What Scotties Do when you're not Looking...

[caption id="attachment_1554" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Don't mind if I help myself to some kibble, Scottie Mom...[/caption]

I hear the noise. My ears shoot up. She's got my attention now. That's the distinctive rustling of the almighty bag which contains...FOOD! I hop off the couch, run to find my Scottie Mom. Heather's on her way, too. Are we being fed twice tonight? Did we do something extra special to deserve such a glorious late-night feast? There's Scottie Mom. She's cutting open the bag. It's a really, really big bag this time! I can smell the yumminess already. Hurry up, Scottie Mom - I want some! Hey...she's not pouring it in my bowl. All the food is going into a bin. What's going on? Why isn't she filling my bowl? Hey, hey you! I want some kibble!!

She tosses a piece of food my way and another at Heather but she keeps filling the bin. Why isn't she filling my bowl? Surely, she must know this is torture. What Scottie Mom would tease her pups in such a way? Maybe if I sit still, look innocent and act politely, she'll give me just a bit more. Wait for it...wait for it. Drat, still nothing. I shift my paws. Let her know I'm impatient. Just one more, please. Oh! There she goes - her hand is going for the giant bin of food. She's gonna scoop up a handful and put it in my bowl...I just know it! Wait for it...wait for it. Oh, come on Scottie Mom! The food does not need to be spread out evenly, I'll gladly eat it the way it is.

The bag containing the scrumptious yummies is empty. She's folding it up now. Oh, can't I at least get a sniff of the bag? I'm sure it smells just as good as it tastes. Where are you going with that bag, Scottie Mom? Come back! Wait...she's taking the bag to the other side of the kitchen. That means...gasp! I turn around, there's Heather with her nose over the top of the bin. Darn, that girl is smart! I hurry back to the bin. Scottie Mom knows what I'm up to and says, "No!" I slow down, making her think I stopped moving and slowly crawl my way back to the bin. Heather's backed away. She doesn't like to be told, "No!" twice. That's it! It's all mine, now! I put my front paws atop the large bin and I bury my snout in the glorious food.

Utt oh, she's back. I can't stop. I must keep going. She tells me, "No!" again. Should I listen? I can tell Scottie Mom's not very pleased with me. What did she expect? Now, she's laughing at me and...oh, what's that? Nooooo...she's picking me up and taking me away from the goodie bin. She puts me down on the couch and I smack the goodness off my lips. Where's she going again? Oh! She's back at the bin, petting Heather and giving her free kibble! Not fair!! I had to work for mine! I dash off the couch and sit expectedly at her feet, ready for my fair share. It doesn't come. Heather gets another piece of precious food. I shift my front paws to let Scottie Mom know I'm displeased. She laughs again and tells me I've had my fun and Heather gets rewarded for being such a good girl. And then, she pulls out the really, really good stuff: the bacon flavored treats!

Wow, Heather and I are on a roll tonight!! All this goodness coming to our tummies! Hey, Scottie Mom, you've already broken off three little pieces of the bacon treats for Heather...when do I get mine? Hello?? Can you hear me? I shift my paws and stick my tongue out, flashing my Scottie Mom the biggest smile letting her know I'm ready whenever she is. What's that? She's closing the bag! Oh wait, there's still a piece in her hand. She gives it to Heather. Oh, dear. Scottie Mom, you must reopen that bag! No, don't you put it away. Please! Sigh. This is cruel and unusual punishment, my fellow Scots! All because I snuck some kibble while Scottie Mom wasn't looking...


  1. Entrapment!!! What were you meant to do... The bin was right in front of you!

  2. Call me if you need a good lawyer (entrapment and undue mental punishment)....in the meantime thanks, Mr. K, for giving me my morning laugh! You are priceless :-)

  3. sigh...Mr Winston and Ms Fiona agree...it's soooo rough being a Scottie sometimes! :-)

  4. Oh .... Mr K, it's so unfair, but we're sure you sneaked a few more bits of kibble than Heather did, now didn't you!

  5. Keira, the Naughty Scottie, understands your pain! Her Scottie Mom won't let her eat her bowl of food and the two Westies food, either. It isn't fair! If they don't eat fast enough, why can't she have the rest? Poor Scottie