Forrest's Story

Forrest with his rescuers and his forever family.
Forrest's rescue story begins on a rainy weekend on a road in Santa Catarina, Brazil. It is early evening and darkness is fast approaching. A young couple is on the road driving to their home in Florianopolis. The driver slows, seeing a ball of wheat-colored fur atop the next speed bump. He stops and puts on his hazard lights, realizing it is a small dog.

The man knew he couldn't leave the pup there to die. So, he picked the poor Scottie up and took him home. Once there, the couple dried off the small dog and examined him closer. He had been severely mistreated and was missing a lot of hair on his back. The couple took the dog to Doctor Pet Clinica Veterinaria, where a local vet, Dr. Diana Rosa suggested he be hospitalized. After extensive treatment for his skin problem, surgery to remove an abscess on his belly, a thorough teeth cleaning and more, he was ready to go into foster care. 

That's when Scottish Terrier Rescue of Brazil got involved and Liliane Ruy, a board member of the rescue, offered up her home to foster this sweet pup. It was there that she realized the pup's passion walking, always moving forward - like Forrest Gump. And so, she named him Forrest. Before long, he was ready for adoption and after 4,300 people looked at his profile, Forrest finally found his forever home. Enjoy your new life, Forrest, and happily ever after to you!.


  1. Just find it so hard to believe dogs can be mistreated so. What a wonderful ending.

  2. Well Forrest that is kind of a dangerous way to get noticed ~ sitting in a speed bump, but it sure worked for you. Happy Life Forrest.
    Sweet William The Scot

  3. The peeps had a rescue that was found on a freeway just south of San Francisco.

  4. It is nice to read a happy ending story.

  5. Today his name is SALAME, the same old name that was given to him on that sad day under heavy rain.

    He´s now in a very good health and receiving love in a warm home. This weekend he spent all days playing with my 3 scotties : Oliver , Foiona & Nilmar (that was rescued last April).

    Weall from Sottish Terrier Rescue Brasil are very engaged with rescue across our country.


    Ricardo Magnago - President STRB