A Visit with Heather

Heather's health scare hasn't only worried the humans. Mr. K feels it, too. Yesterday morning, I caught him searching every nook and cranny of the house for her. His search unsuccessful, he sulked in corners and hid in random places. I decided it would do him some good to see Miss Heather and so, I scooped him up and the two of us went to visit our girl. We even scored some sweet treats along the way. You can watch Heather gobble up the goodness in the video below. 

Mr. K has been feeling pretty sorry for himself in Heather's absence so I treated him to a ride in the Scottie Mobile and a surprise visit with Heather Beather. 
On our way there, we saw a sign that said, "Dog City" and decided to check it out. It was something of a treat heaven and we picked up a few to share with Heather.
Mr. K and friend discussing the best treat options at the counter.
So much from which to choose!
Mr. K even tried to pick up a few "extras" to take on the road with us.
Heather was happy to see us, especially since we had brought treats. 
Heather chowed down the treats immediately. Clearly, her appetite is back!
And Mr. K was all smiles again, having seen his bestie and scored some treats.


  1. We are so happy to see that Heather has her appetite, and that you and Mr. K had a chance to visit her :) She is a lucky girl to have you! Our thoughts have been with her these past few days, and with you as well, Scottie Mom :)

  2. To hell with the pills, treats are the best medicine.

  3. Aw, so glad to see smiles on both their faces ☺️

    Edgar and his mum

  4. Mr K does indeed look happy again. We hope they can be together soon. That shop is definitely more exciting than ours!

  5. what a wonderful visit for Heather.. an with the bestest treats of the whole land... I'm so glad her appetite is back and we still cross our paws that everything goes well for you and the scottie girl...

  6. Thanks for sharing. I've been worried about Miss Heather! Treat away with Mr. K!

  7. That was so sweet. So glad Mr. K got to visit and got the last bite of the cookie. Friendship, friendship, just a perfect blend ship. Sweet William The Scot

  8. Good energy coming your way. Bless their hearts. They are so precious.

  9. Miss Heather is looking happy to see you and Mr. K as Mr. K is to see his friend. Treats all and visits are the best medicine. Prayers for you all. Hope Miss Heather coming home soon and all better.

  10. Sweet Heather! I am praying very hard for all of you! I am so happy she still has her appetite!