussyPup

Felt Scottie dog ornament by MyCraft2You

Scottie dog chocolate lollipop by CandyConfections

Vintage Scottish Terrier bookends by MidCenModMissy

Scottie dog metal art by FlowerPowerShowers

Holiday Scottie dog cookies by MartaIngros

Scottish Terriers of Instagram

We know we left our Facebook family hanging for #TooCuteTuesday last week in light of Heather's health scare so what better way to prepare for the epic return of such cuteness than to introduce this week's Scottish Terriers of Instagram? If you'd like to share your Scotties' photos with us, upload your photos to Instagram using #ScottishTerriersofInstagram or tag @TheScottieMom. Please also be sure to follow us and, of course, the Scottie dogs featured this week!

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I Learned to Cook for My Dog before I Learned to Cook for Myself

It's true. I don't cook...but when Heather decided none of the ready-made dog foods tasted good enough anymore and stopped eating, you bet I started learning to cook right away. For her benefit, of course, not for mine. As someone who doesn't eat meat (how could I, self-proclaimed lover of animals, consider myself a true animal lover if I still ate them?) preparing boiled chicken and rice was a particularly grotesque - albeit admittedly relatively easy - experience that I'm not exactly looking forward to repeating. Luckily, the batch I made will last for a few servings.

Hurry up, Scottie Mom - I'm hungry!

The chicken breast boiled in water for about an hour before I took it out and peeled the meat off the bones (and in my head I kept thinking, "Poor chicken. I'm so sorry!")

I then sliced the meat into smaller pieces Heather could eat easily. 

Finally, I mixed in the rice. Ta-da!
As I finished Heather's dinner preparations, I began to wonder if she would even touch the home-cooked meal. She hadn't eaten a full meal since the night before she was hospitalized. And if she still didn't eat even after this, what then? I took the bowl over to where she was sleeping on top of the air vent. And much to my surprise, one whiff of the chicken and rice was all that was needed to bring that appetite back to life. It took 30 seconds for Heather to finish her first bowl and she even followed me back to the kitchen, begging me for more. How could I refuse? I scooped a smaller second helping into the bowl and watched her enjoy it. I took this short video so you could see, too.

I was so relieved. Prior to this, the only things Heather showed interest in were those doggie blueberry muffins we've written about before and bread (no, I don't usually feed my dogs human food or table scraps but desperate times called for desperate measures and this Scottie Mom was determined to find something Heather would eat). Feel free to share recipes for (healthy!) meals you've whipped up for your dogs in the comments below. I have a feeling I'll be cooking again soon.

What Happens When the Dog Finally Catches that Squirrel

To catch a squirrel is every dog's dream. A dream, thankfully, that doesn't come to reality all-too-frequently. Not wanting to deprive my Scotties of their life's ambitions, I arranged to have a special visitor, aptly named Nuts, drop by the Scottie House to see if the crew truly had what it would take to catch a squirrel. A bit of chaos and hilarity ensued as they clamored for the top prize.

A mysterious squirrel named Nuts found its way into the Scottie Mobile after our trip to Dog City. How he got into the Scottie House, we'll never know. It was clear his intentions were to drive Mr. K, Nibbles and Pudley nuts!

He was quick as a flash. So quick that Pudley approached with caution so as to not get knocked over by this speedy squirrel. Pudley's initial hesitation cost him the prize: a deaded squirrel.

Finally, during the third or fourth lap around the Scottie House, Nibbles caught the pesky squirrel. Proof that you can never judge someone by their size. Though she be but little, she is fierce!

When she thought the squirrel was good and deaded, Nibbles went to get a drink of water. Mr. K seized this opportunity to snatch the squirrel and run...only to find seconds later that Nibbles and Pudley had come to reclaim the coveted prize.

The Return of the Evil "C"

Sarcoma. A type of cancer Heather has beaten once before and ultimately, the kind of cancer that will take her from this Earth in the near future. We learned today that there is no cure. Only a form of chemotherapy that will help prevent her blood from feeding the tumors' growth. Surgery is not an option this time, either, as the cancer has spread from one end of the body to the other and there are multiple masses. So, our best bet is to keep her comfortable for as long as we can. 

In addition to the return of the evil "C," Heather faces a host of other medical conditions including gallbladder mucocele, Cushing's disease and a newly discovered blood clot. All life-threatening. I marvel at Heather's strength and perseverance after hearing the lineup of health concerns. How could a little girl so happy with life have so much wrong going on inside? It is almost as if she doesn't know she's sick and I'm thankful that - this weekend excepted - she hasn't experienced trouble or pain.

Heather is safe and comfortable at home now after a long weekend at the pet hospital. She is napping on the couch as I type this. Mr. K, Nibbles and Pudley are all on the couch pillows nearby looking after her. From the moment I carried her through the door, I knew I had made the right decision. She started rubbing her chin on the rug with her bottom up in the air and her helicopter tail wagging wildly. She is happy. And she is home - exactly where she belongs for the rest of her life.

I don't know how much time I have with Heather and a part of me does not care. I'd rather not know. Sure, I wish I had more time with her (don't we all wish that at some point in our lives?) but I will not be sidelined by grief. I'm determined to make her last days the best yet so that when her little body decides to rest, I, too, might be able to rest knowing I did something good. As always, we will keep you posted. Many thanks for your kind words and continued support. Much love, The Scottie Mom.

A Visit with Heather

Heather's health scare hasn't only worried the humans. Mr. K feels it, too. Yesterday morning, I caught him searching every nook and cranny of the house for her. His search unsuccessful, he sulked in corners and hid in random places. I decided it would do him some good to see Miss Heather and so, I scooped him up and the two of us went to visit our girl. We even scored some sweet treats along the way. You can watch Heather gobble up the goodness in the video below. 

Mr. K has been feeling pretty sorry for himself in Heather's absence so I treated him to a ride in the Scottie Mobile and a surprise visit with Heather Beather. 
On our way there, we saw a sign that said, "Dog City" and decided to check it out. It was something of a treat heaven and we picked up a few to share with Heather.
Mr. K and friend discussing the best treat options at the counter.
So much from which to choose!
Mr. K even tried to pick up a few "extras" to take on the road with us.
Heather was happy to see us, especially since we had brought treats. 
Heather chowed down the treats immediately. Clearly, her appetite is back!
And Mr. K was all smiles again, having seen his bestie and scored some treats.

Scottish Terriers of Instagram

This week got off to a bit of a rough start so we thought we'd lift your spirits (and ours) by checking out #ScottishTerriersofInstagram. As expected, they did not disappoint! See below and prepare yourself for a cuteness overload. If you'd like to share your Scotties' photos with us, upload your photos to Instagram using #ScottishTerriersofInstagram or tag @TheScottieMom. Please also be sure to follow us and, of course, the Scottie dogs featured this week!

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