Stop in the name of Scottie Love

[caption id="attachment_2532" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Mr. K says, "STOP in the name of Scottie love..." Mr. K says, "STOP in the name of Scottie love..."[/caption]

Rarely is Mr. K seen without his one, true love: a squeaky tennis ball. His preference would be to have one with him at all times. The tennis ball, however, doesn't feel the same way. It is a case of unrequited love, when you think about it...I can't imagine enjoying being slobbered on, chewed up, spit out and ripped apart all together. Still, Mr. K fights hard for what he loves and when his beloved tennis ball tries to roll away, he's not shy about chasing after it until it succumbs. What's the one thing your pup can't live without?

Scottie Whodunnit: The Treat Bag Thief

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Who me?"]image[/caption]

On a beautiful spring night such as this, the last thing I expected to come home to was another Scottie whodunnit mystery. But as we Scottie Moms know, it is often when we least expect it when mischief strikes. Upon my return, I noticed Heather was overly happy albeit a little sheepish if you approached her - a clear sign she had been up to something. Mr. K, on the other hand, was acting just as guilty - a trait we have yet to decode as meaning, "guilty as charged" or the innocent bystander who hates being implicated in a crime he didn't commit.

The real culprit, though, is not who you might think. In this case, Scottie Dad is to blame. You see, Scottie Dad will never learn: there is a rhyme and reason I keep certain items in certain places and it is best they are not messed with. It only leads to trouble and a very unhappy Scottie Mom when he does. Heather and Mr. K, however, are more than delighted to be there when he forgets this important life Iesson and they are proud to demonstrate just how creative and mischievous Scotties can be...because, obviously, he forgot that, too.

Earlier today, Scottie Dad made the mistake of moving a coveted bag of toys and treats Scottie Mom had hidden away from the fur kids with the intention to donate its contents to Atlanta Humane Society. In an effort to prompt Scottie Mom to take it sooner than later, he placed the bag in a more visible location, atop the TV stand. Sure, its new location may have appeared to the untrained eye to be out of a Scottie's reach but as any seasoned Scottie Mom knows, this is hardly a challenge for a Scottie and nothing is out of a Scottie's reach when treats are involved.

The worst part is that the bag had been moved completely unbeknownst to me. I never took note of its new location and so, Heather and Mr. K were left alone for approximately three hours with the bag within their reach. Obviously, it doesn't take that long for a Scottie - especially a street smart one like Heather - to figure out where the treasure lies. You can pretty much imagine how this was a completely advantageous situation for the Scotties and you can bet they enjoyed every minute of it.

Naturally, when we came home from dinner downtown, we came home to a disaster. Toys and wrappers covered the floor. My first reaction was, "what is all this? " and it was followed by immediate concern as to whether Mr. K found the small tennis balls designed for dogs much smaller than him. Luckily, the answer was no. My second concern was how much had Heather consumed. Unluckily, it seems as though she tore through two small snack packs of treats and may have taken a small of the plastic down with it.

All was cleaned up in a matter of minutes and we are continuing to watch over Heather in particular as she is the one who is usually the treat thief and I can pretty much guarantee she was the first to catch Scottie Dad's error and take advantage of it. However, let this finally be a lesson learned by Scottie Dad: if you see random items stashed away from the pups, there is likely a reason for it and it may be in your best interest (and the Scotties') to leave it alone!

5 Signs You Are Meant To Be A Scottie Mom

It's true: Scottish Terriers aren't necessarily for everyone. But if you're one of the lucky ones who finds themselves enamored by the breed, you know you're in for an adventure. Here are five signs that show you just might be destined to be a Scottie Mom (if you're not already).

- You're one tough cookie. Scotties were nicknamed the Diehards for a reason. If you're tough on the outside but a little soft on the inside (although you'd never admit have a reputation to uphold!), you'll easily relate to a Scottish Terrier's character. Scottie dogs come ready to take on the world and are fearless in their quests. What remains to be seen is who is the more stubborn of the two: a Scottish Terrier or the Scottie Mom (or Dad)?

- You dig tartan. As a kid, you gravitated toward the clothes with little black Scottie dogs worked into the pattern, especially if the garments were black, red, white, tartan or any combination of the aforementioned. As an adult, your taste has matured - perhaps for the finer things in life. Acquired taste and selectiveness is not necessarily a bad thing though...just ask the "Snotty Scotties."

- You don't play by the rules. Neither does the Scottie. In fact, if you and a Scottish Terrier went to obedience school, a Scottie might actually do better than you. On second thought, maybe not.

- Your favorite character from Disney's classic movie Lady and the Tramp is Jock, even though the story centers on a Cocker Spaniel and a stray dog. Sure, he's a little grumpy in the movie but his character is so well-defined and loveable, you're able to overlook that small detail because his better qualities (loyalty, watchfulness and desire to protect) outshine everything else.

- Like the Scottie, you're passionate about the things in life you love and cherish. You may be a bit reserved when you meet someone but you bring nothing but smiles to those closest to you and you do everything in your power to look out for them.

Think you got what it takes to be a Scottie Mom? Take this Animal Planet quiz and see if a Scottish Terrier is your Top Dog and let us know your Scottish Terrier compatibility score!

Anti-gravitational Scottie

[caption id="attachment_2460" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Look, Scottie Mom - no feet! Look, Scottie Mom - no feet![/caption]

Anyone who has ever witnessed a Scottie dog running full speed ahead knows they appear to be levitating at times, their little paws hardly touching the ground below. Sometimes, we get lucky and catch this amazing feat on camera like the photo above in which it appears Mr. K has no back legs. What do you suppose has him running like so?

The Scottie Mom Learning Curve

[caption id="attachment_2501" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Instructor K, at your service. Instructor K, at your service.[/caption]

We Scottie Moms have to be quick on our feet. You just never know what our Scottish Terriers might come up with to surprise us, teach us something new and make us better Scottie Moms. The learning curve never seems to end. And as someone who had not previously owned a dog of my own before, my Scottie Mom learning curve skyrocketed the minute Mr. K entered my life.

A few weeks ago, I received an email from a fellow Scottie Mom who wanted to know if all the adventures and Scottie life lessons come from my own experiences or if I write based on what others write me about. Truth be told, everything up until this point has been based on something Heather or Mr. K has done, has gone through or has inspired. The thought of opening up a "Scottie Mom forum" so-to-speak, had not entered my mind until this fellow Scottie Mom asked me:
I am curious about Fiona and Winston's behavior, whether they love to be around me or are scared to lose me due to their past. I was wondering if you could ask other Scottie parents about their experiences. Winston was always an indicator where I was. My ex would look for Winston to know which room I was in...Now that my ex is out of the picture, [Winston] only needs to be in the same house. Fiona, on the other hand, would sleep on the couch - never in my room. She would also go to the bedroom if I were in the living room. Now, she is my little shadow but not to extremes. She'll be in the living room if I am in the kitchen, craft room if I am there and only needs to be at my door while I am bathing, never underfoot. So, is this typical Scottie behavior or rescued love?


I think the best way to approach this is to recognize that every Scottie is different and with rescue Scotties like Winston and Fiona, it is impossible to know what they have been through before finding themselves happily in your home. That being said, Scotties are also independent creatures. Take Heather, for example: she prefers sleeping in corners of rooms away from everyone but not so far that she can't see everyone. I think that's her way of keeping her independence while looking out for those she loves. On the contrary, I was told after boarding them for the first time that Heather wouldn't let Mr. K out of her sight for an instant - that part, I'm afraid, was more reassurance for herself that I hadn't abandoned her rather than concern for Mr. K.


In the past, Mr. K's behavior has been similar to Winston's when it comse to ex-boyfriends. Some, he'd never let get too close and others, he'd roll right over for a belly rub. He also would lead Scottie Dad to me when I wasn't well and, at other times, was quick to warn those (Scottie Dad included) he didn't yet trust not to mess with his Scottie Mom...or else. That being said, I am a true believer in an animal's instinct - especially a Scottie dog's. If the Scottie doesn't like the person you are with (friend or otherwise), take that as a cue.


At some point or another, both Heather and Mr. K have acted as my shadow - or at least, it appears that way. It can be hard to tell which of us is following the other in our 850-square-foot apartment! When it was just Mr. K and me, there definitely was some separation anxiety...especially after I lost my job and was at home with him for nearly four months straight. I often made random trips to the grocery store and such just to give him some alone time so he wouldn't become completely dependent on my presence. To this day, though, if Mr. K was given a choice, his preference would be to be by my side...and, truth be told, that would be my choice as well!


So, all in all, I would weigh in saying that Winston and Fiona are exerting typical Scottie behavior - however, this opinion is limited to my experiences with Heather and Mr. K. With that in mind, I'd like to offer up the opportunity for other Scottie Moms and Dads to weigh in on the topic below so we can keep the Scottie Mom (and Dad!) learning curve going. Much love, The Scottie Mom.

Play Day Sunday

20130421_160040 20130421_153000 20130421_153807 20130421_154137 20130421_155611

Heather and Mr. K were invited to spend time with a new Scottie friend named Valentine. The Scottie trio (plus retriever friend Moxie!) enjoyed an afternoon of hoarding toys, chewing bones and playing fetch. In fact, Heather and Mr. K have done nothing but rest their eyes and enjoy a good meal since coming home. Many thanks to Valentine's Scottie Mom for having us over!

12 Videos of Scottish Terriers You MUST See

The Scottie Mom pups are pros when it comes to cheesing for the camera. When it comes to video, however, not so much (but we're learning!). So, until we master the art of video production and you can watch their adventures in motion pictures, I decided to do some "research" and scout out some of the best videos of Scottish Terriers out there right now. Here are the first round of Scottie Mom video awards...think you have one we'd all enjoy? Feel free to send it our way!

First up, the Synchronized Scotties Award goes to...(and no surprise here) the Scottie Pinwheel!

By now, I'm sure every Scottie Mom has seen this video but shortly after their claim to fame, these adorable pup grew up and before long, they were ready for their new homes. Check out their "Scottie Pinwheel Farewell" video.


Next, we have the Best Drama Award which goes to the western short film, "Scottie Tails Shoot-out." It's all up to the fastest paw in the West out when Scotties Boone and Kenzie disagree.

Hands down, the Best Scottie Dog Dupe Award goes to Scotties Guinness and Fenway, who think they're going for a W-A-L-K when they hear the words spoken from a computer. Watch their reactions.

The World Travelers Video Award goes to...Kenzie and Boone of Scottie Tails! These pups have seen more of the world than most Scottie Moms! Watch their globe trotting adventures.

The Most Unexpected Award goes to: Scottish Terrier and Kitten Play. A Scottish Terrier is so distracted by a toy that the silly pup isn't even bothered by a C-A-T on the floor beside her. Even more surprising, this cute pup backs out to let the C-A-T play for a bit!

Basil the Scottie can not only ArRRroOo, but he can have an entire conversation with his hooman ArRRroOo-ing, earning him the Best ArRRroOo Award. Check out how he communicates.

Next up, we have the Sweet as Pie Award, which goes to Baby Scottie plays with Tomato. Sounds strange but watch it and see how cute a little pup swatting a tomato across the floor can be.

Forget Snow Angels. Let's see some Snow Scotties! The Snow Scottie Award goest to Lana, who loves some fresh snow! Watch her in action.

Ever cross a Scottie that didn't want to do what they were told? Try telling Frida she's going to get a bath! See how she reacts and why we're giving her the Best Scottie-tude Award.

This Scottish Terrier knows the secret to a deep slumber. Find out what you need to get some serious rest and relaxation by watching the Scottie who wins the Best Bedtime Ritual Award.

To wrap up this round of awards, we present the Best Action Award to Hitchcock the agility Scottie! Check out his moves. Prepare to be WOW-ed (or ArRRrOo-ed).

Mr. K Day

I became a Scottie Mom in April 2010. When Mr. K entered my life, I had no way of knowing what adventures he had in store for us and just how much he would help me grow into the person I am today. It is funny how Scotties have a way of rescuing their Scottie Moms and Dads even though the opposite was intended. When I met Mr. K, I was embarking on a journey of my own and was looking for a partner in crime. And once I found him, I knew I could never let him go. The year 2010, without a doubt, was one of the best I have had yet. Only 23, I had a lot yet to learn and Mr. K was there to see to it that the two of us got through the ups and downs together.

That year, we broke out of our shells (Mr. K wasn't always so boisterous, you know), dealt with a number of conflicting personalities - on the human and the canine front - and came out on top when life events left us at our worst. I came to Mr. K's aid when he had been abandoned and he later came to mine when the table had been turned. They say that if you look close enough, you can see a resemblance between a dog and its owner. In many ways, Mr. K is my soul mate: loyal to the core, unbelievably stubborn, proud and yes, at times, a little mischievous. I believe the same is true for Miss Heather and her Scottie Dad, whether or not he chooses to acknowledge it. Both are loving and they wear their hearts on their sleeves, easily making friends and winning over crowds.

How these two small, 20-something pound dogs can have such a big impact on my world - so much so they have their own blog, I'll never know. What I do know is that years ago, I was compelled to adopt a dog instead of a cat (I'm sure Mr. K willed that decision to happen considering his distaste for the creature!) and I haven't looked back since. After all, once a Scottie Mom...always a Scottie Mom. And it is all thanks to you, Mr. K.

Scottie House Hunting

[caption id="attachment_2444" align="aligncenter" width="584"]Realtor Scottie at your service, sniffing out great views. Realtor Scottie at your service, sniffing out great views.[/caption]

Mr. K here. Scottie Mom and Dad are out on the town continuing their search for a house fit for two Scotties...and, if we're lucky and Scottie Mom gets her way, two more Scotties down the line! How fun it would be to have not one, not two but THREE siblings. We could chase tennis balls, play tug and get random cases of the zoomies all day...

Anyway, Scottie Mom asked if I could take over the blog and update our friends since she and Scottie Dad have been out a lot looking for our future home. I said yes, but only if she promised to take Heather and me to a treat store. Good work must be rewarded, no? Plus, Scotties shouldn't work for free. Isn't there some sort of Scottie Labor Law or something? Scottie Mom said we still have lots of yummy treats left over from the goodie bags we got from the parade last weekend but I said Heather and I will have no problem eating more...especially freshly baked ones!

Well, in order to get those treats, I've got to hold up my end of the bargain and give my friends some quality entertainment. If I do a good job, let Scottie Mom know that Heather and I deserve a day out on the town of our own. Now, comes the hard part: what to write? I thought of posting a video of me acting silly but realized no one was here to catch it on camera. Then, I thought you might like to hear how I trained Scottie Mom to jump out of bed at the sound of me biting the air (I frightened her too many times with a bark, so I decided to teach her this instead). No, that's not funny enough. Wait - how about a Scottish Terrier wish list to assist those who are Scottie house hunting? That's still not funny - in fact, my list is very realistic - but we'll give it a try.

I enlisted the help of Heather in my initial research but she turned out to be virtually no help at all. Heather says we've already got what we need in a furever home: Scottie love, food and shelter. Sweet and sappy that one, isn't she? Me, I have a few other minor requirements of my new home. I had the luxury of living with Scottie Mom before Scottie Dad and Heather came around and I know what it is like to really live like a king. So, in effort to get some of that lifestyle back for Scotties everywhere, here's what I propose you look for if you are Scottie house hunting:

1. A Backyard Full of Adventures. Sure, flat grass is nice to roll around in but if you really want to go above and beyond (which you should, we are Scotties after all), landscape it like my friends Syd and Oz's Scottie Mom and Dad did with different textures, stone pathways, stairways to new adventure levels and even a water feature. Sure, you might not like it when we dive in to surprise the fishies but there's nothing better than a cool dip on a hot, summer day!

2. Special Scottie Spaces. We like to be everywhere you are so, make a little room for us with a cushioned pillow under the bay window seat in your kitchen or even at your desk in the study. See some great examples on our Pinterest page. And hey, if you want to have a never-ending treat bowl in each of these places, you won't hear us complain.

3. A Walkable Neighborhood. Scottie Moms, I can't stress this one enough: your neighborhoods have to be walkable! My Scottie Mom and I went from walking an hour or two every day, round and round in circles to walking a little strip silly city people call a "dog walk" four times a day so Heather and I can take care of business. With a walkable neighborhood, not only will we be healthier but you get to showcase your Scottie pride to every person you pass.

4. Make the Bonus Room a Bonus! Some houses come with something called a bonus room, so why not make it a true bonus? I'm thinking a room we can eat, sleep and play with soft, plush carpet (I promise not to pee!), a large bin of toys to choose from, and variety of chairs, couches and cushions to snuggle up on. If there's room to have a window seat, great - I may not like cats but they got the window watching thing down great. Plus, I need to earn my keep somehow. Might as well keep my people safe!

5. An All-Access Pass. Ok, Scottie Dads...listen up! No matter what house you decide on, one issue must be addressed: no more restricting us from certain areas of the house. If you can get your "man cave," then we should get a room of our own, too. And I choose: ALL ROOMS! Haha.

Ok, Scottie friends - your turn. What would your Scottie dream house include? Did I leave anything out or did I do a good job covering the basics?

Happy Heather Day

Mr. K needed a friend...that much I knew. The two of us were in a new place and my work hours kept me away from him more than I would have liked. Now that we had been settled for just over three months in Atlanta, I figured it was time to search for a furever friend.

I emailed Tennessee Scottish Terrier Rescue, telling them I was interested in taking on another Scottie. I didn't have a preference for the age, gender, etc. The most important thing was that he or she get along with Mr. K. About a week later, I was looking on Petfinder and I saw a beautiful picture of a wheaten Scottie (above). I had seen wheatens before but never a color like this. And then, I read the description below and decided I had to give this little girl a happy home.

"Heather is a sweetie and very easily pleased. She will make herself available for back scratching at the drop of a hat. Her tail wags non-stop, her beautiful eyes show how much she loves being with a family and her sweet attitude is without a doubt a trick to win people over. She has had some type of trauma to the upper right portion of her mouth as some teeth are missing. She was apparently allowed to roam and got into someone's garbage too many times, so she was trapped in a raccoon or line trap. Heather needs a home with a traditionally fenced yard, and no small children, but she is good with both dogs and cats."

I was sold then and there. It was the hardest thing to wait until the next morning to inquire about her. Unbeknownst to me, this wheaten Scottie was also part of the Tennessee Scottish Terrier Rescue. They gave me a number to call her foster Scottie family and within a week, Mr. K and I met with Heather's foster Scottie Mom and Dad so we could be introduced to his forever friend.

While I can't say it was love at first sight for Heather and Mr. K (they both ignored each other and Mr. K showed more interest in the Scottie puppy Heather's foster family had brought with them), I think it goes without saying that the two are "attached to the hip" nowadays. It seems as though it was just yesterday we brought this sweet girl into our home and I can't imagine life without her now.

To see what our darling Miss Heather looked like when she was rescued, visit Heather's foster Scottie Dad's blog. Can you recognize the face behind all that hair? What a difference a Scottie hair cut can make! Many thanks goes out to Heather's foster family for temporarily housing this sweet girl until I could find her (and for letting me take her from you...that couldn't have been easy!).

From the moment she stepped through my apartment door, I knew she was home. We went out for some mommy-and-me time shortly after dinner. I let her pick out a new baby blue bed and some other accessories to make her feel special. Once we had them home, however, she decided she liked Mr. K's brown bed better and so, Mr. K was forced to inherit the girly one.

Yes, my Scottie girl knows what she wants and I do believe she knows how to get it. Today, I'm sure she would want nothing more than for other Scotties to be given the opportunity to find a furever home like hers. So, in honor of Happy Heather Day, I humbly ask our friends to consider making a contribution of any kind to your local rescue group in Heather's honor. ArRRroO!

Scottie Got Your Tongue


Looks like Mr. K's a little tongue-tied this Wordless Wednesday so he won't be saying much. I wonder what tongue twister he was coming up with to impress his friends that resulted in him looking so goofy?

March on, Scotties

It's official: Heather and Mr. K took part in their first Scottie parade! And, they were honored to be asked to take the lead of the Scottish Terrier Club of Greater Atlanta's rescue parade. They did great - until they found an area with treat crumbs on the floor. Then, it was nearly impossible to get them moving again but with time and patience, we finally made it to the end.

Every Scottie that participated in the parade really and truly had a story. I was deeply moved by the tales of struggle, abandonment, neglect and recovery these rescue Scotties had gone through. One Scottie spent three months in the hospital with severe burns that required some sort of skin graft. A few were rescued from puppy mills and other really bad and irresponsible breeding situations. Then there was Moses, a 15-year-old Scottish Terrier who did his very best to finish the short walk. Still others had thousands of dollars worth of necessary veterinary care needed before they could even start their search for a furever home.

As a rescue Scottie Mom, I've learned each Rescue Scottie has their own scars, marks or traits that tell us just how far they have come but more importantly, each has a smile that shows what the power of rescue efforts and a little Scottie love can do. This could not have been any more evident than at the parade itself. By far, the number of rescue Scotties outdid the number of those there to compete in and/or watch the specialty shows. What does that tell us?

First, it tells us that the Scottish Terrier rescue coordination efforts are extraordinary. That foster and rescue Scottie Moms and Dads have done a great job stepping up to the plate and finishing a job someone else started but didn't have the love, resources, patience or ability to see it through. It also tells us that there is a lot of work to be done, educating people on the importance of spaying and neutering our pets, reporting irresponsible breeders that exploit our beloved Scotties and looking out for the best interests of our breed by lending a hand (and home) to a Scottish Terrier in need.

Group photo!
Congratulations to each of the Scotties that marched with Heather and Mr. K on Sunday! You made your Scottie Moms and Dads proud. And, for the new Scottie Moms and Dads that discovered us at the parade, please feel free to take part in our Be Inspired by a Scottie series and submit your pup's tale to thescottiemom(at)gmail(dot)com for consideration on our blog. Also, a big thank you goes out to the Scottish Terrier Club of Greater Atlanta for the rescue Scottie ribbons and goodie bags. I assure you Heather will devour the treats and Mr. K will destroy the toys promptly. Much love, The Scottie Mom.

Meet Mr. Spock

[caption id="attachment_2348" align="aligncenter" width="500"]20130330_184658 Wanna play, Mr. K?[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_2349" align="aligncenter" width="500"]20130330_184856 Who and what the heck are you?[/caption]

Heather and Mr. K's Scottie Grandpadre has always loved basset hounds from afar. You see, nearly 14 years ago, evil C-A-T-S took over his house and he has never gotten to own one. Until Mr. Spock came along. Mr. Spock - as you can tell - is a fluffy, stuffed animal version of a basset who lives in the room my own fur kids claim as their own when they visit their Scottie Grandparents.

Last weekend, Heather and Mr. K were happily hanging around their domain when Mr. Spock decided to make his presence known for the first time. Knowing how territorial some Scottie boys can be, you can imagine Mr. K's reaction at the startling sighting of this strange dog in his room. First, there was a low growl as Mr. Spock poked his head around the corner. Then, there was a bark. Next, he charged toward the intruder who had this amazing ability to jump really high in the sky and land in Scottie Dad's hands above his head for protection.

Mr. K took this as a sign that his foe had surrendered and turned away to find his favorite green toy. Slowly, Mr. Spock snuck up on him and attempted to play. At first, this was not okay with Mr. K, who responded by charging at Mr. Spock. This time, Mr. Spock charged back. Mr. K hadn't expected this and took off looking for safety. Then, he changed his mind and turned back around mid-sprint, spotted Mr. Spock and came after him again. Again, Mr. Spock charged back. The two went on and on chasing each other in circles around the living room until finally, Mr. K stopped. He sat smiling with a dangling pink tongue that showed he approved of his new friend's ability to keep up. Thus, Mr. K allowed for the coveted nose-to-nose sniff and a new friendship was born.

Scot vs. Predator


It's a Scottish Terrier standoff this Wordless Wednesday. A classic tale of the battle between good and evil. An evil C-A-T was spotted spying on Heather and Mr. K from just across the room. Now, the C-A-T and the Scots are engaging in some sort of never-ending staring (or glaring) contest. Lucky for the C-A-T, the Scots appear to be on leash. But will the C-A-T's evil ways provoke the Scots into action? Only time will tell...Hold onto your tails, furry friends! This one's bound to be good.

Friends Furever

[caption id="attachment_2334" align="aligncenter" width="500"]IMG_3076 Group hug![/caption]

If you're alone, I'll be your cuddle bug. If you want to cry, I'll be your rock. If you want a hug, I'll be your soft, snuggly pillow. If you want adventure, just say the word - I've got plenty of tricks and mischief up my sleeves. If you need to be happy, I'll wag my tail and do silly things until you smile. And anytime you need a friend, I'll just be me...a Scottish Terrier.
- The Wise Scottie