Life is like a Squeaky Tennis Ball

...or so Mr. K says. It bounces high and it bounces low. It keeps you on your toes, never knowing where it might lead you next. It takes you far and wide, but also compels you to come back to the people and places you left to chase it. Most of all, it makes you work before you are rewarded with the sound of the much-anticipated squeak. Think about it: the squeaky tennis ball won't squeak itself. Didn't your Scottie Mom ever tell you that? Oh, but once you get it to squeak, all the hard work and the running back and forth in pursuit of your dream of catching that squeaky tennis ball is instantly worth it. The sense of joy and accomplishment can be overwhelming at first but savor the moment, as the best moments with the squeaky tennis ball are often fleeting. You just never know when that squeaky tennis ball is going to take you on another wild adventure!


  1. Squeaky toys are the best but most aren't "terrier tough" and lose their squeak somehow very quickly.

  2. Playing ball is lots of fun, Floyd and I love it!