Another Happy Scottirday!

All together now.

Scottie Security patrol men on duty.

Syd and Mr. K on alert for any suspicious squirrel activity.

Syd posing for a photo for his Scottie Mom.

Oz has a great smile, doesn't he?

Hanging with the boys isn't so bad.
Heather and Mr. K just couldn't wait for play day Sunday to have some fun this weekend. So, we all packed into the car and went to visit our good Scottie friends Syd and Oz yesterday. It was a great Scottirday filled with chasing squeaky tennis balls, patrolling the yard and even - you guessed it - TREATS! (Football-shaped ones for the boys and a martini-shaped treat for Miss Heather Beather. We figured she could use a 'drink' after putting up with the boys all afternoon).

I'm pleased to say Heather decided to be much more social this time around and she didn't warn Syd or Oz once while we were there. She even dared to trot around the yard a bit but I noticed she always came back to score some love and attention from her Scottie Dad. Only in town for a few days, Scottie Dad was sure to shower his little girl with all the petting and back rubbing she wanted. It was so good to see her so happy and energetic - every couple of minutes, it seemed she was putting her front paws on his legs to get his attention - little girls certainly can be spoiled by their Scottie Dads, you know.

Syd and Oz were adorable as ever. They even got a case of the zoomies at the same time as Mr. K and everyone watched in awe at how fast they were going through the bushes and leaves. Mr. K was a bit of a squeaky tennis ball hog but Oz was happy to watch. Syd eventually found another ball to run around with (which Mr. K also tried to claim for his own) until Scottie Mom intervened by taking all the squeaky tennis balls throwing them for the boys to chase after. I think it is safe to say all four Scotties slept straight through the night and then some after such an active and playful Scottirday. Many thanks to Syd, Oz and their Scottie Mom and Dad for being such fabulous hosts!


  1. Wow, sounds like everyone had a great time, I'm so jealous!

  2. Now that sound like a perfect fall day! We will have to try to arrange a play date too if you are in town at Christmas. I think we may be headed to Fayetteville for the holidays! Maggie would love to meet Heather and Mr. K!