Up Close & Personal: Mr. K

Recently, I sat down with Mr. K for a one-on-one interview so his new friends and followers could learn a little more about him. Spoiler alert: this is one cheeky Scottie!

Tell me about yourself, Mr. K.

Well, I'm five years old. Soon to be six. I like long walks, tons of play time and finding ways to make my Scottie Mom and Dad laugh since they're pretty cool people. I've lived with Scottie Mom for over two years now and it's been the best. My last hoomans kept me tied up in the yard all the time and that was no fun. I didn't like their other dogs very much anyway so I guess it was a good thing they gave me up. I was worried and very sad though, for a while, that I wouldn't find a new home. Scottie Mom found me and took me home just 17 days after I went to the shelter.

And what did you think when you got to Scottie Mom's home?

I was all better the minute you put a leash on me and let me join you in your car. Remember? I sat in your lap and looked out the window the whole ride home. I wanted to drive at one point and you wouldn't let me. Our first home together was nice, too. Lots of stairs! I'm glad I learned how to jump the gate in the kitchen though. I strongly believe every Scottie should roam free at night and when they're hoomans not home. Glad we could compromise on that. Made it easier for me to chase my tennis ball down those lovely stairs while you were gone.

But you were always by the door whenever I got home.

Right. Yeah, I didn't like you going to work. Most of the time, I would bring my toy down the stairs and curl up in a ball, waiting for you to reopen that door. A few times, I called after you but I don't think you heard.

In your own opinion, what's your most likeable trait?

Loyalty. I protect my people. But I'm not so ruff around the edges that I don't have a soft side. Nothing beats cuddle times and I think hoomans like that I'll sit with them and watch TV or roll over for a belly rub as soon as someone pets me.

You don't seem to like a lot of other dogs. What gives?

I don't like dogs smaller than me. Especially white ones. Or big dogs that don't think I can't hold my own. Just because I'm a Scottie doesn't mean I can't put up a fight. Watch me!

Ok, calm down, Mr. K. Let's talk about something else. What makes you happiest?

Squeaky tennis balls! By the way, is there one here? I haven't found one in a while.


Why not?

Because you destroy them too quickly now.


So, now squeaky tennis ball toys are for special occasions. Don't you like your other toys?

Of course I do but there's always room for more toys. Especially tennis balls. I like squeaky toys and that fleece ball tug toy, too. That one's tough. I shake it with all my force, bite down hard and I still can't get it to break. Just wait. That toy will be defeated if it is the last thing I do!

I believe you. Tell me, Mr. K:  what's the answer to achieving world peace?

Getting rid of all the evil cats in the world. Man, they freak me out. Give me the shakes every time I see one of those creepy crawlers. I can't believe three of them are always at my Grandmadre's house. I've got to destroy them to keep her (and us!)safe.

I don't think Grandmadre would appreciate that. Anything else?

Yes, the vaccuum cleaners need to go, too. They growl too much and they're always eating things. They certainly don't do much for world peace. They're loud and disruptive.

How do you feel about Scottie Dad's rules, like not letting you in the bed?

I don't take it personal. It's annoying I can't cuddle with my Scottie Mom but I recognize he's just jealous of my good looks. He knows if I was there, I'd steal his girl's attention from him even more than I already do.

And what about Aunt Heidi? What do you think of her rules?

What rules? Aunt Heidi lets me do whatever I want and she's got good reason. Life's more fun that way. Plus, she always has fun stuff laying around to get into. This one time, I found a blue chew toy on her desk in the office, an oatmeal scented treat in her bath tub and a box of cookies on the coffee table. I wanted to eat them all but the blue chew toy was too tough and the oatmeal treat tasted funny. The cookies were GREAT though.

Ok, wrapping up. What's your favorite memory and why?

After I got sick, I had to be on a moist food-only diet. Let me tell you...that was heavenly! We should bring that diet back every week, especially now that I'm healthy and can better appreciate the taste!


  1. What a wonderful interview with Mr. K! I love his honest, spontaneous and insightful opinions on everything. Never let it be said that a Scot with fur cannot be worldly and wise because they are!

    Keep up the good work. Reading about my favorite breed every day is so good for my soul.

    Many thanks from a new, loyal reader.


  2. Sounds like a true Scottie !

  3. Grrrreat interview Scottie mom and Mr K!

  4. Oh Mr. K, you adorable creature. I am so glad Scottie Mom found you. Delightful interview! My little Lucy has a crush on you, but she is too young to date, so I will send a wink for her. ;) Bye handsome!