Bottoms Up!

Heather cannot decide whether to be a fish or an about ostrafish?

You know how I'm sure Heather loves the outdoors? First, check out the picture above and see that happy face for yourself. Combine that and the fact Heather literally plunges into a patch of grass she likes and you've got yourself one very content Scottie! Here's how it happens:

Heather, Mr. K and I will be walking toward a green space when Heather starts picking up the pace a bit as we get closer and that helicopter tail of hers takes off. As we reach the treasure island of fresh, green grass, Heather doesn't wait a second to dive in - literally, head first. Scottie Dad and I have coined this move "the fish" and "the ostrich," depending on how Heather decides to execute it on any given day. For example, when she decides to be a fish, she swims through the grass, using her back legs to propel her body through the strands of grass, sliding this way and that. When she's an ostrich, it appears as though Heather is trying to bury her head in the ground. She sticks her bottom in the air, touches her head to the ground and moves it from side to side, occasionally using her front paws as if she was digging the ground around her head.

Whichever animal - fish or ostrich - she chooses to temporarily embody, Scottie Dad and I have come to realize that if you pat her on the back and cheer her on, she gets even happier and makes these "haroofey" noises (or so we call them). They sound like a cross between a snort and a sneeze - this may sound like a gross combination but I promise you, it is the cutest (and funniest) thing to observe! Trust me, I'm not just saying that 'cause I'm her Scottie Mom! Wink, wink...


  1. I do enjoy watching a doggie do that move you call "the ostrich"!

  2. Sammy is exactly the same - he just LOVES a really good roll on the grass x

  3. LOL ostrafish. Aw, she's too cute. You should post a video of her getting all happy in the grass :)

  4. @Kia - I will definitely work on getting a video of that! :)

  5. @AbbyMcScottie LOVES to do this too...on the grass and the carpet! Too funny!