What a (Scottie) Girl Wants

For centuries, hooman men have been trying to figure out what hooman women want. Heather doesn't think it's really all that hard to understand. In fact, she suggested that all a hooman man has to do is take a lesson from the female Scotties in his household. So, fellow Scottie Moms, pass this list of things a (Scottie) girl wants along to the Scottie Dad in your household. Perhaps Heather can help him pick up on a thing or two!

1. First and foremost, to be loved and cherished. A Scottie girl needs to know you care for her as much as she cares for you. Do not fear showing your feelings and be generous with your kisses!

2. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. In addition to being loved and cherished, a Scottie girl needs you to show some respect! After all, she is an independent woman who can hold her own.

3. Your time and attention. It doesn't always have to be long walks on the beach, you know. In fact, a Scottie girl would much prefer long walks in the park! Cuddle time afterwards is a must.

4. A quiet place all to herself. Every once in a while, a Scottie girl needs to be on her own in a peaceful place for some "me" time and reflection.

5. To be pampered. Can anyone say full-body massages, maybe unlimited back and belly rubs? Oh yeah, treats are good, too - especially the gourmet ones!

Ok, Scottie Dads - I've let you in on a big secret here. Now you have no excuse to not know what a Scottie or a hooman girl wants. Don't you take our love for granted, now...go forth with these words of age-old Scottie wisdom and do some good. Yours truly, Miss Heather-Beather.


  1. You said Girlfriend...Miss Heather...we so deserve it.....after all we Are the Best Breed in the world! Love Tessie Rocks

  2. Thank you SO much Heather! I am taking notes, this info will come in very handy when it comes to wooing beautiful Jazzi Girl... <3

  3. An excellent list Miss Heather - we don't have any Scottie girls in the house (only boys) but I am going to pass this onto my hubby anyway x