March of the (Evil) Penguin

[caption id="attachment_2300" align="aligncenter" width="500"]DSC04342 Dream a little dream...[/caption]

There is little in this world that Mr. K is afraid of. In fact, until recently, one could argue that there was nothing Mr. K feared. That all changed the night he overheard Scottie Dad talking about a mysterious creature called a penguin. This strange bird lives in Antarctica and somehow claimed Scottie Dad's heart from afar. In fact, Scottie Dad - or should we now say Penguin Dad - adopted this strange penguin and his whole family! He even dared to say penguins are his favorite. Wait, I'M supposed to be Scottie Dad's favorite, thought Mr. K. Who does this strange penguin think he is, stealing my Scottie Dad? That night Mr. K drifted off to sleep with a heavy heart.

[caption id="attachment_2301" align="aligncenter" width="500"]DSC04359 Oh no! The penguins are real!![/caption]

That's when the nightmare started. Out of nowhere, a penguin invaded Mr. K's dreams. The penguin jumped onto the very bed Mr. K was sleeping in and demanded Mr. K give up his favorite green toy...or else. Mr. K, having been startled awake, was shaken at first but quickly said no to the evil penguin and rested his head down on the pillow to get some sleep. The evil penguin had taken enough from him: first, his Scottie Dad's affection and now, his toy? No way.

[caption id="attachment_2302" align="aligncenter" width="500"]DSC04382 What does this penguin want from me now?[/caption]

The evil penguin wouldn't take no for an answer and marched up Mr. K's back to tell him just who was boss. Mr. K's eyes shot wide open at this invasion of personal space. The evil penguin told Mr. K that Scotties no longer ruled the roost in the Penguin Dad household and that his Scottie Mom would soon replace every photo of him and Heather with pictures of the newly adopted penguin family. Vacations and blog posts and treats...all things that used to be dedicated to the Scotties would now be dedicated to the penguins. And there was nothing, the evil penguin said as he marched away, that Mr. K could do about it.

[caption id="attachment_2303" align="aligncenter" width="500"]DSC04366 First, he takes my Scottie Dad. Now, my toy...[/caption]
As if that wasn't enough of a nightmare for Mr. K, the poor pup realized the evil penguin walked away with his favorite green toy after all. That's it, thought Mr. K, I will have no more of this nightmare. I will show that penguin what a Scottie is made of! And while no one can say for sure what happened to that evil penguin that haunted Mr. K so, the next morning, Scottie Mom and Dad woke to find Mr. K sporting a little his beard.

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  1. Mr K rules, penguin drools!

  2. The fate of many a cuddly toy in our household :-)

  3. Love all the photo's !!!!

  4. We knew Mr. K wouldn't take Mr. Penguin lying down. He got his "Scottie Up" and took control! Yay, Mr. K! Again we sing: jeepers, creepers......those eyes:-)

  5. Good job mr K! You've saved us all from the evil penguin who would've no doubt tried to take over the world!

  6. Scottitude, for sure! You're the man, Mr. K!

  7. Darby the Scottish terrier from sevierville TN , says way to go Mr K you are a hero to scotish terriers everywhere , it's time to make a statement that we are number one and we're not going to take any penguins or anything else trying to move in on our territory !!!

  8. Oh Scottie Mom...BEST STORY EVER!! Loved it. So much. Thanks for the giggles. Truly the best. :-)