15 Scottish Terriers Rocking Costumes

Tonight, Scottish Terriers everywhere took on other characters, channeling their alter egos, the super cute and cuddly, or even the fierce and ferocious. The result? A night full of (calorie-free!) entertainment for Scottie Moms and Dads around the world. Here are a few Scottish Terriers we saw rocking Halloween costumes! Want more? Check out our Facebook page and Instagram account.

Scottish Terriers of Instagram

We know the struggle is real having to wait one full week to take in all #TooCuteTuesday has to offer. That's why these Scottish Terriers are here to help you get your Scottie cuteness fix! Want to share your dogs' photos with us? Upload them to Instagram using #ScottishTerriersofInstagram or tag @TheScottieMom. Oh, and be sure to follow us and this week's featured dogs!

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Happy Birthday, Mr. K!

Our fur kids grow up too soon, don't they? What seems like just yesterday, I was welcoming 3-year-old Mr. K into my life after finding him at a local shelter. Today, he is a mature, 10-year-old senior dog who still has a little bit of a mischievous side. Those double digits don't fool me for a minute! In many ways, Mr. K has the energy of a young pup and with two relatively new playmates around, he's been getting his fair share of exercise chasing Nibbles and Pudley.

With the loss of his bestie Heather, I wanted to make sure Mr. K felt loved on his 10th birthday so on the morning of his special day, I snuck out of the Scottie House and headed over to Dog City. You might remember we discovered this place in July when Mr. K and I stopped by to purchase a treat for Heather Beather, who was in the hospital at the time. My mission was to find the perfect cake to celebrate the occasion but I ended up going home with more than I bargained. 

Remember the first birthday pawty I threw Heather and Mr. K? Take a trip down memory lane & check this out!

Dog City Bakery had a multitude of treats, toys and accessories from which to choose.(You'll be seeing some of my other purchases in future posts!)
I knew I was in the right place when I saw this stuffed animal on display!
Surprise! Another Fluff & Tuff toy (the only ones Mr. K hasn't been able to "kill"). I chose Lucy the Skunk, the perfect toy for this little stinker...don't you think?
Soon, it was time for cake. Mr. K could hardly sit still. Here he is pretending he could already taste the yummy stuff.
Happy 10th birthday, sweet boy! Here's to many more years of mischief.
So, in honor of Mr. K's birthday, I thought I'd share 10 things about Mr. K that you probably don't already know. What are some of your favorite Mr. K memories? Also, if there is anything about Mr. K you'd like to know, please don't hesitate to ask in the comments section below!

  1. If given a choice between toys or treats, Mr. K would choose toys.
  2. There's a scene in the movie Sweet Home Alabama where a dog barks on his front porch. The first time Mr. K heard this, he went nuts trying to locate the intruder behind the TV. 
  3. On average, I have about 30-45 seconds to snap a photo before Mr. K tries to take off whatever it is he is modeling that day. As you can imagine, he keeps me on my toes!
  4. If he wants my attention, Mr. K bites the air and shuffles his paws in place all the while looking at me. If I fail to address him, he does it once more before he lets out an "aarf!"
  5. Mr. K hardly ever barks but he makes one of the weirdest whines/whimpers I've ever heard. Neighbors and passersby have often asked, "What's wrong with your dog?" when they hear it.
  6. He ignored Heather the day we met her. It wasn't long, though, before they were attached to the hip. I remember Mr. K jumping for joy when she came home from the hospital in 2012.
  7. Mr. K is not afraid to let you know how he feels and he is the king of silent protests. 
  8. He used to love going to the V-E-T. No joke. He thought V-E-T-S were good for massages. Today, he's a little more reluctant to go but given his health scares, I can understand why.
  9. Mr. K is actually a super sensitive dog. He comes off as giving you the "cold shoulder" when he first meets you but once you've earned a place in his heart, he truly aims to please.
  10. The vacuum used to be his arch enemy. These days, it is a mere annoyance. 

Scottie Fashion Finds for Kids

This Scottie Mom knows a good Scottie fashion find when she sees one. The proof is in this gem taken in 1991 before I ever dreamed of being a Scottie Mom. Pure style genius, right? Fortunately, my style has matured a bit since the '90s but my enthusiasm for finding fashionable Scottie clothing for kids hasn't diminished. Here are just a few Scottie fashion finds I've stumbled upon recently.

Scottie Mom
Hey Radley...check out this Scottie Mom's fashion sense!

Scottie Dog Dress + Vest at Gymboree

Scottie Dog Hair Clip at Gymboree

Scottie Dog Vest at Gymboree

Scottie Dog Shirt at Gymboree

Scottie Dog Shirt + Pants at Carter's

Scottie Dog Sweater at Carter's

Scottie Dog Sleeper at Carter's

Looking for more Scottie fashion finds for kids? Check out our Pinterest board for future Scottie Moms (and Dads)!

Are Scottish Terriers Good With Kids?

It is an age-old question that comes up ever so often and something I've often wondered myself: are Scottish Terriers good with kids? With their stubborn character and strong-willed nature, you'd think the answer would be a certain "no" - and that's been the word on the street (and nowadays, the Internet). I'm not convinced the answer is quite so black-and-white. There a number of variables that determine whether Scottish Terriers will be good with kids and having watched my Scottie crew interact with children for the first time over the last year, my experience confirms it.

Mr. K and my niece (future Scottie Mom, for sure!)
First, it is important to know not all Scotties are alike. So, what works for my Scottie crew may not work for yours. If you have experience with Scottish Terriers and children, I welcome you to contribute to the conversation by leaving a comment below. My goal in sharing these experiences is to help current, future and potential Scottie Moms and Dads make an informed decision when considering to expand the family - whether they are wanting to introduce a fur or human child. 

I wondered for years how my Scottish Terriers would react to young children and it wasn't until my niece (and future Scottie Mom!) arrived that I got to see how very differently each interacted with her. Heather immediately took to her as if the child were her own. Mr. K kept his distance with a watchful eye before fully accepting this newbie into his circle. Nibbles and Pudley are still figuring it out, mostly going about their own way and only paying attention to her when she lets out a loud squeal - to which they respond with coordinated head tilts that only make my niece laugh more.

Psst...check out fashions of a future Scottie Mom here!

Heather, by far, was the most tolerant of the Scottie crew with my niece. She let my niece pull on her beard on several occasions (while we immediately set to work to loosen her grip on the hairs). Heather responded to my niece bopping her on the bottom by turning around and walking back to her with a smile looking to nuzzle her head against my niece's tummy. Mr. K also has let other children bop him on the head without issue but I know his tolerance would wear thin after repeated offenses. The key is knowing your Scottie and their limits. It is equally important to know the child and to make sure you're fostering a culture of mutual respect.

With my niece and her family living four hours away, the Scottie crew only sees her once per month. This slower than usual period of integration may prove especially helpful for Nibbles and Pudley who are still learning to be comfortable around adults visiting the Scottie House. Each time we visit, Mr. K appears more comfortable around this tiny human. He even rolled over for belly rubs and allowed her to hold his toy. Though their bond isn't as strong as what my niece and Heather had, I'm confident there is a budding relationship there. All they need is a little patience and to take baby steps.

I'm also a firm believer that our beloved Scotties adopt to the environment around them. If you're overly anxious or nervous about the Scottie dog being around a child, the Scottish Terrier will be, too. However, if you've eased them into the experience of being around a child and feel cautiously optimistic that all will go well then they, too, will feel good about the situation and will exercise that same caution around tiny humans. Now, it is your turn to share your experience with Scottie dogs and children. Would you say that Scottish Terriers are good with kids?

A Whole Lotta Muffins

If there's one thing Heather's passing has taught me, it is that each of us grieves differently. For me, that grief ebbs and flows but the one constant - other than that pain running deep - is my desire to "do right" by Heather and my memory of her. I couldn't save her but that doesn't mean I can't do my part to save others like her. And while this Scottie House won't be taking in any additional rescue dogs for some time, that hasn't stopped me from working on passion projects to help pay forward all the love and happiness sweet Heather Beather brought to my life (and yours!). 

Heather, sniffing a blueberry muffin. Photo copyright Leesia Teh Photography
With what would have been Heather's 12th birthday fast approaching, I knew I had to do something special, something positive. I thought of our last days together and the one thing she enjoyed quite literally until the very end: blueberry muffins. The last thing she tasted moments before she left this Earth. Words cannot describe how excited she was any time she knew she was to receive one, how her eyes lit up when she saw one and how quickly these special treats disappeared once one finally made it to her bowl. I thought of that sheer joy she clearly experienced and knowing blueberry muffins are a favorite with the rest of the Scottie crew, too, I knew what I had to do.

I dug out a dog treat recipe book, which has gotten embarrassingly little use since I purchased it several years ago, and set to work baking dozens of blueberry muffins. I contacted Lifeline Animal Project, a nonprofit organization here in Atlanta, Ga. working to end the euthanasia of healthy and treatable dogs and cats in area shelters (with amazing success, I must say!). I asked if I could stop by to share these special treats with the pups still searching for their forever homes. Of course, they graciously accepted and I delivered six dozen homemade blueberry muffins to one of their shelters. 

Mr. K showing off the blueberry muffins made in his late BFF's honor.
My hope was that every rescue dog waiting for a forever home at Lifeline Animal Project would have a sweet treat before Halloween - easily Heather's favorite holiday and for obvious reasons! Sadly, the six dozen blueberry muffins were only enough to feed the rescue dogs housed at this particular location. There are nearly 600 others within the Lifeline system waiting for a special treat (and forever homes!) so I'm collecting store-bought treats in hopes the remaining rescue dogs get a treat or two this Halloween. I might attempt to whip up a few dozen more of the blueberry muffins, too. 

While seeing so many furry friends needing homes is certainly heartbreaking, I felt a small part of me starting to heal the moment I dropped off the blueberry muffins. Heather may not need my help any longer, but there are plenty of others that still do. And while I can't change the past and there is nothing that will bring sweet Heather Beather back, I can help change the future for animals in need. And it starts with one small act of kindness. Or in this case, a basket full of blueberry muffins.

Scottish Terriers of Instagram

Didn't get enough of #TooCuteTuesday? We've got you covered. This week's #ScottishTerriersofInstagram are here to bring you even more Scottish Terrier cuteness. Want to share your Scottie dogs' photos with us? Upload them to Instagram using #ScottishTerriersofInstagram or tag @TheScottieMom. Oh, and be sure to follow us and this week's featured Scottie dogs! 

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The Rules of Scottie-tude

Scottie-tude. It is something every Scottish Terrier has and something with which every Scottie Mom is well-acquainted. A distinctive trait of these lovable pups, Scottie-tude takes shape in many forms. Sometimes, in the form of silent treatment (combined with the Scottie stink eye) and other times, in the form of a not-so-silent grumble or bark. My personal favorite? When Scottie-tude inspires a host of mischievous deeds. Still, Scottie-tude can be a perplexing phenomenon even to the most experienced Scottie Mom so I sought out to better understand the rules of Scottie-tude. Here's what the Scottie Mom crew had to say when I inquired...

1. It is no secret that we Scottish Terriers are easily insulted. You make fun of us now and we'll see who is laughing when you discover the present left in your shoe tomorrow morning.

2. Bounce around and get all excited for a walk. Every time. Then, when the humans take you outside, plant your bottom on the green grass and refuse to move. Enjoy the humans' reactions.

3. It is important we Scotties speak up for what is right. If someone is approaching the door, the humans haven't given you enough play time or if dinner is not served on time (gasp!), demand more.

4. When something annoys you, pee on it.

5. If something is out of place, left within reach or the humans accidentally leave a door open, take full advantage of the situation. Never let an opportunity pass to make mischief happen.

6. Wait until other humans are watching you and your Scottie Mom (or Dad). Then, go crazy over a leaf blowing in the wind or a phantom creature no one can see but you.

7. It's not considered stealing if you take a toy and hide it to destroy at a later time. Even those of the unconventional kind like shoes, clothes, towels, etc. Get creative with your toy selections!

8. If you're not amused by something the human says or does, give them "the look."

9. Playing in a Scottie-safe pool or splashing in puddles is all fun and games but don't forget to freak out and act like you're being tortured when they try to give you a B-A-T-H.

10. When you suspect your human has figured out your ways, throw them for a loop and do the opposite of what they expect you to do. This will keep them on their toes.

11. Remember: there is no such thing as "rules"...except the ones made up by Scottish Terriers. And even those can and will be changed at any point in time as we see fit. 

DIY Halloween Cupcake Toppers

I don't consider myself a creative person or even a fan of do-it-yourself projects (they never seem to come out looking as good as the featured photos!). With the HowlOween Pawty around the corner, I wanted to whip up a sweet treat for our Scottie Mom friends and family. So, I set to work on creating a simple cupcake topper design featuring our beloved Scottish Terriers that will add a little trick to your treat this Halloween. Trust me: if I completed this project successfully, you certainly can, too!

For this DIY project, you'll need: lollipop sticks, a pair of scissors, thick paper or cardstock, a color printer, tape, some yummy cupcakes and our free, printable Halloween cupcake topper design. How do you download it, you ask? Simply drop your name and email into the fields below to claim this sweet treat. You'll receive it in your inbox shortly and will automatically be signed up to receive more free Scottie stuff in the future. Doesn't get much sweeter than that, does it?

Now, for the "tough" part...here are the instructions to make your Halloween cupcake toppers.
  1. Download the free, printable design and print the sheet out on cardstock or a thicker paper.
  2. Cut out each circle.
  3. Place the lollipop stick in the center on the back of the circle.
  4. Secure with tape.
  5. Add your own creative touch (like I did with the bows) or go ahead and put these cute toppers in place!
Bonus: This template doubles as the perfect Halloween cupcake topper and festive sticker! If you don't want to take on a DIY project, try printing the free design sheet on Avery 2-inch diameter, round labels (I recommend these) to add a spooktacular touch to party favors or treat bags. 

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Scottish Terriers of Instagram

Can't get enough of #TooCuteTuesday? Not to worry! This week's #ScottishTerriersofInstagram are here to bring you even more Scottish Terrier cuteness...plus a few smiles. Want to share your Scottie dogs' photos with us? Upload them to Instagram using #ScottishTerriersofInstagram or tag @TheScottieMom. Oh, and be sure to follow us and this week's featured Scottie dogs! 

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