A Girl in Love

[caption id="attachment_721" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Heather Do you see the stars in Heather's eyes?[/caption]

A girl's first kiss is never forgotten. For some, it is a magical experience that stands the test of time. For others, it's just an awkward memory better left behind and never mentioned again. Either way, a first kiss is a pivotal moment in any girl's life and this weekend, Heather added her first reciprocated kiss to her list of milestones achieved since joining the Scottie Mom family a year and a half ago...and even better, she didn't have to steal it!

Scottie Mom and Dad hosted some friends from out of town this weekend and as per usual, it didn't take long for Heather to work her magic and win over the guests. From the time they arrived on Friday afternoon, it was clear Scottie Dad's friend was smitten with the pups. Scottie Dad's friend would call Heather and coo over the little girl walking back and forth with her tail wagging so hard it was moving in circles. Clearly, Heather was just as smitten with him and even dared to join Scottie Dad's friend on the couch (a rare gesture on her part) not once but twice!

On the third and final night of his stay, Scottie Dad's friend offered up a kiss to sweet Heather and, with just a second's hesitation, she graciously accepted. It was a series of quick kisses on the lips and I dare say I'm afraid she may have snuck a little tongue action into the kiss as well, but Scottie Dad's friend didn't seem to mind. (This might be a good place to point out the human girl who was seen stealing kisses from Scottie Dad's friend earlier in the weekend did, in fact, mind and was not pleased to witness Heather stealing her man in this magical moment.) Alas, the kiss was short-lived but I am certain it changed Heather's life and will remain in her heart forever. Let's hear a hip-hip-ArrRRoOOo for Scottie love, people!

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  1. Priceless!! I needed a good laugh tonight, which you abundantly provided! Yes, I see the stars in Heather's eyes...may they dance there for years to come. Hip-hip-ArrRRoOOo!!!