How to Get Dirty - Scottie Style


One of the things I promised the pups for their birthday was a field trip to a surprise location while we visited Heather and Mr. K's Scottie Grandparents. And so, when Saturday morning rolled around, we piled into the car and headed to William Davies Dog Park - rumored to be the very best Charlotte, North Carolina has to offer. Unfortunately, it turned out to be nothing more than a fenced in wooded area, which was a big let down after discovering the adorable Newton Dream Dog Park in Johns Creek, Ga. just a week or so ago.

Alas, that did not stop Heather and Mr. K from having fun. Mr. K kept to himself most of the time, perusing the land with Scottie Grandpadre. He wasn't on such good behavior as he was at the last dog park, so he also wasn't priveleged to be off-leash as long as he had been previously. Heather, on the other hand, remained off-leash the entire time, trotting around and finding new piles of leaves to dig through in her quest to find fresh dirt to roll around in. Her hard work paid off as she soon found several spots she could burrow her head into and soak up all the dirt. Much to this Scottie Mom's dismay, Heather went from a cute and clean Scottie to a dirty ragamuffin who, if I'm being completely honest, was still pretty cute despite the dirt and debris in her hair.

Oh, how happy she was! Here I am shaking my head one minute and wondering, "what's gotten into her?" The next minute, she's emerging from underneath the bench she was just rolling around under and she looks up at you with this wild grin as if to say, "LOOK!" No matter how dirty the Scottie, who could be upset at anyone with a face like that? Then, as if to answer that rhetorical question, Heather begins to shake off the dirt she accumulated in her hair, a cloud of dust quickly forming around both her and the people around her. That surely was no fun, at least for me. Apparently, it was great for Heather as she began the whole process of getting dirty and shaking it off a second and even a third time before it was time to leave. Silly little girl must have thought that because it was her birthday weekend, she would be exempt from a bath...if only she had known better! Do you think she would have gone through with it anyway?


  1. A bath - ugh!
    Sorry Mr K couldn't be off the lead. Raffles is a bit cocky so unless he behaves he'll be getting the same treatment in the off-leash area! Me, I am a perfect angel and only bark at dogs who are rude to me!

  2. She got away without a bath the first 2 times.

  3. She was probably planning to give a good shake at the end of her bath as well - I always do!