Sweet Scottie Treats


For a Scottie Mom, what could be better than curling up with your pup and indulging in some sweets on a lazy afternoon? How about indulging in some sweet Scottie-themed treats! Whether they are traditional cakes, cookies, cupcakes or even cake poppers, the Scottie Mom logic applies throughout: if it has a Scottie on it, all the more reason to snatch it up!

Pictured above are some of my favorite sweet Scottie treats, many of which I found via Pinterest. (Isn't that site addicting?) Some of these inspired ideas to further incorporate my beloved pups in life's events down the road, i.e. on a wedding cake, as Valentine goodies for (future) kids to take to school, or even to attempt making a Scottie sweet treat at home (trust me: with my skills - or lack thereof - in the kitchen, baking sweet Scottie treats qualifies as a life event!). For those willing and brave enough to try, here's a great tutorial for the Scottie cupcake - be sure to share photos of how they come out and share any other sweet Scottie treat recipes with us on facebook.

Happy sweet Scottie treating from one Scottie Mom to another - indulge and enjoy!

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