World Scottie Market











The happiest time of year (the season of Scotties) is just around the corner! Already, I've noticed a plethora of Scottie items creeping their way onto store shelves. A tip from Pippin Ragsdale led me to World Market to find a whole new line of "Scotty & Friends" products. For those of you who shopped at World Market last year, you might remember they had an assortment of items ranging from gift bags, gift tags and clothes pins that Scottie Dad actually used in his very creative Scottie proposal shortly before the holidays last year.

This year, the Scotty & Friends products are back with a vengeance and are cute as can be. There are various prints of wrapping paper, tissue paper, gift bags and more. I even saw they had greeting cards! You can see the majority of the collection online here or simply go to World Market's website and search, "Scottie." A word of caution to my fellow Scottie Moms: once you walk into the World Scottie Market trap, it is very hard to walk out without at least one of these items! Take it from me, who had no intention of buying anything today - only to report my findings to my fellow Scottie Moms and Dads: I ended up buying nine rolls of wrapping paper that will probably take me nine years to use. Happy shopping, Scottie Moms!


  1. Uh oh, there goes the treat money. Looks like it's gonna be a bit lean around here. Thank dogness for $10 off coupons! Maybe there will be a couple of dollars left over for us! We're already running low on our favorite alligator snackies.

  2. Holy moley that's a great variety of goodies of the Scottie ilk!!! have fun shopping Scottie mom :) hugs Fozziemum x

  3. Oh Great I am headed that way NOW!
    Sweet William The Scot

  4. Why we haven't such wonderful Markets? The only scottie thing what we found in our stores is scotch in bottles :o)

  5. And the problem with that is ....?