Not as Sweet as Pumpkin Pie

There we were, posing for photos when Mr. K double dog dared me to taste the big, orange treats. He said they were our reward for taking such cute photos.
I thought about it for a minute. Something didn't seem quite right. These treats were much bigger than the ones we usually get. Surely, Scottie Mom wasn't going to let us eat them all!
Ultimately, I couldn't pass up the double dog dare. What if I was missing out on a really great (and oversized) treat?
Nope. That was no treat! Mr. K, why would you fool me like that? And who ever said pumpkin pie was sweet? Yuck!
Hehehe! I can't believe you fell for that one, Heather Beather. Scottie Mom only gives us the good stuff for treats. I got you good!


  1. Whoa, I totally have a different viewpoint. Pumpkin is GOOD. My dogtor, out of the blue told my peeps that pumpkin was good for me. I've had it for over seven years and it hasn't killed me yet. Get the 100% pure organic pumpkin (not spiced for pies). Put a little bit on each meal-fiber, vitamins and minerals abound. Not to mention the fact that it's delicious. Try a bit for K and H'r. I just may post about it myself because I really goes on sale this time of year. For 2 dogs, you don't need the big cans-just a bit from the small cans works for 10 days on top of their food. .What am I saying???? I can do a whole big can by myself in a sitting-bring it ON.

  2. I love pumpkin also. My mom feeds it to me with my kibble. Daisy in Calif. loves to the the real pumpkin also. Give it another try guys.

  3. Oh the expression on your face tasting the pumpkin is priceless. Love Love Love it!
    Sweet William The Scot

  4. Oh Kyla! We're so much alike. I LOVE PUMPKIN!

  5. These are the best photos! Pumpkin or no pumpkin....