Knock your Socks Off

[caption id="attachment_542" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Mr. K Mr. K's so cool he will knock his own socks off![/caption]

One day, I was roaming the aisles of a pet store when I came across a pair of socks and got inspired. What if I could get Heather and Mr. K to wear them around the house? That way, Scottie Mom and Dad won't be woken up by the sound of click-click-click on the hardwoods as Heather walks around in the early mornings and Mr. K could get the 'zoomies' as often as he pleased without Scottie Mom fretting about what his high speed toy chases will do the beautiful hardwoods.

I left the store with navy blue and white socks for Mr. K and adorable pink ones for Heather. Mr. K was a doll - sitting still on my lap, soaking up the extra attention while I secured his super cool socks. Heather, not so much - in fact, the socks have yet to even come close to going on her feet. Once on the ground, Mr. K didn't seem too bothered by the new paw accessories as he continued to play with his favorite squeak toy of the moment. He ran down the hall, jumped on the couch and even started playing a game of 'evil blanket'...without the blanket!

That's when I realized: Mr. K wasn't just playing, he was tossing and turning with every effort to get his socks off! What a cute guise he pulled off, too. Yes, he was a ball of energy and seemingly excited to keep playing but if I hadn't been paying close attention, Mr. K would have - without a doubt - made those adorable new socks his dinner. Within minutes, Mr. K had wrestled out of the socks just by horsing around...maintaining his own innocence while doing so, too.

You see, Mr. K never once pulled at the socks or even licked them. He staged the whole sock removal operation to make it appear as if it happened by accident and in the name of good, clean fun. So much fun that he would just so happen to knock his own socks off! Looks like this Scottie Mom idea to protect the hardwoods came up a little short...


  1. Awwwww, so sweet!!!!
    I miss the click click on my floors.

  2. Scottie Mom you are so funny!!! I totally get you. To Mr. K....good one! (still laughing.)