Spotlight Scottie

[caption id="attachment_1001" align="aligncenter" width="500"] I'm so happy! My fellow Scotties sent me some fan mail!![/caption]

Guess who's back in the spotlight? Heather was so excited to have the opportunity to answer some of the questions that were submitted after her interview last week. So, without further ado, I present you the star of the Scottie Mom blog tonight: Heather.

Hello again, Miss Heather. How are you on this lovely Friday evening?

GREAT! So glad you're home again. You really should consider taking me wherever it is that you go all those long hours every day. I bet it would be a lot more fun, you and me hanging out!

Agreed. But what about Mr. K?

Oh yeah, I guess he can come, too. Hey! Did you hear? I had a few Scottie friends ask me some questions last week! Mr. K didn't get any questions asked of him...I think he's pouting about that under the hooman bed. He said something about me stealing his spotlight tonight but I told him that it was only fair since I got some fan mail and he didn't. I think me pointing that out only made it worse. That's when he ran under the hooman bed. What can I say? People love my charm! Maybe if he didn't have so much Scottie-tude all the time...

Don't worry about Mr. K. He'll get plenty of attention next time around. So which question would you like to address first?

I'd like to talk to Hootmon first because he's a fellow Wheaten and we wheaties gotta stick together! Poor Hootie seems bothered by the fact he doesn't ArRooOo. Well, Hootie, I've got a secret for you: I don't ArRooOo either! (And neither does Mr. K.) Like you, Mr. K barks from time to time but mostly, he does this weird whine/whimper whenever he thinks he hears a noise. Scottie Dad hates it. He shakes his head, tells Mr. K to try not to cry so much and that he should be more manly, hehe!

Hootie, neither you or your Scottie Mom should feel badly that you don't ArRooOo. In fact, I think you and I are doing the world a favor. You see, if too many people knew about the Scottie ArRooOo, there'd be nothing special about it. I'm sure we've both got it in us, deep down somewhere and should the time ever come when the Scottie world really needed an ArRooOo, we'd probably offer one up...unless we had a really bad day that day and Scottie-tude prevailed.

Plus, I really don't think it is necessary to ArRooOo anymore, except maybe to entertain those silly hoomans. I'm pretty sure the only reason we Scotties started ArRooOo-ing in the first place was to alert our hoomans when we'd hunted down a great meal for them. But, that was when we Scotties first roamed the Earth and we are much more civilized and too distinguished now to do something like that....unless it is a squirrel, of course. I could be wrong, though. After all, I'm only going on eight years old, you know. My last piece of advise, dear Hootie, is to tell that Scottie Mom of yours that ArRooOo's are patented by Scotties and should never be attempted by hoomans. End of story.

Oh, and I would love to take you up on your Scottie date proposal. Too bad you live so far away. There's nothing I like more than time outdoors with treats and fresh water!

Ok, onto the question from Maggie's Scottie Mom. She wants to know more about your recent health scare.

Oh, goodness. That's a loaded topic. First, I would have to recommend Maggie's mom read all about how my Scottie Mom noticed I was sick here. Then, I would also ask she check out Mr. K's evil sickness, too - though my liver values were a bit higher at the time I was taken to the hospital, Mr. K's pulse was barely there by the time he got help. The vet seems to believe I had the same problem as Mr. K (which remains a mystery, I might add, since neither of us were given a formal diagnosis), but the way I showed I was sick was very different. For instance, my only problem was that I couldn't hold my bladder and would pee massive puddles every few hours. Mr. K's problems advanced so suddenly and yes, he was extrememly lethargic. If you ever want to see my Scottie Mom panic, just have Mr. K act the way he did that night. I've never seen Scottie Mom cry so much in my life!

We both had plasma transfusions and stayed just shy of a week in the hospital during our respective stays. Mr. K's ultrasound showed internal bleeding of the abdomen and while there was some fluid in my tummy, there wasn't nearly as much as his. My gall bladder, on the other hand, remains enlarged to this day and one of my liver values has normalized (down from about 3,000) while the other has decreased to just above 600. Several medications helped me get back on track including denamarin, vitamin k, amoxicillin and metronidazole. Mr. K had a similar mix of meds. So yes, I've certainly come along way but the vet wants to keep an eye on something she calls sludge living in my gall bladder right now. Other than that, I'm one seemingly happy and healthy pup!

Yes, you are! You and your brother did so good, fighting your way back to good health. You certainly have one proud Scottie Mom here. Thanks so much for your time, sweet Heather. It was very nice of you to take time out of your busy Friday night.

Don't you be silly, Scottie Mom. This is so much fun and it is entirely my pleasure. I only wish I could share Scottie kisses with everyone who reads my blog, especially those that submitted questions last week. (Extra Scottie love goes out to Hootmon and Maggie's Mom tonight!) Well, I suppose I should be off. I've got one more walk to take and one final night to enjoy in the forbidden hooman's bedroom before Scottie Dad gets back. Night, night fellow Scotties and their pawsome hoomans! Keep the questions coming!


  1. Oh, I disagree. AROOOs may have been started by Scotties but anyone of good faith with love in the heart has a license to put the old head back and let fly "AROOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"!

  2. Oh, sweet Heather....what a gloriously beautiful photo of you...and your pink socks rock! I would love to have that picture hanging over my bed. You are one beautiful Scottie Lady (me thinks I heart You!!!) Thank you so much for your answer to my "not ArrooRoo-ing" problem. I feel better knowing you and Mr. K also do not do this. So glad it is not only me! My Mom will feel better as well. I will pray you and Mr. K will not suffer any more from that terrible malady. I know it must be terrible for you and Mr. K to go through all that poking and prodding from the vet not to mention having to take meds. The only way I take my pills is when they are disguised in cheese. Do you like cheese? Date proposal....we should make it work! If you ever get to Annapolis, maybe to visit the U.S. Naval Academy, I'm only a hop, skip and a jump away. My big bro, Josh, went to Clemson but I wasn't born then to visit him but my Mom drove there many times. She says it is not too far from Atlanta and Snellville....and Krispy Kremes. Have to go. My big sis Lucy 'lello Lab wants to go outside and play. My best to you, sweet Heather. I love reading about your, and Mr. K's antics. I, too, love to make my parents laugh as laughter is so good for the soul !

  3. Sweet Miss Heather - thank for your reply and thank you soooooo much for the extra Scottie love, too! I am so happy you are on the mend - both of the health scares you and Mr. K has were certainly awfully scary for any Scottie Mom. They do sound like you got exposed to something toxic. So happy to hear you're doing better. Miss Maggie is not feeling herself and she has very high AlkPhos and takes denamarin and urosdiol everyday. We have another trip to the vet on Monday, so please think happy thoughts for us! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday in Atlanta- we've got some good weather in Indianapolis, too. Enjoy the exploring outside. Maybe we can find some squirrels to chase. :o) Heaven knows Macalister, the almost 14 year old still likes 'treeing' squirrels.

    Okay -one last question....what are you going to be for Halloween?
    P.s. IndyScottieMom and Maggie'sScottie Mom are the same.