Death of a Squeaky Toy

[caption id="attachment_1215" align="aligncenter" width="500"] And now, squeaky toy, I lay you down to sleep. RIP little buddy.[/caption]

Tonight, we remember Mr. K's squeaky toy...for it was no ordinary squeaky toy. No, this squeaky toy was a very special one which brought lots of tail wagging time to Mr. K and hours of high-pitched noises to keep Scottie Mom and Dad alert. (Music to our ears, let me tell you...) Equipped with not one, not two, not three or four or even five but 19 squeakers, Mr. K's super squeaky toy is finally being laid to rest a mere four months after being brought into the Scottie Mom household.

It was a slow death for the super squeaky toy. The first of the 19 squeakers was punctured within a day or two of bringing the toy home. A month or so later, we were pleased to find four squeakers remained intact. We knew trouble was on the horizon for the dear super squeaky toy when Mr. K began performing surgery on the toy, extricating a broken squeaker here and there. Finally, there were only two damaged squeakers left and with as many surgery scars and puncture wounds as the poor toy had, the answer became increasingly obvious: the super squeaky toy had met its end.

And so, we lay the super squeaky toy to rest and commend it for the hero it is, having spent the four short months of its life being hunted, tugged on and ripped to pieces by a ferocious Scottie at play. Rest in peace, super squeaky toy. You certainly will be mourned and missed by Mr. K...if only for a day or so. After all, a Scottie's gotta play when a Scottie's gotta play.


  1. Ah, we know well of which you write!

  2. Wow!! A squeaky toy with 19 noises??? That sounds fun even for a hooman!!!! :))))

  3. Four months...did you say four whole months....we get perhaps 4 minutes and the seams have been ripped and the hunt for squeakers begins....sad to say we just don't buy them anymore, however we had better luck with the "flat stuffies " no stuffing and I surgically remove the squeakers before the gifting begins....those are still in the toy basket!

  4. Their wallet wishes that someone would make squeaky toys that are "terrier tough".

  5. Our Scottie, Rosie loves her "JW Pet Tough by Nature Bad Cuz" toys. They are tough enough for Scottie jaws & teeth. Plus they have a great squeaky inside that is extremely hard to kill.
    Rosie has a several of them all in different shapes. She loves shifting through the toy basket looking for the right one for her mood.
    I think you can get them just about everywhere and online, too.
    Good luck.

  6. You may not know about Zac's big dog. It didn't squeak. It was bought from a salvation army store when he was a puppy and bigger than he was. He slept on it, played with it, dragged it around the garden and slowly over the years unstuffed it. It was washed from time to time but always had to be available at night.
    Eventually it was just a ragged lump of sheepskin but still the thing he went to when excited, cross or frightened by the bad guys on the tv. It went with him and I hope there is a fully stuffed Big Dog with Zac over the rainbow bridge to comfort him. Sometimes toys are toys and sometimes they're more.
    I'm glad Mr. K can look forward to a new squeaky toy to dissect, perhaps he's training to be a surgeon?

  7. So sorry to hear about the death of your Squeaky Toy! If you are looking for more durable toys, our company has spent years designing our line of Bionic toys. After testing, we found less than 5% of dogs can outsmart our chew toys. Our toys additionally float, are dishwasher safe and are recyclable! Feel free to check them out at or see people's comments on our Facebook page

    And of course if you have ANY questions feel free to ask :)

  8. I nearly killed myself and my Scottie boy, when he got a a squeaker, caught in this throat. you know, one of those clear, round squeaks? I was honking my horn, blinking my lites in the night and nearly had a heart attack and accident racing to the vet. in the meantime, robbie was gagging and throwing up on the passenger seat. I wouldn't wish this experience on anyone. It's a lesson I will never forget. PLEASE SCOTTIE MOMMAS AND DADDYS: Don't leave the Scotty kids ALONE with the squeak toys!