Another Lucky Day

Our friend Lucky the Shih Tzu came over yesterday. Here we are, the Three Dogateers ready for a day at play.
We played follow the leader (wherever she may go)...
...and exchanged pee-mail (again and again - often in the same spots).
Lucky taught us his secret to scoring the best treats with this irresistible look.
Then, we practiced "the look" on our moms. Treat, please?
After a snack, we played hide and seek. Heather and I hid while Lucky's Shih Tzu Mom made sure he didn't cheat.
Sir  Lucky explained that the best way to keep evil C-A-T-S at bay is to sport a rockin' hairdo that shows just how bad to the bone you are.
Lucky even offered to teach us his super powers of persuasion. Our daring, little friend claimed he could get anyone to snuggle with him...including Scottie Dad.
To our surprise, Lucky succeeded and earned the privilege of sitting on Scottie Dad's lap. That's one smart Shih Tzu!
It was then we realized something was very wrong with this picture. Scottie Dad, why is there a Shih Tzu on your lap? You still love us Scotties most...right?


  1. I like the pee-mail game too! Lucky is a super friend, I like his hairstyle and his power of persuasion is phenomenal!

  2. Love it! P-Mail! So funny! Keep them coming.....

  3. Oh goodness, this post is soooo cute!!!! Lucky is beyond adorable, what a day of fun!!!!

  4. You two had better watch out, just like Lucky can score the best treats he could win over your peeps.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  5. Dad better love you guys or he'll lose Scottie Mom.

  6. Hey... Looks like this "Lucky" character is muscling in on your turf... I wouldn't stand for that... No sir!

  7. Hi Scottie Mom! Love love love all your wonderful stories! I read them to my Scottie girl, Kelly, and we really enjoy hearing about all their escapades! Your photos are amazing! You somehow manage to get that exact look to match the writing! Wish we lived closer to you (northern NJ)... Best wishes, Janet

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  8. BOL Lucky is one clever little guy...maybe too clever, we'd keep an eye on him if we were you ;-)
    Wally & Sammy

  9. The pee-mail game is great it goes on and end in sight sometimes hehheeh :) Fozziemum x

  10. Hi, I just saw your post ... Those Shih Tzus have puppy persuasion power down y'know! You have to be careful! Guess what? in our house one lives with us and two Westies, can you imagine? She's the baby but she taught them all the smooth moves!

    Love your post & your blog