eBook: Scottish Terriers of the World

If there's one thing that Project: International Scottie Love taught me, it is that Scottish Terriers are everywhere! From Scotland to New Zealand and Canada to Argentina, Scottie dogs are leaving paw prints on hearts all over the world. The evidence is in my eBook, Scottish Terriers of the World

Scottish Terriers of the World
Countries represented in Scottish Terriers of the World, Vol. 1

The first volume in a series of Scottish Terriers of the World eBooks, this edition introduces readers to Scottie dogs living in more than 20 countries. A total of 25 Scotties were chosen as ambassadors for their terrier-tories in this first edition. Meet a few of these ambassadors in this sneak preview. 

Scottish Terriers of the World

Scottish Terriers of the World

Already, I've heard from hundreds of Scottie Moms and Dads, and the search for Scottish Terriers around the world is only just beginning! Soon, I once again will set out to find even more Scottie dogs living abroad and will eventually select new ambassadors from terrier-tories across the globe for the next edition of my eBook, Scottish Terriers of the World.

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Scottish Terriers of Instagram

With glitter beards now a thing of the past, many Scottish Terriers of Instagram are doing their best to bring upon the next big Internet phenomenon: snow beards! It is clear that, at least among Scottie dogs, snow beards are "in" this season. Just look at some of the photos showcasing some impressive snow beards below! Share photos of your Scottish Terriers' snow beards with us on Instagram using #ScottishTerriersofInstagram and tagging @TheScottieMom. 

Life's a Beach with Beachin' Biscuits

Ever discover a place that's been hiding under your  nose and you wonder why you didn't find it sooner? That's exactly how I feel about Beachin' Biscuits, a small family-owned and operated business selling organic, homemade dog treats right here in Georgia. A colleague and fellow devoted dog mom gave the Scottie Mom crew a gift card to Beachin' Biscuits. And I'm so glad she did!

The owner Britt started baking homemade treats for her four adopted dogs (and any foster dogs she and her husband might have at any given time) when she decided she didn't want to feed her dogs things with ingredients she couldn't pronounce. Plus, like Mr. K - and I'm starting to suspect Nibbles and Pudley as well - three of her dogs had allergies so I was more than willing to give these treats a try...and so was the Scottie Mom crew. Here's what I ordered from their website:

Beachin' Biscuits Mini Cran-Apple Donuts

Beachin' Biscuits Mini Milk & Cookies Donuts

Beachin' Biscuits Mini Punkin' Donuts

When the package arrived, the Scottie Mom crew didn't know what to think. It wasn't until the treats revealed themselves that they started dancing around the house as if the Overtreater suddenly appeared. And after just a taste of each flavor, I think I can safely say that I have won these Scottie hearts back! For quite some time, their favorite person in the whole world has been the Overtreater (and perhaps, understandably so...who else spoils them with way too many treats?).

Nibbles and Pudley were very curious about this special delivery.

Mr. K debated which to taste first...cran-apple, milk and cookies, or punkin' donuts.

Clearly, the mini donuts were a hit with Nibbles. Here she is smiling while she's chewing. 

Pudley didn't need much time to decide on the milk and cookies flavor first.
I'll be trying Beachin' Biscuits again, not only because they're local and the dogs loved their products but because I'm intrigued by the gluten-free and vegan options that supposedly make great "clean" snacks for humans, too! Oh, and it doesn't hurt that a portion of proceeds are donated to local rescues. Tell us: what local favorites have you discovered in your neck of the woods?

What It Takes to Save Nine Lives

It is a tale of nine lives. Not of the feline persuasion, but of nine Scottish Terriers who found themselves in need of safe and loving homes after a terrible car accident took their Scottie Mom from this Earth. In two short days, Scottish Terrier Rescue of Brazil mobilized its members across the country for fundraising and other necessary preparations to carry out the biggest rescue effort the group had ever taken on at one time.

Max, Maya and Elisabeth right after they were taken into rescue

Four rescue members arrived at the home in which the Scottie dogs were kept in March 2016. Two of the pups went to a pet care center owned by a member of Scottish Terrier Rescue of Brazil, five more went with Ana Helena, rescue board member, to her home and the remaining two went to foster homes individually. There were no records of vaccinations and so all nine Scottish Terriers received updated shots and underwent medical evaluations that showed:
  • Bella, age 6, had otitis, bite marks and scars on her body
  • Elisabeth, age 6, also had otitis, bite marks and scars on her body
  • Jordan, age 5, was in good health
  • Maya, age 8, had otitis, a urinary tract infection and teeth needing treatment
  • Alice, age 10, experience difficulty chewing as a result of tooth loss
  • Max, age 3, had no fur on his body due to scabies plus otitis, conjunctivitis, an intestinal infection and anemia
  • Pepper, age 2, was in good health
  • Tata, age 7, had severe otitis, major arthrosis and back pain, infected mouth lesions, teeth needing urgent treatment and scars on her body as well
  • Yoshi, age 10, was underweight and had an enlarged liver, compromised prostate, a nodule on his neck, severe intestinal infection and otitis
And so, the healing process for these nine Scottish Terriers began. Tata and Yoshi, now fostered by rescue member Dani, went through surgeries to treat their problems. The others were started on medications and had frequent visits with vets. Despite their conditions, all nine Scottie dogs are extremely affectionate, giving back the attention they receive, rescue members say.

Bella and her forever family

Elisabeth and her forever family

Jordan and his forever family




Soon after they received positive evaluations from the vets, three of the dogs (Bella, Alice and Pepper) became what we lovingly refer to as "foster failures" and were adopted by the families that took them into their homes. Maya, Jordan and Elisabeth were adopted by applicants selected through the typical adoption process. Max, who underwent a long journey to recover, has since gained hair, weight and strength and no longer has infections. This Christmas, Ana Helena informed her fellow rescue members that she and her husband wanted to give Max his forever home.

Max today!


Today, Yoshi and Tata remain in the care of Dani. Yoshi has progressed well and is stronger, active and very affectionate toward those who take care of him. Tata underwent another surgery in December but it is clear both are on the right path thanks to Scottish Terrier Rescue of Brazil.

It truly takes a village to pull off rescue missions such as the one in this tale of nine lives. I want to thank Scottish Terrier Rescue of Brazil personally for the work they do, for saving these sweet pups and giving them each a chance at happily ever after. Stories like this are the reason I am so passionate about adopting Scottish Terriers (or any other animal, for that matter!). Want to join me in thanking Scottish Terrier Rescue of Brazil? Leave a comment for them in the space below or head over to their Facebook page to say hello...be sure to tell them Scottie Mom sent you!

Scottish Terriers of Instagram

What better way is there to start the New Year than by taking in a whole bunch of Scottie cuteness? I personally can't think of any. This week's Scottish Terriers of Instagram will give you all the feels, smiles and motivation you'll need to tackle those resolutions (at least for the next 7 days!). And if you've resolved to be the person your Scottie dog thinks you are, chances are you're already there but these cuties will be sure to keep you on track with their winning smiles.  

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10 Things to Remember about 2016

I know many can relate when I say 2016 was not a great year for me. In fact, it was one of the worst I've experienced thus far in life. There are days I still struggle with the life-changing events that ultimately will help shape who I am to become. Yet, I know I have much to be thankful for and wanted to find a way to express gratitude for some of the events that took place these past 12 months. And so, here are some of the Scottie Mom community's most memorable moments of 2016.

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Scottish Terriers of Instagram

With the holidays around the corner, it is clear the Scottish Terriers of Instagram are feeling pretty festive. You can find them burying their beards in the snow, snuggling up in tartan-patterned blankets and waiting patiently by the tree for Santa Paws to arrive so they can tear into gifts. Want to share your Scottish Terriers' festive photos? Post them to Instagram, tag @TheScottieMom and use #ScottishTerriersofInstagram. Be sure to follow these Scottish Terriers, too. Happy holidays!