Raining on Sunday


They say a little rain never hurt anyone but Heather and Mr. K aren't particular fans of it. Still, nature calls and every once in a while, they are forced to venture out in the rain to take care of business. Fortunately, there was just a light drizzle today. Heather and Mr. K donned their rain gear anyway and "braved" the weather long enough to catch these cute shots! Had it rained any more than it was, there is no doubt Heather would have walked right back into the Scottie House. Why is it that some pups refuse to pee in the rain? Heather offered this explanation in her last Scottie manifesto

Celebrating Independence Day - Scottie Style!


Today, Heather and Mr. K are showing off their patriotism in style! How will you and your pups be celebrating the Fourth of July this weekend? Don't tell Heather and Mr. K...but they're about to be surprised with festive, star-shaped doggie treats in commemoration of Independence Day holiday. Yum! Be safe, have fun and watch out for those fireworks, friends. Much love, The Scottie Mom.

Visit with the V-E-T

Two nights ago, I woke up to the sound of what I can only describe as persistent coughing. I got up, looked around and saw it was Mr. K. He appeared to be struggling - whether it was to get air or get something out of his throat, I can't be sure. After about 30 seconds, it was over and Mr. K was fast asleep and snoring as usual in no time. Still, I stayed awake fearing it would happen again. 

Yesterday, we took a trip to a local pet store and amid all the excitement, Mr. K started the same coughing fit when we got back in the car. This time, I was especially alarmed. The noises Mr. K made sounded exactly like the coughs dear Cousin Snackle made as his heart condition grew worse. Then, it dawned on me: Mr. K had been panting much more than usual and even cut play time short to catch his breath. Could it be more than the summer heat catching up with Mr. K?

Morning came and the two of us took a special trip to the V-E-T. We had just visited in May for annual checkups and everything was fine for Mr. K. (Heather showed rather low blood sugar levels...more on that to come.) Because of his symptoms and the canine influenza scare going around, the V-E-T asked us to come in through the back and be seated in a special exam room. There, Mr. K and I waited to talk to the V-E-T about these unusual symptoms that have recently presented.

While there appears to be no fluid in his lungs and his heart has no arrhythmia, the V-E-T could not rule out an enlarged heart. But first, we are treating for kennel cough and bronchitis with Doxycycline. If there is no improvement of symptoms by Monday, we will likely pay a visit to a cardiologist or get an X-ray to take a closer look at Mr. K's heart in the coming weeks. Paws crossed for good results, please!

A Trip to City Dog Market


So, I'm pretty sure today did not go as Heather and Mr. K planned. Usually, Sundays are relaxing days for us in which they are spoiled with belly rubs and snuggles at home. Today, we decided to do something different and set out for a little adventure to City Dog Market for a surprise B-A-T-H.

It had been a while since we visited what I've always considered one of the best doggie boutiques in Atlanta. Years ago, I had bought adorable matching collars for Heather and Mr. K there and I was hopeful I could score harnesses this time. We shopped around while we waited for the self-washing stations to become available. Mr. K was immediately attracted to the treats and then, of course, the squeaky toys. He made it clear which he wanted to take home with him by pulling the tiniest squeaky balls I've ever seen off the rack...twice!

After about 20 minutes of perusing the goods, the self-washing stations became available. Up until this point, Heather and Mr. K probably thought they were on a shopping spree for treats and toys. They weren't at all suspicious of the rooms to their right with other doggies covered in suds and toweling off. That all changed the minute we got in there and suddenly, their lovely Scottie smiles were wiped off their faces.

Lucky for me, those smiles weren't gone for long. The team at City Dog Market were very generous with treats and even gave us a goodie bag to take with us on the road home. I may have even purchased another surprise for Heather and Mr. K to enjoy next weekend! Tell us, friends, how often do you give your pups a B-A-T-H? 

Pet-Friendly Ways to Keep a Clean Floor

I, sweet Heather Beather, am notorious for "washing" the floors for Scottie Mom with my tongue. You just never know where you might find a scrap of something yummy.
Despite my handy work, Scottie Mom always brings out a steam mop to clean the floors one more time. I promise you, Scottie Mom: I got this - there's no need to clean up after me!
The minute she finishes washing the floors, Mr. K likes to bring out his toys and run around on the freshly steamed floors so everyone can see his paw prints and so he can begin painting the floors with doggie slobber once more!

One of the most common questions I'm asked by Scottie Mom friends and fans - right after how I get my pups to pose for the camera so well and what "Mr. K" actually stands for - is how the Scottie House hardwood floors always seem so clean and shiny with two dogs running about the house. Until recently, there was no real secret to keeping it clean. Just some good, old-fashioned elbow grease and a bucket of hot water mixed with a bit of vinegar.

The process of cleaning the hardwoods in the Scottie House by hand takes approximately four hours. Needless to say, we have a lot of hardwood flooring in the house - only the bedrooms have carpet. Washing the floors used to be an extremely laborious process but after going through two separate health scares that inspired this blog, I simply wasn't willing to risk another health scare by using any cleaning product with which Heather and Mr. K might come into contact.


Read about Mr. K's brush with death here. To this day, we still don't have a diagnosis.


A few months ago, Scottie Dad came home with a Bissell Powerfresh Steam Mop. Truth be told, I wasn't too happy about it at first. I had heard steam mops shorten the life of the hardwood flooring over time and I was still skeptical about using anything other than water, vinegar and a few old rags to spruce up the place. Still, Scottie Dad insisted we give the steam mop a try because it only used water - no harsh chemicals. Reluctantly, I gave in and I'm so glad I did. The time it took me to clean the hardwood floors was reduced by 90 percent and the floors felt just as clean beneath my feet.

This was huge. Having accepted a job that takes me about an hour and half away from home, I had less time to do household chores and spend time with my precious pups. To find something that was pet-friendly and gave me back more than 3.5 hours of my time was priceless. I'm pretty sure Heather and Mr. K approve, too, as this little steam mop doesn't make loud noises like that big, bad vacuum cleaner does. Most of the time, Heather and Mr. K will rest in their Scottie beds and observe the steam mop hard at work - even when it is just inches away from their beds.

Now, we want to hear from you: what pet- and family-friendly cleaning tips and tricks do you have to share for keeping the Scottie House so fresh and clean? Comment below!

A Scottie Mom in the Making

Our feline cousin Cruz snuggling with the baby bump!
Heather and Mr. K are going to be an aunt and uncle! In less than three months, they will welcome their niece into the world and will commence training on the second generation of Scottie Moms in our family. We couldn't be more excited! In shopping for our little niece, we've found that there is a healthy variety of children's clothes out there featuring Scottish Terriers and, of course, we're working on building her wardrobe of Scottie-patterned clothing. Please keep your eyes sharp, friends, and be sure to comment below with your favorite Scottie finds for mom, baby and the nursery so we can all run out to the stores and collect them before they're gone!