5 Reasons to Foster Dogs

What does it take to open both heart and home to a dog that needs a place to stay until he or she is lucky enough to find a forever home? To earn the prestigious title of Foster Mom (or Dad!), one must be strong enough to love the dog as if he or she is your own and then say goodbye when the time has come. Unless, of course, you decide that foster failure is totally cool. We think so, too!

I owe the happiness I experience with three of my dogs to foster families. Without them, who knows where they would be today? They were fortunate to find a safe and loving home while they waited for one they could call their very own. For that, I'm eternally grateful. Fostering one dog may not change the world but for that one dog, life will have changed quite literally forever.

Still not convinced? Here are five additional reasons you should become a Foster Mom or Dad:

5. You're saving two dogs by opening up your home to one. By providing one foster dog a safe place in your home, you are opening up another spot within the rescue or shelter for another pup to stay while he or she awaits a foster or forever home of their own.

4. You will restore a dog's faith in humanity and life itself. When you foster a dog, you're not just providing a much-needed roof over his or her head. By socializing with your foster dog and giving him or her someone to believe in, you are opening your foster dog's heart and teaching him or her to love again, regardless of what life before you might have been like.

3. You will learn a little something, too. No two foster dogs are alike. Each have very distinct personalities and, more than likely, the dog you foster may come with some traits, habits or health/behavioral quirks you may not have encountered before. Some will teach you a thing or two about patience - if you don't already have it - and others will remind you of the importance of expressing gratitude for the simple things in life daily.

2. You're giving back in a very big way. Most people want to make a difference in life, no matter how big or small the gesture, whenever possible. Some donate funds, others donate time and talent. Still others, open their hearts and homes for foster dogs in need. The bottom line: they give. And to quote some famous person (not Winston Churchill, apparently), "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."

1. Your world (and the dog's) would be a happier place. Let's face it: it doesn't take much more than a safe and loving home to keep a dog happy. Where there's a happy dog, there's an even happier Foster Mom or Dad. Even research tells us that pets can improve overall well-being. Knowing you're making a difference is rewarding in and of itself. Knowing that your foster will never forget you for what you did makes the whole experience priceless. Just ask my three and their foster families. 

So...have I convinced you to open up your home to a foster dog yet? If so, be sure to check out our friends listed below. Know of another great Scottie rescue that may be in need of foster Scottie Moms and Dads? Let us know in the comment box below. Can't adopt or foster right now? Consider making a donation to help cover the costs of caring for Scotties in need. Together, we can save the world...one (Scottie) dog at a time!

Dinner for Two + Two

The Scottie Mom family doubled in size one week ago today with the additions of Nibbles and Pudley, two wheaten Scottish Terriers ages 5-6 years old from Scottish Terrier Rescue of Tennessee.

To celebrate the one-week anniversary of being in their forever home, we surprised the Scottie quartet with a special meal by adding Natural Balance Delectable Delights® Wet Cups to their main course.

Pudley chowed down on Woof'eroleTM, Mr. K had Fish 'N ChicksTM, Nibbles enjoyed Duck'en-itasTM and Heather savored Surf 'N TurfTM.

Nibbles and Pudley, so fresh and clean after their first trip to the groomer, licked their bowls clean.

Heather barely came up for air until her Natural Balance Delectable Delights® Surf 'N Turf TM dinner was gone.

Mr. K pushed his bowl around the entire kitchen and finished his meal so fast, he didn't realize he left enough for dessert in his beard!

Time flies when you're having fun and welcoming two more rescue Scotties into your home. The Scottie House feels much more like a full house these days and we are loving every minute of it! Nibbles and Pudley have so much energy and share Mr. K's love of toys (note to self: stock up on squeaky tennis balls). They love to keep you company, smile constantly and are curious about everything...especially their new, older Scottie siblings.

Heather and Mr. K already have adjusted to life with Nibbles and Pudley. I was prepared for some resistance at first but truth be told, they've accepted their younger siblings readily. It is as if they remember what it was like to be a Scottie in need of a good home and want to give Nibbles and Pudley that same experience of feeling rest assured you'll be taken care of from this point forward.

So, it is safe to say Nibbles and Pudley are here to stay (although I was sure of it when Nibbles hopped into the Scottie Mobile without invitation just minutes after meeting everyone). To celebrate, I wanted to whip up something special for the Scottie quartet to enjoy but sadly, I'm no use in the kitchen. And I wasn't interested in handing over any treats, mostly because I knew The Overtreater would be visiting the same day. That's when we discovered Natural Balance Delectable Delights® Wet Cups, which are cooked to perfection and can be added to their regular food to spice things up or given as a meal on the go. Great for the Scottie Mom (or Dad!) that can't cook. Ready to try some?


This Scottie Mom is pretty choosy when it comes to what I feed my dogs. For years, I've had Mr. K on a limited ingredient diet because of allergies. Heather, on the other hand, eats anything but we'll soon explore food items that will help keep those liver values in check. Now with Nibbles and Pudley, who also seem to have allergies, it is even more important to stick to grain-free, wholesome ingredients. All requirements met by Natural Balance Delectable Delights® Wet Cups

With four flavors from which to choose, we were able to give Heather, Mr. K, Nibbles and Pudley their own custom dishes. Something tells me we'll be surprising them with Natural Balance Delectable Delights® Wet Cups again soon and switching up the flavors to see which they love most. (Who likes eating the same thing every day anyway?) To learn more, visit Natural Balance Delectable Delights® Wet Cups on Facebook or check out Instagram to take in all the cuteness happening there.

Many thanks to Natural Balance for sponsoring today's story and inspiring me to try their product!

Another Day, Another Dollar at the Vet

For years, we've been very good patrons of the V-E-T. First, with Heather and Mr. K's bouts of mysterious illnesses (for which we still don't have answers four years later). Then, we discovered Heather had liposarcoma. Still yet, there were visits to control high liver values, remove benign growths and even a few cases where it turned out I was just a worried Scottie Mom and everything was fine. In all, I've spent thousands on Heather and Mr. K's veterinary care over the years.

Recently, we returned once more to the V-E-T. This time, we were going for annual vaccines, well visits and to consult with a V-E-T about why Heather constantly gnaws at her bottom these days. At a previous visit, we learned there was a small growth and we've kept an eye on it but the problem persists. We've tested for urinary tract infections among other things but have yet to relieve Heather of this issue. So, I turn to you, fellow Scottie Moms and Dads: have your Scotties experienced this?

This latest examination was something of a reality check. As I detailed recent behaviors and small changes I had noticed, it dawned on me that I had an aging gal on my hands. We've known she has a bit of arthritis for a while but haven't had to do anything until now. Heather doesn't enjoy long walks anymore, preferring slow, short steps outside to take care of business and hurry back into the house. She has had trouble with the stairs so we've moved bedrooms to allow easier access to the backyard. I've even invested in a stroller so she can still experience things alongside Mr. K.

I was nervous what the blood test results might uncover. Was it cancer again? A thyroid issue? Something new, different and not so exciting to add to the laundry list of health issues we've overcome? Fortunately, most everything came back beautifully. The thyroid levels were on the higher end of what is considered normal and her liver values are creeping up again. Scottish Terrier ALP values will worsen with age, according to one of the many V-E-T-S we've seen through the years. What was different this time? Her ALT liver value is up...which happens when Cushing's is present.

Years ago, Heather was tested for Cushing's after she recovered from that mysterious illness. Fortunately, test results were negative. This time, I don't have much confidence she'll test negative once more. In fact, even the V-E-T told us that she was certain Heather has developed Cushing's and that she would be very surprised if Heather tests negative once more. Still, I try to remain cautiously optimistic as we wait for the test next week as well as remind myself that Heather has been through so many health issues and has proven time and again that she is a fighter.

Scottish Terriers of Instagram: May 1

We know the struggle is real. #TooCuteTuesday only comes once per week and you shouldn't be deprived of all that Scottie cuteness while you wait for six whole days to pass. So, we're changing things up a bit! In addition to #TooCuteTuesdays on Facebook, we're giving you another opportunity to showcase your adorable Scots. All you have to do is post your Scotties' photos to Instagram and tag @TheScottieMom using #ScottishTerriersofInstagram to be featured. Oh, and be sure to follow us and this week's featured Scottie dogs! 

A Tale of Two Well-Traveled Scots

Bee Bee and Bella at Glacier National Park, Montana

Bee Bee and Bella at Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm, Oregon

Bee Bee and Bella at Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

Bee Bee and Bella at Red Rock Canyon, Nevada

Bee Bee and Bella in Vail, Colorado
Meet Bee Bee and Bella, two Scottish Terriers that have seen more of the United States than some of us will see in our lifetimes. Having set foot in 29 of the 50 states, these Scotties are two of the most well-traveled pups we've encountered yet. I know from firsthand experience that traveling with dogs isn't always easy and I wanted to know how their Scottie Mom manages to take Bee Bee and Bella to so many incredible places. So, we reached out to her and received some tips for those of us wanting to explore more of the world with our pups.

"What I love most about traveling with Bee Bee and Bella is to see how happy they are when we are checking in to new hotels," Scottie Mom Suzanne told us. "They will race down the hallway to get to the room we are checking in to and they get a lot of 'how cute' compliments from people."

Bee Bee and Bella travel with their Scottie Mom and Dad by car to their vacation destinations. They typically stay in dog-friendly hotels but have used Airbnb as well. A travel blogger with an impressive 6.6 million followers on Instagram, Scottie Mom Suzanne says the most memorable accommodations have been the St. Regis in Aspen, Colorado and any of the Ritz-Carlton hotels

"When we travel by car, we use collapsible, soft crates," Scottie Mom Suzanne said. "They will stay inside the crates during our trips - it is more safe for them that way - and they love having their own 'home' during the trips. Bella loves staying in the crate at the hotels."

To make the pups feel more at home while traveling, Scottie Mom Suzanne recommends bringing favorite toys and blankets in addition to the pups' usual food and treats. These small creature comforts can help a traveling pup relax and have fun so they are even more excited to explore their surroundings when they set out with their humans for an adventure. 

"I love taking Bee Bee and Bella to places we can walk a lot," Scottie Mom Suzanne said. "Some of our recommendations are Vail and Aspen in Colorado; Portland, Oregon; Glacier National Park in Montana; and Miami, Florida. People are very dog-friendly in Miami. One time, we were walking down the Lincoln Road Mall and somebody stopped us so they could take pictures of Bee Bee and Bella."

What are Bee Bee and Bella's favorite parts of traveling, you ask? According to Scottie Mom Suzanne, they love discovering new places to sniff and terrier-tories to mark! Tell us: what are some pet-friendly places you have traveled with your pups?

Scottie Luau

Our friends in Peru know how to pawty! Recently, they got together for a luau-themed Scottish Terrier meetup. These adorable Scotties came dressed in their best and posed for lots of photos so the Scottie Mom community didn't miss out on the  fun. Have a Scottish Terrier meetup in your area you want to share with us? Leave the event details in the comments section below.

The Very Best of #TooCuteTuesday

Each week, we celebrate cute Scottish Terriers everywhere on the Scottie Mom Facebook page. For years, Scottie Moms and Dads have sent in photos of their fur babies to share with the world. With #TooCuteTuesday around the corner, what better way to whet your appetite for all the cuteness to come than to showcase some of the most popular pups? Below are 10 of the top #TooCuteTuesday posts of all time. Want to share photos of your Scottie dog with us? Head over to our Facebook page!

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