Fashions of a Future Scottie Mom

A future Scottie Mom has been born! Meet Heather and Mr. K's new favorite person: our niece. She proudly sports all things Scottie and cannot wait to convince her mom and dad to rescue a few Scotties when she is older (she's already told me so!). As you can see, her wardrobe is quickly filling up with Scottie-clad clothes and what kind of Scottie Mom would I be if I didn't share where you can find these cute fashions? Feel free to let us know where you've spotted cute Scottie stuff for kids in the comment section below! For more future Scottie Mom fashions, check out our Pinterest board.

Girls' 3-Piece Scottie Dog Set at Macy's
Girls' 3-Piece Scottie Dog Set at Carter's
Scottie Dog Onesie at Ross

Scottie Dog Dress (cardigan + hair bow also available) at Gymboree.


  1. Such a cutie! Love the little sweater dress. Brainwashing much, Scottie Mom? (Aunt's prerogative)

  2. Just gorgeous...that goes for the baby, clothes and of course, Heather and Mr K!

  3. Oh My, just precious! Love all of the Scottie duds! Such an adorable baby!

  4. Is she at the needle teeth stage yet?

  5. She is totally adorable in her Scottie gear. It is always possible o find Scottie clothes, so she will be lucky for life.