A Tale of Two Well-Traveled Scots

Bee Bee and Bella at Glacier National Park, Montana

Bee Bee and Bella at Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm, Oregon

Bee Bee and Bella at Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

Bee Bee and Bella at Red Rock Canyon, Nevada

Bee Bee and Bella in Vail, Colorado
Meet Bee Bee and Bella, two Scottish Terriers that have seen more of the United States than some of us will see in our lifetimes. Having set foot in 29 of the 50 states, these Scotties are two of the most well-traveled pups we've encountered yet. I know from firsthand experience that traveling with dogs isn't always easy and I wanted to know how their Scottie Mom manages to take Bee Bee and Bella to so many incredible places. So, we reached out to her and received some tips for those of us wanting to explore more of the world with our pups.

"What I love most about traveling with Bee Bee and Bella is to see how happy they are when we are checking in to new hotels," Scottie Mom Suzanne told us. "They will race down the hallway to get to the room we are checking in to and they get a lot of 'how cute' compliments from people."

Bee Bee and Bella travel with their Scottie Mom and Dad by car to their vacation destinations. They typically stay in dog-friendly hotels but have used Airbnb as well. A travel blogger with an impressive 6.6 million followers on Instagram, Scottie Mom Suzanne says the most memorable accommodations have been the St. Regis in Aspen, Colorado and any of the Ritz-Carlton hotels

"When we travel by car, we use collapsible, soft crates," Scottie Mom Suzanne said. "They will stay inside the crates during our trips - it is more safe for them that way - and they love having their own 'home' during the trips. Bella loves staying in the crate at the hotels."

To make the pups feel more at home while traveling, Scottie Mom Suzanne recommends bringing favorite toys and blankets in addition to the pups' usual food and treats. These small creature comforts can help a traveling pup relax and have fun so they are even more excited to explore their surroundings when they set out with their humans for an adventure. 

"I love taking Bee Bee and Bella to places we can walk a lot," Scottie Mom Suzanne said. "Some of our recommendations are Vail and Aspen in Colorado; Portland, Oregon; Glacier National Park in Montana; and Miami, Florida. People are very dog-friendly in Miami. One time, we were walking down the Lincoln Road Mall and somebody stopped us so they could take pictures of Bee Bee and Bella."

What are Bee Bee and Bella's favorite parts of traveling, you ask? According to Scottie Mom Suzanne, they love discovering new places to sniff and terrier-tories to mark! Tell us: what are some pet-friendly places you have traveled with your pups?

Scottie Luau

Our friends in Peru know how to pawty! Recently, they got together for a luau-themed Scottish Terrier meetup. These adorable Scotties came dressed in their best and posed for lots of photos so the Scottie Mom community didn't miss out on the  fun. Have a Scottish Terrier meetup in your area you want to share with us? Leave the event details in the comments section below.

The Very Best of #TooCuteTuesday

Each week, we celebrate cute Scottish Terriers everywhere on the Scottie Mom Facebook page. For years, Scottie Moms and Dads have sent in photos of their fur babies to share with the world. With #TooCuteTuesday around the corner, what better way to whet your appetite for all the cuteness to come than to showcase some of the most popular pups? Below are 10 of the top #TooCuteTuesday posts of all time. Want to share photos of your Scottie dog with us? Head over to our Facebook page!

Friends, say hello to Rosely, Renesmee, Jasper, Jake, Edward and Bella the #TooCuteTuesday Scotties from South Africa. #InternationalScottieLove
Posted by Scottie Mom on Tuesday, November 17, 2015

She's one lucky Scottie Mom! Look at all that Scottie puppy cuteness!! #TooCuteTuesday
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We're not begging. Just patiently waiting for a treat! #TooCuteTuesday
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Double the #TooCuteTuesday cuteness with Merida and Elinor!
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A bin full of Scottie puppy cuteness! #TooCuteTuesday
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What a pawesome Scottie family portrait! #TooCuteTuesday
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Who wants a dinner date with this well-dressed pup? Looking good, Hami! #TooCuteTuesday
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That face! Slippers the Scottie is just too cute this #TooCuteTuesday!!
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How cute are these three? Say hello to #TooCuteTuesday Scotties Ainsli, Lili and Pippin!
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Ready for a true #cutenessoverload? Allow us to introduce Miss Bonnie Blue, friends! #TooCuteTuesday
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A Scottie Love Story to Remember

Say what you will about social media but if it wasn't for Facebook, Scotties Pixie and Dixie would not be where they are today. Two years ago, we shared a post from Flathead County Animal Shelter in Kalispell, Montana on the Scottie Mom Facebook page. Within a short while, hundreds had commented and shared in hopes of finding a safe and loving home for this bonded pair who had been surrendered to the shelter along with a chocolate Labrador Retriever and Jack Russell Terrier. 

That's when Scottie Mom Michele stepped forward. 

"I didn’t belong to any Scottie rescue group pages, only the Scottie Mom page," Michele told us in an email. "I saw the picture of Pixie and Dixie and felt so sorry for them, sitting in the shelter and waiting for a home. I began to wonder if it was a crazy idea to adopt them. Then, I Googled how far it was from Reno, Nevada to Kalispell - which is almost at the Canadian border. There were flights to Kalispell from Reno but because it was June, the summer animal travel embargo was in effect so they couldn’t fly home with me." 

After getting a hold of the team at Flathead County Animal Shelter who agreed to hold Pixie and Dixie long enough for her to make the journey north, Scottie Mom Michele booked a flight and made reservations to rent a car for the 1,028 mile (or 14.5 hour) journey home. 

"When I landed in Montana, it was pouring rain," Scottie Mom Michele said. "I got my car, set the navigation system and headed for the shelter. The people there went back to get both the girls and brought them out to me but they were very skittish (and very overweight – they each weighed about 30 pounds and they are little dogs). I was so happy to meet them! They were just scared. I walked them to the car and they jumped into the back seat and off we went."

Remember Scotties Pixie and Dixie in Montana? They met their new Scottie Mom today! Hip-hip-ArRRoO for happy tales and happy tails!!
Posted by Scottie Mom on Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A quick stop at Petsmart and the trio went to check in at a nearby hotel for the evening. That's when I received the following message from Scottie Mom Michele via Facebook. 

"They are very timid, but I have already gotten a Scottie kiss from one of them," Scottie Mom Michele said. "These two little girls don't even respond to their names. They are extremely shy and are hanging out under the desk in the hotel room. They are great car riders, which will come in handy as we make the 1000 mile trek back to Reno." 

The next morning, Scottie Mom Michele woke up to see both girls standing with their front paws on the bed - seemingly ready for the day's adventures! They journeyed eight hours to Twin Falls, Idaho where they spent their second night together in another hotel. That's when I received another Facebook message from Michele. 

"A quick update on today's travels with Pixie and Dixie," Scottie Mom Michele wrote. "They are such good little travelers and so sweet, they sleep practically the entire time they are in the car but are ready to get out and walk as soon as I stop. They didn't eat anything last night, but today they are drinking plenty of water and have eaten a little. I can already see that they are warming up!"

At home in Reno, Pixie and Dixie finally got to meet the family including their new Scottie brother, Puck, known to be extremely social and very loving to other dogs.

Pixie smiling for the camera while Dixie says hello to Puck.

"It was a leap of faith to adopt two dogs who I had not had a meet-and-greet with but I knew we could give them a forever home, lots of love, and that everything would turn out fine," Scottie Mom Michele said. "I love walking in the door at the end of the day, to be greeted by all three, with wagging tails and kisses." 

Nearly two years later, Pixie and Dixie are down to 24 pounds each. They go for long walks twice per day with their Scottie Dad and love to play and run around with Puck. Their personalities have begun to shine through and they aren't afraid to snuggle up with the humans whenever they please. In December, Dixie had knee surgery requiring eight weeks of rehabilitation. She has recovered nicely. 

“My advice would be to make sure that you give a rescue plenty of time to adjust; it doesn’t happen overnight," Scottie Mom Michele said. "It takes time to earn their trust and their love and they need you not to give up on them. You never know what they have been through. It is so worth it!”

Pixie today

Dixie today