Scottie Fashion Finds for Kids

This Scottie Mom knows a good Scottie fashion find when she sees one. The proof is in this gem taken in 1991 before I ever dreamed of being a Scottie Mom. Pure style genius, right? Fortunately, my style has matured a bit since the '90s but my enthusiasm for finding fashionable Scottie clothing for kids hasn't diminished. Here are just a few Scottie fashion finds I've stumbled upon recently.

Scottie Mom
Hey Radley...check out this Scottie Mom's fashion sense!

Scottie Dog Dress + Vest at Gymboree

Scottie Dog Hair Clip at Gymboree

Scottie Dog Vest at Gymboree

Scottie Dog Shirt at Gymboree

Scottie Dog Shirt + Pants at Carter's

Scottie Dog Sweater at Carter's

Scottie Dog Sleeper at Carter's

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