The Rules of Scottie-tude

Scottie-tude. It is something every Scottish Terrier has and something with which every Scottie Mom is well-acquainted. A distinctive trait of these lovable pups, Scottie-tude takes shape in many forms. Sometimes, in the form of silent treatment (combined with the Scottie stink eye) and other times, in the form of a not-so-silent grumble or bark. My personal favorite? When Scottie-tude inspires a host of mischievous deeds. Still, Scottie-tude can be a perplexing phenomenon even to the most experienced Scottie Mom so I sought out to better understand the rules of Scottie-tude. Here's what the Scottie Mom crew had to say when I inquired...

1. It is no secret that we Scottish Terriers are easily insulted. You make fun of us now and we'll see who is laughing when you discover the present left in your shoe tomorrow morning.

2. Bounce around and get all excited for a walk. Every time. Then, when the humans take you outside, plant your bottom on the green grass and refuse to move. Enjoy the humans' reactions.

3. It is important we Scotties speak up for what is right. If someone is approaching the door, the humans haven't given you enough play time or if dinner is not served on time (gasp!), demand more.

4. When something annoys you, pee on it.

5. If something is out of place, left within reach or the humans accidentally leave a door open, take full advantage of the situation. Never let an opportunity pass to make mischief happen.

6. Wait until other humans are watching you and your Scottie Mom (or Dad). Then, go crazy over a leaf blowing in the wind or a phantom creature no one can see but you.

7. It's not considered stealing if you take a toy and hide it to destroy at a later time. Even those of the unconventional kind like shoes, clothes, towels, etc. Get creative with your toy selections!

8. If you're not amused by something the human says or does, give them "the look."

9. Playing in a Scottie-safe pool or splashing in puddles is all fun and games but don't forget to freak out and act like you're being tortured when they try to give you a B-A-T-H.

10. When you suspect your human has figured out your ways, throw them for a loop and do the opposite of what they expect you to do. This will keep them on their toes.

11. Remember: there is no such thing as "rules"...except the ones made up by Scottish Terriers. And even those can and will be changed at any point in time as we see fit. 


  1. SQUAAAAAWK! Those are parrot rules.

  2. Oh that look!! I know it too well!! ��

  3. I have known a number of Scotties who faithfully have abided by these rules.

  4. I have known a number of Scotties who faithfully have abided by these rules.

  5. Having two of them, Coco Chanel and Baxter, I have double trouble to deal with i.e. 20 rules !

  6. All of the above, plus one more: The human bed belongs to the Scottie Princess who will allow her humans to sleep with her in the bed, with everyone under the covers of course, PROVIDED the Scottie Princess can sleep on any portion of the bed or human she desires. And, when the Scottie Princess decides it's time to get up, y'all better move it! LOL