No Fisherman's Tale

I caught a fish!
Even Heather, who refuses to play with toys, wanted to have a taste...
Nobody is stealing this great catch from me!
Let's take a quick poll: how many toys have your Scotties gone through in the past year? And, on average, how long does it take your Scotties to destroy a new toy? If they are anything like Mr. K, the number of toys they can go through in a year can be quite high. For Mr K, it can be close to two dozen, if we were to only buy his favorite (yet, very easily destructible) squeaky tennis balls and strictly supervise his play time. But the time it takes Mr. K to destroy a toy without being interrupted? That number is incredibly low...just under five minutes, in fact!

When I was a younger, less experienced Scottie Mom to 3.5-year-old Mr. K, I bought every toy I could find, determined to find one he couldn't destroy. Some lasted longer than others but I soon realized it wasn't because they were more durable; it was only because Mr. K was less interested in those. Now, I hardly ever buy toys...except around the holidays when I like to surprise Mr. K with a stocking full of his favorite squeaky tennis balls. (Watch him react to this gift of a lifetime here!

For long-time Scottie Mom readers, you might remember that we took Heather and Mr. K to Savannah, Ga. with us last spring. We stopped at a local shop called The Grateful Hound and discovered a new toy we thought was worth trying. (Read all about our visit here.) This toy, affectionately called "Mr. Bunny" in the Scottie House, was a constant companion to Mr. K for nearly a year before his time with us was up. I expected Mr. Bunny to last a few months at best - but nearly a full year? Never in my happiest dreams! I was sad to see him go...

A Fluff & Tuff toy, Mr. Bunny - whose retail name is Walter the Wabbit - cost us about $20. A pricey gamble for a toy I wasn't sure would stand the test of the Scottie jaw but I got lucky! Now, with Mr. Bunny gone, we were left to choose a replacement. And so, Ruby the Rainbow Trout, another Fluff & Tuff toy, entered our lives. Mr. K has had Ruby for only a few weeks but just as the case was with Mr. Bunny, the squeaker remains intact and there are no puncture wounds. We're optimistic Ruby will be with us for a whole year but even if she comes up just shy of the one-year mark like Mr. Bunny did, we think these Fluff & Tuff toys are really a great catch. And that's no fisherman's tale!


  1. Well I don't destroy my toys and I love to play with them. I googled the Fluff and Tuff all have cute names. Hope you get a years worth of joy Mr.K.
    Thank for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  2. Wow, you have it for such a long time? That must be a magic fishie... I would eat it, I'm a fan of seafood :o)
    easy rider

  3. Our scotties, except when they were very young, don't seem to play with toys. They like a good game of tug-o-war, but leave them alone otherwise. They prefer chasing things that have a pulse.

  4. LOL love the fish toy. Hope Ruby lasts!

  5. I don't get to play with toys much, as soon as I show any interest Floyd snatched them off me... Big brothers SUCK!