Talk to Me, Scottie


Mr. K and I sat down for another one-on-one after he asked for another opportunity to speak directly to his new friends and followers. He's what he had to say:

Hello again, Mr. K. I understand you have some unfinished business you'd like to address with everyone.

Yes, after seeing dear Heather's interview last week, I felt it was necessary to go on the record and set things straight. After all, I have a reputation to uphold and she called me crazy...and a whimp.


She called me a whimp. Obviously, that's blasphemy and I can't have my new Scottie friends thinking anything of the sort. Let me tell you how it really is: you see, when the lady Scottie entered this household, of course I wasn't happy about it, at first, but you taught me how to be a gentleman. I only let her think she's in charge now because I've learned so long as the women in the household are happy, everything is much more peaceful around here.

Ordinarily, I'd say you were a smart man. However, I find it hard to believe you let Heather steal your food and your cuddles with Scottie Mom and Dad?

No comment.

That's what I thought. Ok, moving on. Was that all you wanted to say?

No. I also wanted to say thank you and WOOF WOOF to all my new friends.

What for?

Well, for two things. First, I don't know if you've told them yet but I recently found out our blog surpassed 5,000 views. (Can I get a Hip-Hip-ArrRooOO?!?) Second, have you seen the number of Scottie photos submitted from across the U.S. and around the world? I had no idea there were that many of us, all good-lookin', too...of course, not many can hold a candle to me but that's just the way nature intended it to be, I suppose.

Mr. K, don't be rude. All Scotties are created equally as cute...haven't you seen how similar Scotties look sometimes?

I'm outraged! How could you say that, Scottie Mom? We're all so different! But yes, I do think we are equally as cute. It's just...I didn't want any other Scotties stealing more of your attention from me. For the record, I wasn't being rude. There's nothing wrong with expressing a little confidence. Gee Scottie Mom, way to be a buzz kill.

You've been talking with Scottie Dad too much. You're starting to sound like him.

Ohhh, snap! I'm gonna tell him you said that!

Ok, say goodbye to your treats.

Oh. Snap. What did you say again? See, I already forgot. Now, where are those treats again...?

Hidden. Now, Mr. K, let's get back to Project: International Scottie Love. Which place do you think will win the most popular with Scotties on earth?

Um, hello...Scotland!

And the U.S.?

Oh, that's a tough one. Right now, I think Florida is in the lead with five Scotties. South Carolina, Washington and Georgia are right behind them with four Scotties in each state. Who will take the win? I have a feeling it is going to be one of those Southeastern states but we'll just have to see. You never know where we Scotties could be hiding...

What about Heather? Do you know who she's rooting for?

How could I not? She goes on and on about that Peruvian Scottie named Plutonio. Apparently, the silly hooman man that gave her a kiss a few weeks ago hails from Peru so she's hoping to see some more Latin American Scotties come out of the woodwork. As for the States, Heather's definitely going to lose that bet - she's choosing a state who hasn't even entered yet: Tennesssee. That's where she was rescued and apparently, there are quite a number of fellow rescue Scotties still looking for furever homes living in that area right now.

Interesting. I guess we'll just have to wait and see how it all plays out. Any last words before we wrap up this interview?

Yes. I want to tell my Scottie friends to have a wonderful weekend, to enjoy themselves and to give some love to your Scottie Moms and Dads for me. We're headed out on some mini-adventures ourselves this weekend so be sure to check back for some pawsome photos! Happy Scottirday!!


  1. Excellent interview Mr K & a big HIP-HIP-ARRRROOOOOOO for your 5000 blog views from 2 of your new friends from South Africa!!
    Wally & Sammy (and mom, Robyn)

  2. I am not a Scottie but may I say as a female that I consider your behaviour absolutely correct.
    And anyway, Heather is a doll with all of that long golden hair, sometimes I wish I was a blonde not a brunette but no.... not really. I'm perfect as I am :-)

  3. Thanks Wally, Sammy and Scottie Mom Robyn! Be sure to send us a photo of your choosing for the International Scottie Love album...Peru just took the lead from South Africa!

    Zena - you ARE certainly perfect just the way you are. Such a cutie!! Thanks for visiting Heather and Mr. K's site. They'll surely be checking back with yours!