Scottie Dogs: Now in Theaters

Scottish Terrier makes cameo appearance in the movie Get Hard, starring Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell.

Relatively frequent moviegoers, Scottie Dad and I ventured to the theater last night to see the new movie "Get Hard," featuring Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell. Now, before you judge, you must know we recently saw The Wedding Ringer (also featuring Kevin Hart) and thought it was hilarious. So, when we heard he had another movie coming out featuring Will Ferrell (who starred in Elf, one of our favorite flicks), we decided to give it a shot and hoped to come out laughing once again.

The opening scenes flashed by when suddenly, Scottie Dad and I exclaimed excitedly - pointing at the screen. A Scottish Terrier appeared walking in front of the house belonging to Will Ferrell's character in the movie. Of course, we immediately had high hopes for this film - clearly the producers had good taste if they chose a Scottie dog to be part of the talented crew!

We only saw the Scottie twice throughout the movie and those two clips probably were the highlights of the film for me. Don't get me wrong: the movie had some funny moments and Scottie Dad left laughing with a number of ridiculous punch lines stuck in his head. All in all, I would give the film a 6 out of 10 rating. Is it worth sitting through the movie to see a Scottie make it to the big screen? I think so! After all, we have to show our fellow Scot some support. Now, if only we could track down this Scottie star and be the first to secure an interview...anyone know who this lucky pup is?

Oh, and in case movie producers read this, Heather and Mr. K are ready for their big break (so long as they are fairly compensated in treats)! What other movies have you seen that feature a Scottie dog? 


  1. Indecent Proposal has two Scotties like Mr K and Heather! Robert Redford takes Demi Moore to look at expensive homes and has the dogs waiting for her. He said, "I wasn't sure if you wanted a black one or white one, so I got you both." I always secretly wished they had gotten together at the end of the movie.

  2. It's funny, how we get so excited when we see a scottie...BOL!

  3. Of course all the great lines were delivered by the Scots.

  4. There should be more dogs in films!