The Scottie House Lockout


It was bound to happen, friends. It was just a matter of time. What we didn't expect, however, was it happening when Scottie Dad was away and when Scottie Grandpadre (another keeper of the keys) was safe and sound in his own home across state lines. Alas, that's what you get for waking Scottie Mom up early on a Sunday morning.

There we were, hopping down the stairs on our way for a wonderful walk. Scottie Mom shuffled her way out of bed and followed us down. We jumped (literally for joy) when we saw her pick up the leash and waited patiently as she fastened us to it. We pretty much pulled her out the front door. The air was fresh and cool. We weren't outside for a split second and we knew Scottie Mom had finally woken up. The brisk air put an extra pep in her step for sure.

We marched and marched around the blocks and as we drew nearer to The Scottie House, we couldn't wait for breakfast. We run up the stairs to the front door and wag our tails excitedly as Scottie Mom makes her way to the door. We do a few more jumps for joy. BREAKFAST! Scottie Mom jiggles the door knob and pushes the door but it doesn't open. Man, she really isn't awake yet. Try again, Scottie Mom. She does...with no luck. This time, our tails stop wagging and we look up at her as if to say, "What's the issue?"

Scottie Mom shakes her head and sits down on the stairs. Where's our food? Why can't we go inside? All of a sudden, we are taking off on another walk around the block. We stop at The Miniature Schnauzer House and Scottie Mom knocks on the door. The Miniature Schnauzer Mom and Dad welcome us in and as Scottie Mom borrows their phone, they offer us a comfy bed and some carrots and bananas as treats. Then, our mini-Schnauzer friends come out to play.

We hung out for nearly two hours. While we had fun exploring, we were very concerned about breakfast. Scottie Mom was concerned about being out in public in daylight wearing pajamas. Priorities, Scottie Mom. Priorities. Finally, she gets a phone call on Minature Schnauzer Dad's phone and we go for another walk around the block. Soon, the Scottie House is in sight again and we bound up the stairs to the front door. Yet, Scottie Mom doesn't go in.

What's the deal now? Why can't we go have our long-overdue breakfast? A large van pulls into the driveway and a strange man comes up to the stairs and meets us in front of the door. Surely, we'll go in now. Scottie Mom has a visitor and visitors get invited into The Scottie House, right? The visitor pulls out a few gadgets and starts working the door handle. We don't understand why he opened our door and let Scottie Mom and us in but at this point, we were just glad to be home and out of the cold.

Two seconds later, we're gobbling down our food. Scottie Mom is thanking the visitor and gives him an exorbitant amount of money for letting us back in. She escorts him out and we start our usual routine: Heather sitting pretty and Mr. K dashing around the house with toys. All is right again with the world. May there never be another Scottie House Lockout!


  1. Ooops! Never been locked out, but have been locked in! Dada once took all the keys with him to work and also locked us in. We all had to climb out the kitchen window to go for our walks - boy that sure was fun!

  2. You two need to carry a spare key on your collar.
    Sweet William The Scot

  3. We have good neighbors and we swap keys and alarm codes. Never had a problem.

  4. Oh least you had the Minature Schnauzer's to call on for help!
    Wally & Sammy

  5. Happens to us all!! - thye do look confused though:)

  6. Oh, you poor things! At least it wasn't raining ;-)

  7. Oh noes. That is mummy's worst nightmare. Glad that you got the chance to hang out with your friends though

  8. Oh dear..yep did this once wearing pj's ..most unpleasant haahha :) Hugs Fozziemum x

  9. Hehehe that's not good. Mummy locked herself out once when she was sick and taking the rubbish out. She had to walk round to her neighbours in her slippers!

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

  10. Oh what an adventure, you need a doggie door, I think.... but wait, then your mom would be still outside... how about "open doors" :o)

  11. That happen to my mom a very long time ago. But lucky her in-laws lived several blocks away so the dog walkie was a lot longer on that day.

  12. I leave an extra key in the garage but so far the only person who had to use it was my dog walker!

    Has anybody gone for a dog walk and halfway around the block you realize you didn't take a doggy waste bag with you? And sure as the sun will come out tomorrow, your Scottie takes a dump and because you are standing there without a way to pick it up you feel like everyone in the neighborhood is looking out their windows at you at that exact moment and thinking, what a nerve that she doesn't clean up after her dog!

    Been there, done that!

    McDuff & Mom