You knew it was coming, didn't you? Well, after Heather decided to get all dirty playing in the park Saturday morning, she left this Scottie Mom with absolutely no choice but to give her a bath. Luckily, the place we were going to pick up Heather and Mr. K's birthday cakes also had a do-it-yourself bathing room we were sure to take advantage of upon our arrival. Heather and Mr. K never saw it coming. There they were, walking into a wonderland of treats and toys when, out of nowhere they find themselves surrounded by...don't say it!...baths.

Heather was up first, as we certainly had the most work to do on her. These tubs were smaller than the ones I've gotten used to at City Dog Market, so we had to bathe them one at a time. Silly Mr. K probably thought he was getting away free this time, watching Heather get lathered up from across the room. Within a few minutes, though, he learned otherwise. Usually, he doesn't mind baths and I don't even have to hook his collar up to keep him in place. This time, however, he was determined not to take a bath and nearly walked out of the tub twice.

The baths met our needs for this particular occasion given that Heather was so very dirty, but I definitely missed a few things other do-it-yourself doggie bathing places have offered. Most importantly, a bath tub that is high enough not to hurt your back while washing two Scottie dogs and easier stairs for the pups to navigate their own way safely in and out of the tub. Other than these minor hiccups, the place was genuinely amazing in terms of the quantity and variety of freshly-made treats. (I even picked up a recipe book for doggie treats authored by one of the owners at Canine Cafe Charlotte - more on that later.) And, rest assured, Heather and Mr. K's birthday celebration was not ruined by our pitt stop for baths, either. In fact, they were amply rewarded with a number of those delicious looking treats!


  1. Two clean Scottie dogs is a wonderful thing!

  2. I would love a place like that!!!!