Cold Weather Crazy


It is time to break out the sweaters and bundle up for those early morning and late night walks, friends! It is getting cold out there. And yet, the cold weather makes walks all-the-more exhilarating for Heather and Mr. K, who take off in bursts of energy as soon as their paws hit the ground outside. It is almost as if they are reenergized by every new (or not-so-new, since we've lived at The Scottie House for a few months now) surrounding they encounter. I think they've gone cold weather crazy!

Our outdoors time in the cold goes a little something like this: Heather and Mr. K dash out the door, hurry down the stairs, take a few seconds to relieve themselves and then, we're off! Mr. K sniffs a rock. Then, he pees on it. As soon as he's done, he speeds off looking for his next target. Heather chases a leaf floating in the wind and stops to catch it. Then, she darts away from it as soon as she discovers (much to her disappointment, of course) that the floating leaf is not, after all, a treat dropped from the heavens just for her. Mr. K sniffs a bush. Then, he pees on it. And again, he darts away - dragging Scottie Mom with him...and so goes the cycle.

After we make our rounds about the neighborhood in record time, Heather and Mr. K like to finish by doing a sort of "victory dance." Heather dives face first into the nearest patch of grass, scratching her chin on the frosted tips of green until she is sprawled out, lying flat on the ground and rolls around for a good back scratch. Mr. K takes note then decides to one-up Heather by attempting to dig himself a hole everywhere he turns before rolling around in the messiest spot he can find.

By the time we reach the top of the stairs again, Heather is jumping up and down, beckoning me with nods of her head to open the door. And, if I'm not quick enough, she becomes much like a jumping jelly bean and winds up turning in circles. Mr. K, on the other hand, attempts to see if his nose will stick to the cold door, much like a child tries to see if his tongue will stick to ice. That Scottie nose does not move from the corner of the door until it opens and he can go inside.

Still then, the cold weather crazy does not end. Mr. K gets a rather extended case of zoomies. He goes from the kitchen to the living room, up the stairs and under the bed, across the hall and under the other bed, again and again. Sometimes, he jumps up on the couch and tries to bury himself in the evil blanket that's been known to challenge him a time or two (Gasp!). Heather scoots across the floor as if trying to peel the layers of cold from her fur, making funny noises that sound like a cross between a sneeze and snort. Then, she stands up and shakes as if to say, "No more cold weather crazy!"


  1. We're still waiting for the cold here. It only gets down to 55 at night.

  2. Great jacket - just the thing for a chilly morning:)

  3. It's very cold here too. This sweater looks fabulous, my mom would wear it too :o)

  4. I just started reading your blog, and I really love it. Lost my Lola 2 months ago and all the sounds and the activies of your scotties remind me of her. I will be living through your scotties until one finds it's way into my heart again. Again thanks so much for your scottie outlook.

  5. You look spiffy in your argyle sweater!
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  6. Love, love, love the sweater!! Wish we had something dashing like that to wear. It finally got cold here in sunny Texas...35 degrees. brrrrr

  7. it is getting super cold in Michigan too. I am lucky I have so much fur! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  8. Glynis the Scottie SisterNovember 22, 2013 at 1:59 PM

    Scotties love the cold! I think they unconsciously yearn for the biting winds of the Scottish moors :) Tass does the same things, for walks in the summer she has to be beckoned and begged to leave the driveway... sometimes just plopping down in a patch of sunshine and refusing to go. But when it gets cold she loves to walk and run around the yard - she always helps put up the garland outside at Christmas and hop around in any snow we get lucky enough to have.