Spotlight Scottie

[caption id="attachment_1001" align="aligncenter" width="500"] I'm so happy! My fellow Scotties sent me some fan mail!![/caption]

Guess who's back in the spotlight? Heather was so excited to have the opportunity to answer some of the questions that were submitted after her interview last week. So, without further ado, I present you the star of the Scottie Mom blog tonight: Heather.

Hello again, Miss Heather. How are you on this lovely Friday evening?

GREAT! So glad you're home again. You really should consider taking me wherever it is that you go all those long hours every day. I bet it would be a lot more fun, you and me hanging out!

Agreed. But what about Mr. K?

Oh yeah, I guess he can come, too. Hey! Did you hear? I had a few Scottie friends ask me some questions last week! Mr. K didn't get any questions asked of him...I think he's pouting about that under the hooman bed. He said something about me stealing his spotlight tonight but I told him that it was only fair since I got some fan mail and he didn't. I think me pointing that out only made it worse. That's when he ran under the hooman bed. What can I say? People love my charm! Maybe if he didn't have so much Scottie-tude all the time...

Don't worry about Mr. K. He'll get plenty of attention next time around. So which question would you like to address first?

I'd like to talk to Hootmon first because he's a fellow Wheaten and we wheaties gotta stick together! Poor Hootie seems bothered by the fact he doesn't ArRooOo. Well, Hootie, I've got a secret for you: I don't ArRooOo either! (And neither does Mr. K.) Like you, Mr. K barks from time to time but mostly, he does this weird whine/whimper whenever he thinks he hears a noise. Scottie Dad hates it. He shakes his head, tells Mr. K to try not to cry so much and that he should be more manly, hehe!

Hootie, neither you or your Scottie Mom should feel badly that you don't ArRooOo. In fact, I think you and I are doing the world a favor. You see, if too many people knew about the Scottie ArRooOo, there'd be nothing special about it. I'm sure we've both got it in us, deep down somewhere and should the time ever come when the Scottie world really needed an ArRooOo, we'd probably offer one up...unless we had a really bad day that day and Scottie-tude prevailed.

Plus, I really don't think it is necessary to ArRooOo anymore, except maybe to entertain those silly hoomans. I'm pretty sure the only reason we Scotties started ArRooOo-ing in the first place was to alert our hoomans when we'd hunted down a great meal for them. But, that was when we Scotties first roamed the Earth and we are much more civilized and too distinguished now to do something like that....unless it is a squirrel, of course. I could be wrong, though. After all, I'm only going on eight years old, you know. My last piece of advise, dear Hootie, is to tell that Scottie Mom of yours that ArRooOo's are patented by Scotties and should never be attempted by hoomans. End of story.

Oh, and I would love to take you up on your Scottie date proposal. Too bad you live so far away. There's nothing I like more than time outdoors with treats and fresh water!

Ok, onto the question from Maggie's Scottie Mom. She wants to know more about your recent health scare.

Oh, goodness. That's a loaded topic. First, I would have to recommend Maggie's mom read all about how my Scottie Mom noticed I was sick here. Then, I would also ask she check out Mr. K's evil sickness, too - though my liver values were a bit higher at the time I was taken to the hospital, Mr. K's pulse was barely there by the time he got help. The vet seems to believe I had the same problem as Mr. K (which remains a mystery, I might add, since neither of us were given a formal diagnosis), but the way I showed I was sick was very different. For instance, my only problem was that I couldn't hold my bladder and would pee massive puddles every few hours. Mr. K's problems advanced so suddenly and yes, he was extrememly lethargic. If you ever want to see my Scottie Mom panic, just have Mr. K act the way he did that night. I've never seen Scottie Mom cry so much in my life!

We both had plasma transfusions and stayed just shy of a week in the hospital during our respective stays. Mr. K's ultrasound showed internal bleeding of the abdomen and while there was some fluid in my tummy, there wasn't nearly as much as his. My gall bladder, on the other hand, remains enlarged to this day and one of my liver values has normalized (down from about 3,000) while the other has decreased to just above 600. Several medications helped me get back on track including denamarin, vitamin k, amoxicillin and metronidazole. Mr. K had a similar mix of meds. So yes, I've certainly come along way but the vet wants to keep an eye on something she calls sludge living in my gall bladder right now. Other than that, I'm one seemingly happy and healthy pup!

Yes, you are! You and your brother did so good, fighting your way back to good health. You certainly have one proud Scottie Mom here. Thanks so much for your time, sweet Heather. It was very nice of you to take time out of your busy Friday night.

Don't you be silly, Scottie Mom. This is so much fun and it is entirely my pleasure. I only wish I could share Scottie kisses with everyone who reads my blog, especially those that submitted questions last week. (Extra Scottie love goes out to Hootmon and Maggie's Mom tonight!) Well, I suppose I should be off. I've got one more walk to take and one final night to enjoy in the forbidden hooman's bedroom before Scottie Dad gets back. Night, night fellow Scotties and their pawsome hoomans! Keep the questions coming!

A Scottie Confessional

[caption id="attachment_988" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Mr. K Dear Scottie Dad, where do I start...?[/caption]

It is a well-known fact that when Scottie Dad is away, the puppies will play! And I, for one, can't say that's a bad thing. I've watched Heather and Mr. K have so much fun this week living without rules and I think they're all the happier for it. Besides, don't they always say it's better to act now and ask forgiveness later? Well, with Scottie Dad just two days away from returning home, Mr. K certainly had some things to get off his chest. Something tells me there are a few more naughty Scotties out there who have a few things to confess, let's hear 'em!

Dear Scottie Dad,

It has been approximately 2o minutes since I last broke one of your rules. Specifically, the one about hanging out in the hoomans' bedroom. And you bet I feel bad about it but I've gotta admit: I loved every minute of it! (I think Scottie Mom did, too.) But I know that's not what you want to hear so I'd like to formally apologize by offering up my chewed up tug toy to you as a symbol of my regret and a token of my appreciation because, without you going away on business, I would have never had the chance to have so much fun...I mean, the chance to take away so much from this valuable life lesson of obedience.

I can assure you that never again will I play hide and seek under the bed; jump up and down on the couch without being invited; take out all my toys at once and never put them back; sleep in the hoomans' bed; wake mom up every morning at the time I desire; or drag my mom's undergarments out from the laundry bin and tear them to shreds. Okay...honestly, I can't promise I'll be able to refrain from them all at once but I can try extra hard this time. Scottie Mom says there are no more exceptions to that last one, though. Said something about thinking that I got over that habit long ago and how it really needs to stop because it's just gross. Who knew?

Anyway, I'm very sorry and I hope you will still be my play buddy upon your return. A good game of tug sounds like the perfect way for me to make this up to you. Not enough? Okay, I'll lie down on the floor and let you scratch my belly as long as you want. Then, we should be even. Oh, and in case I didn't say this earlier: you were certainly missed, Scottie Dad! It's just not the same - you know, only having one person to give you all the back scratchin's and loving that you need. So, you bet I'll greet you at the door with a big smile and some tail-wagging on Saturday.

P.S. Don't get mad but I may have accidentally, sort of, but probably not really, slept on your pillow while you were gone. And there may have been a Scottie gas situation at some point but you never can be sure with those kinds of things. No worries, I'm sure Scottie Mom has done the laundry by now and has fluffed and freshened up your pillows again. After all, we wouldn't want our Scottie Dad to come home complaining of dog smells in his bed and not knowing why those smells would be there. Or would we? Hahahaha...

Rainy Day Blues

Once again, we're participating in BlogPaws' Wordless Wednesday, a popular Internet practice of posting a photo on your blog that requires no explanation. In this photo, Mr. K's got the rainy day blues but he sure does look cute. What do you suppose he's thinking?

Sweet Scottie Treats


For a Scottie Mom, what could be better than curling up with your pup and indulging in some sweets on a lazy afternoon? How about indulging in some sweet Scottie-themed treats! Whether they are traditional cakes, cookies, cupcakes or even cake poppers, the Scottie Mom logic applies throughout: if it has a Scottie on it, all the more reason to snatch it up!

Pictured above are some of my favorite sweet Scottie treats, many of which I found via Pinterest. (Isn't that site addicting?) Some of these inspired ideas to further incorporate my beloved pups in life's events down the road, i.e. on a wedding cake, as Valentine goodies for (future) kids to take to school, or even to attempt making a Scottie sweet treat at home (trust me: with my skills - or lack thereof - in the kitchen, baking sweet Scottie treats qualifies as a life event!). For those willing and brave enough to try, here's a great tutorial for the Scottie cupcake - be sure to share photos of how they come out and share any other sweet Scottie treat recipes with us on facebook.

Happy sweet Scottie treating from one Scottie Mom to another - indulge and enjoy!

Heather Speaks

[caption id="attachment_929" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Heather Heather says, "I love being center of attention. Go ahead, ask away!"[/caption]

It's Heather's turn for some time in the spotlight. Before we turned in for bed, I asked her a few questions and got some pretty entertaining responses. Silly, sweet Heather...

Hello,  Heather. How are you feeling on this fine Scottirday?

I feel good. My breakfast was good, my dinner was good and the walks were fun...oh, and Scottie Mom let us sleep under her bed last night (since Scottie Dad's away!). Scottirdays are the best! I don't know why that crazy vet lady says my liver value still isn't right. I feel just fine. Their machine is probably broken so don't you worry about that, Scottie Mom and friends!

We all know you'll get better, Heather Bether. Tell me: with Scottie Dad away, how would you like to spend the rest of your weekend?

Oooh...first, I would like unrestricted access to the couch.


Great! And permission to sleep under the bed?

If you don't tell, I won't.

Yea! How about longer and more frequent walks?

We can certainly do that as well.

A trip to a park. A visit to another doggie boutique, perhaps find a Halloween know, I'm sure there are few shops around here left to be explored. Maybe you can scope out some of my birthday presents!

I think we can do that. I'll see what new stores I can find.

How about treats for breakfast? And treats for dinner? Oh, can we please, please, please have some of that moist food again?

No to treats. Maybe for moist food one day in the coming weeks.

Well, I suppose I can't win them all. Things are a lot more fun when Scottie Dad's not around, hehe. Speaking of which, when will Scottie Dad's Peruvian friend come back? It's been weeks and I haven't seen him come around...

Scottie Dad's friend lives a few hours away, Heather. He can't visit as often as he'd like.

So, he's not coming back??

Oh, Heather. I'm sure he is but not soon. He invited you and Mr. K to come with Scottie Mom and Dad when we go see him in Charleston, S.C.

Ok, bye!

Where are you going, Heather?

To grab my things. Get the leash, Mom! I'm almost ready to go. Can you give me a quick brushing and maybe a doggie treat to freshen my breath? A girl's got to look her best!

Heather Bether, we can't go today. Scottie Dad isn't even home!

Oh, right. Well, we need to go soon. Tell Scottie Dad to get home faster.

I will. Tell me, Heather: how did you know to pick Peru for the Project: International Scottie Love win? A lot of Scotties from Peru submitted their photos this week!

Oh, call it a hunch. Peru did take the lead this week, didn't they? SO MANY SCOTTIES! South Africa is not far behind, though. Peru has submitted eight Scottie photos and South Africa has six. I mean, of course, I'm sure Peru will finish first. It's destiny.

Is that so? And what about the Stateside Scotties? You picked Tennessee.

Yes, and I think they'll eventually come around - I know for sure there are a lot of Scotties there. I lived with them for a good bit before I found you!

Very well, then. Well, Heather, I'm feeling pretty sleepy. You ready to turn in?

Not quite yet. I have an idea.


Mr. K and I have done our best in these interviews to show our new friends who we really are (some of us have done a better job at it, just sayin'...). I was thinking maybe we haven't answered all our new friends' questions so I want to open it up for everyone to ask either myself or Mr. K a question at any time and we'll get back to you in our next interviews. This is very important, Scottie Mom, so please do this. You never know when a Scottie friend wants to know my advice or opinion on something, like how to catch a squirrel or persuade their Scottie Mom to do something. Or maybe another hooman has questions about what life is like as a Scottie or what to get their furry friend this holiday season.

Sounds good, Heather. I'm sure your new friends would like to ask you a few questions so how about we invite them to ask in the comment section below and then you and I will head to bed and get some beauty rest?

Oh, that's a really good idea. I have to make sure I get plenty of that. You never know when life might inspire an impromptu road trip to Charleston! And this girl's got someone special to impress! Night, Mom!!

Flashback Friday

Believe it or not, it wasn't Mr. K's charm that won me over the night I met him. No, in fact, that charm we all have come to know and love didn't come out until I brought him home. The night I found Mr. K at the shelter, I don't even think I knew he was a Scottie at first. I remember being surprised when I read his bio and it said he was a Scottish Terrier. His hair was so overgrown and he wouldn't lift his head from the ground or look at me - no matter how many times I came back to his little cage or how long I stayed with him. One things was certain: this boy was too sad and he deserved a chance at happiness!

The next night, I came back to pick him up. He seemed to recognize me but was cautious showing any hint of excitement. The minute that leash was on and we were walking to the car, though, it was like life had been infused into his little body. He sat in my lap the whole drive home, occasionally looking out the window. That first night, he slept in the kitchen with a baby gate up and in the morning, I took him to A Dog Eared Corner for a day of grooming and doggie daycare. When I returned to the shop and saw Mr. K again, I couldn't believe my eyes. I didn't even recognize part due to his hair cut and in part due to his confident nature. My coworkers (who joined me at lunchtime to meet my new furry friend) laughed and cooed over my handsome puppy. Less than a day into his adoption trial period, it suddenly became very clear that a Scottie Mom was born.

Laughing Gas

Hehehe! No one knows it is me...

Not long after I started the Scottie Mom blog, someone commented on a post saying, "Scottie gas is the pits!" This made me laugh and sigh a bit of relief - I had begun to think my Scotties were a bit unique in their ability to stink up the place (while maintaining an innocent smile, I might add)!

One day, Scottie Dad and I were watching TV when I heard this horrendous noise. I looked at Scottie Dad and scowled. How could he be so rude and disgusting? Scottie Dad's eyebrows were raised and he had this look on his face that said, "What the heck was that?" I figured he was just feigning innocence but my eyes followed the direction his fingers were pointing...directly at Mr. K who was looking at his back side as if he was also wondering, "What the heck was that?"

Then, I look at my little girl who seemed to be having herself quite the little party in her corner of the apartment. She was all smiles, as per usual, but so much so that she seemed to be laughing at us, thinking we'd never catch on to her silly little deception. It didn't take long for the smell to temporarily permeate the apartment and, while I can't say for sure it was Heather (since both of my Scotties seem to take turns polluting the air from time to time), I can say that I've noticed a pattern to identify her in the future. You see, at first she takes on this normal, unsmiling look as if scanning the room to see who will be able to detect her. Then, once she's done the dirty deed, not a second goes by before the BIGGEST smile covers her face. Mr. K, on the other hand, puts his ears down and almost seems ashamed. Alas, that's the power of personality, I suppose. How many other Scottie Moms (and Dads!) have fallen victim to Scottie gas? If you haven't, let me tell you: whoever wrote me saying, "It's the pits" wasn't kidding!

Belly Up!


Last week, Heather was all "bottoms up." This week, she's gone completely "belly up!" Once again, we're participating in BlogPaws' Wordless Wednesday, a popular Internet practice of posting a photo on your blog that requires no explanation.  I'm pretty sure we all know what Heather's up to in this photo...luring us in with all her super cuteness to score some extra affection. How many belly rubs do you think she convinced people to give her while posing for this photo?

Gone Scruffy

You simply haven't experienced the epitome of cuddly cuteness until you've seen a scruffy Scottie. Seriously. I used to prefer Mr. K a little on the scruffy side until Scottie Dad came along and made me realize how much easier it was to keep the apartment clean and the shedding to a minimum by taking them in for more regular grooming. Still, every now and then it is fun to see how Heather's and Mr. K's hair can grow! Although, I must admit, Heather's doesn't grow nearly as fast and Mr. K looks like a giant ball of fur by the time Heather even begins to get that scruffy look. And, since it has been a while since I've seen them so scruffy, I decided to gather some of my favorite photos of Heather and Mr. K during their scruffiest times. Enjoy!

The Waiting Game

[caption id="attachment_847" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Heather Mom, am I better YET? I'm tired of going to the vet and getting poked...[/caption]

Well, the good news is there is no bad news but our dear Heather still isn't in the clear just yet. She is now completely off all medication (and has been for a little while) and will remain so until we go for another checkup in four to six months. The one liver value we were concerned with (named ALP, if I remember correctly) did decrease...but only by 300 points. Right now, that liver value is still above 600. A high "normal" range is 200, according to the vet.

The ultrasound revealed a relatively healthy gall bladder wall but there was a good bit of sludge inside. The vet said this is something we'll have to continually monitor to make sure the sludge doesn't solidify. The vet mentioned a prescription she could put Heather to prevent that from happening but said there were some side effects (not commonly seen, but always a risk) and the chance of the sludge completely solidifying was rare. Paws crossed that Heather does not defy medical odds on this one!

Many thanks to all who reached out and offered your support and thoughts for Heather today. I'm glad to know there are Scottie Moms, Dads, friends, fans and other doggie bloggers who have taken my little girl (and boy!) into their hearts. Scottie Dad, Mr. K and I will make sure our Heather is treated like a princess and will have plenty of adventures to report on while we continue playing the waiting game over the next few months. After all, life must go on and we all know Heather is ready to embrace it...did I mention she's got a birthday coming up? A think a celebration (of life!) is in store...

Hope Floats

[caption id="attachment_841" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Heather Heather is glowing with happiness and seemingly much-improved health![/caption]

The last six months have been some of the most trying times for this Scottie Mom and her family. It all started when Mr. K fell mysteriously ill in a matter of hours back in March. Then, just three months later (and less than two weeks after their annual checkups), Heather, too, became sick. Both were hospitalized and endured extensive tests and treatments, costing Scottie Mom $6,600 in total (so far) but no diagnosis was ever determined for either one of my Scottie loves.

Well, tomorrow marks stage two of Heather's follow up appointments. At her last checkup, we found that one of her liver values had returned to the normal range but the other value still had a way to go. The treatment plan was to keep her on a variety of meds and follow up with some blood work and an ultrasound of the gall bladder upon completion. I must admit: I am a little bit nervous about tomorrow. I have faith that Heather is nearly (if not fully) recovered, just as Mr. K was able to, but a trip to the vet for this Scottie Mom has come to mean high anxiety, another surprise ailment and a hefty bill to follow it. Not to mention, I'm not a particular fan of the location Heather is currently being looked after at - I feel I must always be on guard to make sure they aren't trying to over test and over charge (which I caught them doing when she first presented with symptoms). As if I didn't already have enough to worry about, right?

Keep us all in your thoughts tomorrow as we venture back to the vet's office for the sixth time in six months. My girl has seemingly restored health lately, so I'm going into this appointment with high hopes. However, it can't hurt for her new Scottie friends to send some positive thoughts her way tomorrow. Check back tomorrow for an update and keep those paws crossed for good results!

Talk to Me, Scottie


Mr. K and I sat down for another one-on-one after he asked for another opportunity to speak directly to his new friends and followers. He's what he had to say:

Hello again, Mr. K. I understand you have some unfinished business you'd like to address with everyone.

Yes, after seeing dear Heather's interview last week, I felt it was necessary to go on the record and set things straight. After all, I have a reputation to uphold and she called me crazy...and a whimp.


She called me a whimp. Obviously, that's blasphemy and I can't have my new Scottie friends thinking anything of the sort. Let me tell you how it really is: you see, when the lady Scottie entered this household, of course I wasn't happy about it, at first, but you taught me how to be a gentleman. I only let her think she's in charge now because I've learned so long as the women in the household are happy, everything is much more peaceful around here.

Ordinarily, I'd say you were a smart man. However, I find it hard to believe you let Heather steal your food and your cuddles with Scottie Mom and Dad?

No comment.

That's what I thought. Ok, moving on. Was that all you wanted to say?

No. I also wanted to say thank you and WOOF WOOF to all my new friends.

What for?

Well, for two things. First, I don't know if you've told them yet but I recently found out our blog surpassed 5,000 views. (Can I get a Hip-Hip-ArrRooOO?!?) Second, have you seen the number of Scottie photos submitted from across the U.S. and around the world? I had no idea there were that many of us, all good-lookin', too...of course, not many can hold a candle to me but that's just the way nature intended it to be, I suppose.

Mr. K, don't be rude. All Scotties are created equally as cute...haven't you seen how similar Scotties look sometimes?

I'm outraged! How could you say that, Scottie Mom? We're all so different! But yes, I do think we are equally as cute. It's just...I didn't want any other Scotties stealing more of your attention from me. For the record, I wasn't being rude. There's nothing wrong with expressing a little confidence. Gee Scottie Mom, way to be a buzz kill.

You've been talking with Scottie Dad too much. You're starting to sound like him.

Ohhh, snap! I'm gonna tell him you said that!

Ok, say goodbye to your treats.

Oh. Snap. What did you say again? See, I already forgot. Now, where are those treats again...?

Hidden. Now, Mr. K, let's get back to Project: International Scottie Love. Which place do you think will win the most popular with Scotties on earth?

Um, hello...Scotland!

And the U.S.?

Oh, that's a tough one. Right now, I think Florida is in the lead with five Scotties. South Carolina, Washington and Georgia are right behind them with four Scotties in each state. Who will take the win? I have a feeling it is going to be one of those Southeastern states but we'll just have to see. You never know where we Scotties could be hiding...

What about Heather? Do you know who she's rooting for?

How could I not? She goes on and on about that Peruvian Scottie named Plutonio. Apparently, the silly hooman man that gave her a kiss a few weeks ago hails from Peru so she's hoping to see some more Latin American Scotties come out of the woodwork. As for the States, Heather's definitely going to lose that bet - she's choosing a state who hasn't even entered yet: Tennesssee. That's where she was rescued and apparently, there are quite a number of fellow rescue Scotties still looking for furever homes living in that area right now.

Interesting. I guess we'll just have to wait and see how it all plays out. Any last words before we wrap up this interview?

Yes. I want to tell my Scottie friends to have a wonderful weekend, to enjoy themselves and to give some love to your Scottie Moms and Dads for me. We're headed out on some mini-adventures ourselves this weekend so be sure to check back for some pawsome photos! Happy Scottirday!!

Bottoms Up!

Heather cannot decide whether to be a fish or an about ostrafish?

You know how I'm sure Heather loves the outdoors? First, check out the picture above and see that happy face for yourself. Combine that and the fact Heather literally plunges into a patch of grass she likes and you've got yourself one very content Scottie! Here's how it happens:

Heather, Mr. K and I will be walking toward a green space when Heather starts picking up the pace a bit as we get closer and that helicopter tail of hers takes off. As we reach the treasure island of fresh, green grass, Heather doesn't wait a second to dive in - literally, head first. Scottie Dad and I have coined this move "the fish" and "the ostrich," depending on how Heather decides to execute it on any given day. For example, when she decides to be a fish, she swims through the grass, using her back legs to propel her body through the strands of grass, sliding this way and that. When she's an ostrich, it appears as though Heather is trying to bury her head in the ground. She sticks her bottom in the air, touches her head to the ground and moves it from side to side, occasionally using her front paws as if she was digging the ground around her head.

Whichever animal - fish or ostrich - she chooses to temporarily embody, Scottie Dad and I have come to realize that if you pat her on the back and cheer her on, she gets even happier and makes these "haroofey" noises (or so we call them). They sound like a cross between a snort and a sneeze - this may sound like a gross combination but I promise you, it is the cutest (and funniest) thing to observe! Trust me, I'm not just saying that 'cause I'm her Scottie Mom! Wink, wink...

Caption this Scottie

[caption id="attachment_797" align="aligncenter" width="320"]Mr. K Teenage mutant, ninja...Scottie?[/caption]

Today, we're participating in BlogPaws' Wordless Wednesday, a popular Internet practice of posting a photo on your blog that requires no explanations. Mr. K thinks this photo speaks for itself (How could it not? He's one very silly pup, after all!) but wants to hear what you think the caption of this photo should be in the comment section below. Happy Woof Woof Wednesday, Scottie friends and fans!

As Seen Watching TV

[caption id="attachment_789" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Mr. K Mr. K has the best seat in the house...cuddled up with Scottie Mom.[/caption]

When the day is winding down and just before Scottie Mom retreats to the other room to write up a Scottie tale for Heather and Mr. K's new friends every night, Mr. K makes sure some quality CT (cuddle time) is achieved while his mom and dad watch an hour or so of television together. Alas, snuggling against Scottie Mom's side or keeping her toes warm is almost never enough for Mr. K. He not only likes to hang out with his hoomans but actually insists on sitting around like one and enjoying whatever show Scottie Mom and Dad are watching.

This feat is usually achieved one of two ways: by climbing on Scottie Mom's belly and sit facing the television or approaching Scottie Mom and staring her down until she gets the message that it is time to cuddle. When she gets his message, Scottie Mom then pulls Mr. K close and he lies back like he's a baby in his mama's arms (which, of course, he is!). Friends and family who get to witness this bonding moment often get a good laugh as Mr. K is known to sit like this for hours on end, seeing the show or movie through to its finish and often times, even after Scottie Mom's arm has long since fallen asleep. But both he and Scottie Mom agree: the experience is totally worth it!

A Trip to Piedmont Park

Recently, Heather and Mr. K took a field trip to Piedmont Park. Here are some of the photos from their afternoon adventure. There was so much for two small doggies to explore that there simply wasn't enough time to do it all. There's no doubt we'll be back again soon. I'm pleased to report that during our visit, we ran into a pair of Scottie/Westie mixes who were so friendly (and fiesty!) that they played in the BIG dog park and weren't even a year old yet! 

Who's there?

[caption id="attachment_754" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Mr. K Do you hear that, Heather? We've got new neighbors...[/caption]

Forget things going bump in the night. They bolt right out of doors here! Every evening, Heather and Mr. K go on their fourth and final walk for the day between 10:30 - 11 p.m. The other night was just like any other, except for the new neighbor across the hall who came out simultaneously, said hello and commented on how cute my puppies were. We then headed in separate directions - she to the trash chute, Scottie Dad and I to the elevators - when I hear her say, "oh, crap."

I turned to make sure everything was okay and, to my horror, I see a rottie mix coming toward us. Now, for those of you who've followed Mr. K's adventures, you know he has a history with rotties that (quite literally) once left him hanging from a not-so-friendly Rottweiler's mouth. So, you can imagine how I felt when I saw one trotting toward us. As luck would have it, I turned to see the rottie - who actually looked quite friendly, although you'd never know it by the temper tantrum Mr. K was throwing - and saw a second rottie mix come bounding out of the apartment and the nice new neighbor of mine taking her sweet time walking toward us, saying they're harmless and probably want to play.

Finally, the new neighbor came for her dogs, apologized and I was able to continue on toward the elevator. I was so shaken up by that experience though. All it takes is for one bite and Mr. K could be out of luck, right then and there. And the simple thought of having to put him down after everything we've been through is enough to make me sick. People laugh when I tell them that neither of my dogs are particularly friendly with other dogs. They always say something sarcastic like, "yeah, they look like real killers." What's more, so many of them continute to walk with their dogs off leash, including these two rottie mixes that have just moved in.

Another neighbor of mine was waiting for the elevator the other morning with his dog. She's not too friendly either, but she graciously allows Mr. K and Heather to join her in the elevator if her dad picks her up. So, there they are, waiting patiently when the elevator door opens and the two rotties come bounding out of the elevator, knocking my 6'2" neighbor on his back and leaving his dog terrorized. The rottie mix owner apologized but was later seen that day escorting the rotties through the lobby (a big "no-no" according to this building's HOA) off-leash.

Moral of the story (and I may be speaking to the choir on this one, Scottie Moms and Dads): keep your pets on leash and be considerate of those who may not have an overly friendly pup! Everyone is safer that way and it certainly would save this Scottie Mom from suffering an early heart attack, that's for sure.

Up Close & Personal: Heather


The other day, Heather came to me asking for some time in the spotlight since Mr. K got his own one-on-one interview last week. Of course, it is only fair to grant her this wish. After all, her new friends and followers need to know just as much about her as they now know about Mr. K! Warning: Heather's so likeable, you may fall into Scottie Love before you finish reading this post.

Heather, tell your new friends a little bit about yourself.

My name is Heather but I also go by Little Girl, Heather Bether, Shakira (for my fantastic tail waggin') and Miss H. I'll be turning eight years old next month and I love everything life has to offer. I wake up each morning with a smile on my face and I dream sweet dreams of chasing squirrels by night so there really isn't ever a time when I'm not happy.

When would you say you are the happiest?

When I'm eating. Or when I know you are just about to feed me. Or when you come home and I bury my face in my pillow bed while you scratch my back. Or when we go on walks. Or during car rides. Oh, I don't know - it's so hard to choose one!

What's the secret to finding happiness? How do you stay so positive?

The secret to happiness comes from within, and it's all about your attitude and perspective. Having spent some time on the streets, it doesn't take much to keep me happy. Who needs much more than a good bowl of food every day, some fresh water and lots of kisses anyway? Sure, some treats from time to time make life a little sweeter but it's the simple things that make me smile. Oh! I just figured it out: what keeps me so positive is knowing there are sweet indulgences to be found in the most unexpected places. I love a good surprise (especially the tasty ones) and you never know when, where or how Scottie Mom will bring the next one...but she always does.

What did you think of Mr. K when you first came home last year?

Man, he's grumpy!

And now?

He's plain crazy. And, if I'm being completely honest, a little whimpy.

How so?

Well, when I first got here, he was mad. All it took is a woman telling him his behavior was simply not appropriate (which you did) and from then on, he was fine. I took your cue and taught him a lesson myself about who's top dog around here.

So that's how you became the alpha (fe)male.

Yes. But if you ask him, he'll probably tell you some dramatic story about some epic battle we had to determine who was going to take the alpha role and how I probably cheated or something. Totally not true. I just sat down and told him how it was going to be. End of story.

Fascinating. Would you say you get along well with Mr. K?

Oh, yes. Our arrangement is quite favorable. Even though he can be a little rowdy at times (I can't tell you how many times he's actually run me over in pursuit of his precious toys while I was sleeping comfortably in my bed), he has a very loyal heart and I know he watches over us ladies of the household when we're walking the city streets.

You're quite the character yourself on walks, Miss Scottie in the City. Have you noticed how many people stop to pet you on our walks?

What can I say? We wheatens aren't as common and people are always in awe of Scotties like me when they didn't realize we existed prior to seeing one for themselves. I must say, it tickles me to see how people respond sometimes and I enjoy the extra attention. This one time, a man stopped running the Peachtree Road Race just to ask you what kind of dog I was and to say I was beautiful, remember that? Boy, he knew how to make a girl blush!

Well, beauty comes from the inside out. He must have known you're a good pup.

I certainly try to be! I love making hoomans happy. It makes me happy. That's why I say hello to every hooman who steps on the elevator with us on our way to and from our walks. Do you see how many smiles I get back when I look up at them and flash my pearly whites? Mr. K ignores them, even when they're talking to us. I work my hardest to cheer them up and make new friends. Getting a smile back from a hooman is the best feeling ever. Makes my tail wag. I don't understand why some neighbors don't say hi back, though, but I guess it doesn't matter. I'll keep staring. Eventually, they're bound to return a smile or offer up a quick pat on the back.

You certainly are one loveable pup! Any advice for those out there looking for the love and attention you get?

Yes. My first suggestion would be to adopt a Scottie. We're good at giving you all the love you could possibly ever need. If it is hooman love you're looking for, just be yourself, smile often and wag your tail. It works for me!

Mr. K vs. the Intruder

[caption id="attachment_728" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Mr. K Rest unassured, strange man, for I WILL hunt you down. - Mr. K[/caption]

Rewind the clock about two years. The scene of the incident is an apartment located just north of Atlanta, Ga. sometime in the night. Mr. K is staying with a friend while Scottie Mom is away for a few days. He is snoozing peacefully on the sofa when suddenly, he hears keys jiggling at the door. Mr. K's ears perk up. Scottie Mom's friend enters the apartment, with a strange man in tow. Who is he and what is he doing in my temporary home, says Mr. K, as he jumps up to investigate and question this man. He passes through Scottie security with a warning. Mr. K returns to his seat, watching the strange man carefully. Scottie Mom's friend and the strange man proceed to the kitchen laughing. They each grab a drink, chat for a few minutes and soon head to the bedroom.

Finally, Mr. K thinks to himself, it's bedtime. Wait a minute. Scottie Mom's friend didn't call him in to sleep. How could she have left her snuggle bud behind? After all, is it not he who keeps her feet warm at night? The door's open and everything's quiet. She must have forgotten. Mr. K shrugs it off, stands up and stretches, about to make his way to join Scottie Mom's friend for a good night's sleep when he hears something coming from her room. It's the strange man. And some dreadful creaking. Oh no, Mr. K says, that strange man will NOT terrorize any of Scottie Mom's friends. Like a brave soldier, he takes off in a moment's notice and rushes to save the damsel in...err, distress.

Running full speed ahead, Mr. K enters the bedroom yelling, "Aarf, arrf, aarf, arrf, AARFFF!" He dashes from one side of the bed to the other, desperate to find a way up and help his Scottie Mom's poor friend. He wonders why she has not acknowledged his presence and valiant efforts to save her when he realizes she is too hurt to move. The strange man is immobilizing her! Mr. K has to do more. He takes a few steps back, still yelling at the strange man to stop and charges as fast as he can before he makes a giant leap. For a brief second in time, everything stops. Scottie Mom's friend and the strange man look at Mr. K, who is glaring at the strange man with cold, unforgiving eyes from atop the bed. Then, as quick as it stopped, time started up and Mr. K pounces on his enemy when, in mid-air, he is scooped up and escorted out the bedroom door in a flash.

By the time he turns around, Mr. K finds the door has been shut behind him. Oh noooo, says Mr. K, I have failed! The strange, evil man has locked me out of the bedroom and I MUST find a way in to protect Scottie Mom's friend. SCRATCH, SCRATCH, SCRATCH. Aarf, arrf, AARFFFF! Why does this door not budge? That strange man has entered the home of a dear friend who Scottie Mom left me to protect. She said nothing about a strange man coming. How dare he enter this temporary home and disrespect Scottie Mom's friend in such a way? Mr. K says to himself, "I'll teach him a lesson..." and darts off to find any trace the strange man left of himself around the apartment and pees on every trace he finds. "That'll show him who's house he's in," says Mr. K.

After his vigilante work is complete, Mr. K settles by the bedroom door to await the strange man's reappearance. His eyes are about to close when he hears movement from behind the closed door. Ears perked up, Mr. K sits up presently, waiting for the moment when the door will be reopened. When it finally does, Scottie Mom's friend isn't upset with the strange man and actually emerges with a smile...that is, until she sees Mr. K's artwork around the apartment. She escorts the strange man out of the apartment before Mr. K has a chance to attack and begins to clean up the mess. Mr. K sits by her side, smiling and feeling confident now that his temporary territory has been marked, the strange man will never dare to re-enter this apartment with such blatant disrespect. Mission: accomplished.

Or, so he thought. Turns out, that strange man did visit a few more times but only once more while Mr. K was visiting. And that time, the bedroom door remained closed from the time he entered. Mr. K clearly was not happy with this arrangement as his antics were similar to the aforementioned incident but, in due time, the strange man left that apartment for good - never to return. The important lesson for Scottie Mom's friend was that if Mr. K doesn't like your "friend," there's probably a reason for it and you best drop that strange man as quick as you found him. These days, this same friend of Scottie Mom's has embarked on a new relationship with a promising future...albeit that cannot be said for sure, since Mr. K has not been called in for final judgement.

A Girl in Love

[caption id="attachment_721" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Heather Do you see the stars in Heather's eyes?[/caption]

A girl's first kiss is never forgotten. For some, it is a magical experience that stands the test of time. For others, it's just an awkward memory better left behind and never mentioned again. Either way, a first kiss is a pivotal moment in any girl's life and this weekend, Heather added her first reciprocated kiss to her list of milestones achieved since joining the Scottie Mom family a year and a half ago...and even better, she didn't have to steal it!

Scottie Mom and Dad hosted some friends from out of town this weekend and as per usual, it didn't take long for Heather to work her magic and win over the guests. From the time they arrived on Friday afternoon, it was clear Scottie Dad's friend was smitten with the pups. Scottie Dad's friend would call Heather and coo over the little girl walking back and forth with her tail wagging so hard it was moving in circles. Clearly, Heather was just as smitten with him and even dared to join Scottie Dad's friend on the couch (a rare gesture on her part) not once but twice!

On the third and final night of his stay, Scottie Dad's friend offered up a kiss to sweet Heather and, with just a second's hesitation, she graciously accepted. It was a series of quick kisses on the lips and I dare say I'm afraid she may have snuck a little tongue action into the kiss as well, but Scottie Dad's friend didn't seem to mind. (This might be a good place to point out the human girl who was seen stealing kisses from Scottie Dad's friend earlier in the weekend did, in fact, mind and was not pleased to witness Heather stealing her man in this magical moment.) Alas, the kiss was short-lived but I am certain it changed Heather's life and will remain in her heart forever. Let's hear a hip-hip-ArrRRoOOo for Scottie love, people!