Happy Birthday, Mr. K!

Our fur kids grow up too soon, don't they? What seems like just yesterday, I was welcoming 3-year-old Mr. K into my life after finding him at a local shelter. Today, he is a mature, 10-year-old senior dog who still has a little bit of a mischievous side. Those double digits don't fool me for a minute! In many ways, Mr. K has the energy of a young pup and with two relatively new playmates around, he's been getting his fair share of exercise chasing Nibbles and Pudley.

With the loss of his bestie Heather, I wanted to make sure Mr. K felt loved on his 10th birthday so on the morning of his special day, I snuck out of the Scottie House and headed over to Dog City. You might remember we discovered this place in July when Mr. K and I stopped by to purchase a treat for Heather Beather, who was in the hospital at the time. My mission was to find the perfect cake to celebrate the occasion but I ended up going home with more than I bargained. 

Remember the first birthday pawty I threw Heather and Mr. K? Take a trip down memory lane & check this out!

Dog City Bakery had a multitude of treats, toys and accessories from which to choose.(You'll be seeing some of my other purchases in future posts!)
I knew I was in the right place when I saw this stuffed animal on display!
Surprise! Another Fluff & Tuff toy (the only ones Mr. K hasn't been able to "kill"). I chose Lucy the Skunk, the perfect toy for this little stinker...don't you think?
Soon, it was time for cake. Mr. K could hardly sit still. Here he is pretending he could already taste the yummy stuff.
Happy 10th birthday, sweet boy! Here's to many more years of mischief.
So, in honor of Mr. K's birthday, I thought I'd share 10 things about Mr. K that you probably don't already know. What are some of your favorite Mr. K memories? Also, if there is anything about Mr. K you'd like to know, please don't hesitate to ask in the comments section below!

  1. If given a choice between toys or treats, Mr. K would choose toys.
  2. There's a scene in the movie Sweet Home Alabama where a dog barks on his front porch. The first time Mr. K heard this, he went nuts trying to locate the intruder behind the TV. 
  3. On average, I have about 30-45 seconds to snap a photo before Mr. K tries to take off whatever it is he is modeling that day. As you can imagine, he keeps me on my toes!
  4. If he wants my attention, Mr. K bites the air and shuffles his paws in place all the while looking at me. If I fail to address him, he does it once more before he lets out an "aarf!"
  5. Mr. K hardly ever barks but he makes one of the weirdest whines/whimpers I've ever heard. Neighbors and passersby have often asked, "What's wrong with your dog?" when they hear it.
  6. He ignored Heather the day we met her. It wasn't long, though, before they were attached to the hip. I remember Mr. K jumping for joy when she came home from the hospital in 2012.
  7. Mr. K is not afraid to let you know how he feels and he is the king of silent protests. 
  8. He used to love going to the V-E-T. No joke. He thought V-E-T-S were good for massages. Today, he's a little more reluctant to go but given his health scares, I can understand why.
  9. Mr. K is actually a super sensitive dog. He comes off as giving you the "cold shoulder" when he first meets you but once you've earned a place in his heart, he truly aims to please.
  10. The vacuum used to be his arch enemy. These days, it is a mere annoyance. 


  1. K is nutz. Going to the vet is never good. Kyla used to piddle on the scale in protest.

  2. Happy Birthday, Mr K! We do think he feels love all the time, though. We'd go for the treat every time. We don't play with toys much. That cake looks delicious!

  3. Dear Mr. K, I know that Scottie Mom made your birthday a special day, so I wish you many, many more special days like this!
    Love, Daisy

  4. Happy Happy Birthday Mr K!
    Sweet William The Scot

  5. Hope his birthday was pawsome ... aarroo